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Burlington wants to be the most sustainable city in the US. The only thing that makes it sustainable is fossil fuels. If the supply of fossil fuels was cut off, the city would collapse in a matter of days.

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Today’s UN Climate Fraud

The UN study which said that moles will tip Stonehenge over, also says that Mesa Verde (which was abandoned in the 13th century due to drought) will be destroyed by heat, fires and drought. World Heritage Centre – World Heritage … Continue reading

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UN : Global Warming To Make Stonehenge Tip Over

The world’s top scientists say that global warming will cause moles to tip Stonehenge over. Stonehenge under threat from moles | IOL We used to have “Month Python’s Flying Circus” – but since its demise it has been replaced by … Continue reading

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Living On The Road …

Living on the road my friend, was gonna keep you free and clean. Now you wear your skin like iron – breath’s as hard as kerosene. Townes Van Zandt My big oil/big tobacco denier paycheck didn’t come through again, so … Continue reading

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Arctic Non-Melt Continues

OSISAF maps show almost no change in Arctic sea ice over the past week. This is not very surprising, because temperatures are below the freezing point of water over the ice pack. DMI graphs are finally starting to show the … Continue reading

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“If They Had Confidence They Would Issue One Year Forecasts”

Bill Gray unmasks the global warming scam, and the global warming scamsters. Watch this if you want to understand how the climate actually works.

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Arctic BS Continues For Another Day

There is almost no melting occurring in the Arctic. May 21        May 27 Because ice doesn’t melt below freezing. 10-Day Temperature Outlook DMI shows ice rapidly melting and extent far below last year. Ocean and Ice Services | … Continue reading

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Scientists Recycling The Identical Scam Century After Century

In 1934, scientists said the Arctic is melting and Manhattan is going to drown. 15 Apr 1934, 33 – The Lincoln Star at Eighty two years later, nothing has changed in Manhattan – and scientists are recycling the identical … Continue reading

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Exxon Knew In 1966

In 1966, scientists knew that man-made CO2 was going to freeze us to death. 20 Mar 1966, Page 4 – The Anniston Star at

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Arctic Monkey Business Continues

The Arctic is very cold, and is not melting. There has been little change in Arctic ice extent over the last three days. May 23    May 26 But DMI shows Arctic sea ice rapidly declining. Ocean and Ice Services | … Continue reading

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