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Prosecuting Alarmists

Democrats say that lying about the climate is not protected speech, which puts an entire $29 billion per year industry of paid climate alarmists at risk. For example, this sea level story is 100% fraudulent.   San Francisco’s global warming price tag … Continue reading

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DMI Fake Arctic Melt Update

The DMI graph shows that nearly 10% of Arctic sea ice has disappeared in the last week. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut The OSISAF maps they base their data on show only about 4% loss of ice over the … Continue reading

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Thoughtless Superstition – Not Science

The Capital Weather Gang has been pushing nonsensical claims about record heat in the southwest and the relationship of heatwaves to carbon dioxide. How global warming may push the Southwest heatwave past an extremely rare threshold – The Washington Post … Continue reading

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