Moving To Antarctica

Climate experts say that we will all have to move to Antarctica, where it is currently -102F.


Climate change study predicts refugees fleeing into Antarctica – Telegraph


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27 Responses to Moving To Antarctica

  1. Dome A residents can always warm up at the beach resorts in McMurdo.

  2. Mr GrimNasty says:

    “Climate change will force refugees to move to Antarctica by 2030.”
    I can’t stop laughing.

    “and central Australia being abandoned”
    Have they never looked at a population density map of Australia – it’s already happened – they must be right!

  3. Terry says:

    There just any bottom to the ignorance of these stooges is there.

  4. Loren says:

    With the Greenies driving up the cost of energy, they won’t be able to avoid enough energy to avoid freezing to death! The stupidity of these people is truly breathtaking.

  5. Krakatoa says:

    Anything is possible once you realize these people are science fiction writers.

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Remember the average IQ is 100. That means there are a heck of a lot of people in the 80 to 85 range and those are now the little Snowflakes teaching college or writing for the MSM since they are completely incapable of existing in the real world.

    The fact that more than 40% of adult voters would actually support Hitlery is proof that John Dewey’s Dumbing Down of America is complete. Belief in CAGW is just a symptom of the much greater problem illustrated below.

    Perhaps if we encourage enough of these little snowflakes to beat the rush and move to the Antarctic this fall/winter we can clean up the human gene pool. Lets start with Obummer and most of DC

    • Winnipeg Boy says:

      “Just think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are even stupider!”

      George Carlin quotes

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Gail! “The fact that more than 40% of adult voters would actually support Hitlery”

      Good news! I think that may not, in fact, be a fact. I know a few people who support Hitlery — but look at the crowds (or rather the lack of crowds) when she speaks. I suspect that the same media people who lie to us daily about anything of consequence are just doing more lying when they say that Hillary has popular support. 40%? Probably more like 20%…

  7. Timo Soren says:

    High -93 Low -81 and another low 1830

    So here we see a reason to ‘adjust’ temps BUT this one is obvious.
    So I understand correcting data, especially if we have code but… the other stuff ‘they’ the climate scientists…piss me off.

  8. Latitude says:

    What cracks me up is the “feels like”…
    ….how would you know?

    • gregole says:

      Yeah, what does -102 F feel like? Perhaps the refugees that fled there to the safety of Antarctica know.

      • Gail Combs says:

        That is why I want to send them this fall (Anarctica Spring) just before the elections.

        With the brain dead PC crowd they will think ‘Spring’ means warm temperatures and freeze to death before reasoning ability finally trumps reality denial.

  9. Andy Oz says:

    Without Fossil Fuels or timber, exactly what are the climate refugees going to drink?
    Swallowing ice is not pleasant. There is little water down there 10 months of the year. Most people will be frozen without fossil fuels before they get thirsty, so I guess it is a moot point.

  10. Ralph says:

    No information on wind speed? I would think that would be a vital bit of information for Antarctic refugees.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Ah, you mean the 190 mph katabatic winds? No problem, the human pairs will just shelter in place and breed for a while. They’ll be used to it. The Chileans have already a second native generation going and our refugees are on the way.

      And between breeding, the couples will have the satisfaction of reading Scientific American articles about ill winds that not only melt the ice sheet and drown the world but give coastal communities thousand of miles away that “sinking feeling”.

      Somewhere in Antarctica, a comfortable couple will be cuddling in their shelter, listening to the howling winds and she’ll say: “We’ve done well, Leonardo. You were right to sell the beach house and get acreage here. I hear everyone in Malibu is depressed. Barbra dumped what’s left of her land and is bidding on the tiny lot up the hill from our pasture. Are you going to spread manure tomorrow?”

  11. ossqss says:

    If Xpres Clinton flew from there to +108f in Phoenix to play golf (code word for Loretta), that would be a 210f delta in temp. Who plays golf in 108f anyhow? Where did he play? Somebody should know, no?

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