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Understanding Drought

Jerry Brown says that the dry weather (which is contained inside the California state line) is caused by Donald Trump induced global warming. And of course in 1977, the drought was due to global cooling.  Must have been Jimmy Carter’s … Continue reading

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The Million Year Event

The odds of winning the lottery are millions to one, yet people win all the time. Climate scientists would describe this as a “million year event.” The fallacy is pretty obvious. The odds of any one person winning the lottery … Continue reading

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Understanding The Rules

You aren’t allowed to dispute junk science, because people were killed by Tropical Storm Sandy You aren’t allowed to discuss Islamic terrorism, because a Muslim US soldier was killed by Islamic terrorists in Iraq. Trump wants to divide America, because he … Continue reading

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Ship Of Fools Update

Our friends are parked waiting for the ice to melt in the Northeast Passage. At current melt rates, it will be at least 10 weeks before the Northeast Passage opens. But the sun is getting lower every day and melt … Continue reading

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Record Breaking Heatwave In The US

The heatwave of 2016 has been notable in that so far this summer the area of the US to reach 100F (38C) has been the lowest on record. During the 1930’s, more than 70% of the US reached 100F every … Continue reading

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80 Years Ago : Alaska Melting

Experts say that melting glaciers in Alaska are a sign of man-made climate change. They say this because they don’t know anything about climate. Alaskan glaciers were melting in 1935. September 7, 1935 – ‘GLACIER PRIEST’ FINDS ALASKAN ICE CAP … Continue reading

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2000 : Hillary Said She Doesn’t Use E-Mail Because Messages Can Be Found By Investigators

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Time Is Running Out To Run Climate Fraudsters Out Of Washington DC

Two years ago, the White House issued a report by 300 leading climate scientists and experts, saying that heat and drought would devastate the US Midwest. Landmark Report Warns Time Is Running Out To Save U.S. From Climate Catastrophe | … Continue reading

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My Stunning Scientific Breakthrough!

After years of research, I have discovered that droughts are always followed by wet periods, and wet periods are always followed by drought. Climate at a Glance | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) Where do I collect my Nobel … Continue reading

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Obama 2008 : People Get Bitter When The President Intentionally Puts Them Out Of Work

This is what Obama said about the coal miners of Pennsylvania and West Virginia, right before he put them out of work. 13 Apr 2008, Page 5 – Arizona Republic at “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered … Continue reading

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