Pentagon Says Global Warming Will Turn Britain Into Siberia In Four Years

Crack experts in the US military said that Britain will have  Siberian climate by 2020, cities will drown and nuclear war will break out.


Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us | Environment | The Guardian

And the idiocy continues today.


Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions – Washington Times

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10 Responses to Pentagon Says Global Warming Will Turn Britain Into Siberia In Four Years

  1. OrganicFool says:

    Does the Military believe they can combat climate change?
    Or do they plan to adapt to it?

  2. Robert Austin says:

    This is why when someone asks the definition of oxymoron, the first example that comes to mind is “military intelligence”.

  3. Krakatoa says:

    While they are beating back the threat based on ‘actionable science’ fiction, they should incorporate an additional level of bureaucracy to confront the threat of climate change invaders from Barsoom (Mars) due any time riding their mighty steeds to unleash their wrath upon all Earthlings. Climate change is a terrible thing, here, and on the Red Planet, er, so they say.

  4. Bloke down the pub says:

    Maybe the Navy is worried that sea level rise will mean that their ships will have less freeboard .

    • Neal S says:

      Either less freeboard, or that Guam might be even more liable to tip over. I think both are equally likely. I am just waiting for warmunists to claim lack of sea level rise in certain places on the west coast, is because those places on that side happen to be floating. Of course if they really are floating, then maybe they COULD tip over.

  5. Winnipeg Boy says:

    Dwindling food supply?
    Russia, today, just sold MILLING QUALITY WHEAT into N. Africa for $170 US delivered. It is to be used as animal feed. We are so oversupplied in wheat in the world today that we are feeding bread quality to goats. Russia has nukes and they are shoveling food out the door.
    2020 is 3.5 years away. There are enough nut-jobs in the world that I wouldn’t bet against some nukes flying, but it won’t be about food or weather.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    OT, but another steep drop in UAH global.

    from +0.55C in May to +0.34 in June

    Northern Hemisphere drops from +0.65C to +0.51C

    Southern hemisphere drops from +0.44C to +0.17C

    Tropics drops from +0.72C to +0.38C

  7. Peter says:

    Every US military unit will have a climate commissar who will report directly to the Whitehouse.

    Any military officer stupid enough to question the paradigm will be denounced by the commissar and cautioned about imperialistic thoughts. A second infringement will see the officer court martial led for climate treason.

    When in action, the commissars will ensure that the troops kill the enemy in a sustainable and environmentally appropriate way.

    Battle tanks will be solar powered and both sides must agree to a cessation in hostilities whilst charging is taking place.

  8. RickS says:

    News Flash !

    Global Warming is “World War lll” !!

    It just goes to show ya, and “who” could have thought, (Besides Al Gore and the Little Hay-Hoe of Texas?), Global Climate/Warming/Cooling/Ocean/Lake/Mountain/Desert/Valley/Tropics/SubTropics/Arctic/Antarctic/Himalayan/Alps/Rockies/Coastal Range/Indies/Alaska Range/Wasatch/Cascades/Sierra/Pinatubo/Urals/Kilimanjaro lack of snow and ice would cause World War lll ?

    And to think of it, all this caused the uprising of ISIS (An Egyptian God), all because off, oh, just see the above ???

    We’re doomed, trampled upon, beatin, overcome, silenced, defeated, (Please add any other here) all because of, World War lll (And Nuclear Technology which Iran has promised never to use, because they are trustworthy, and even though they have already said that they will use one as soon as they develop it, but President Obama, has promised Us that they won’t, even though Iran is given basically all the time needed to do so, without any verification, because President Obama said that there is nothing to worry about, and because Secretary of State John Kerry sang songs with a nut-job ex-Musician who couldn’t find a job/gig singer if his life depended on it, also said, “No worries American Cities, they’ll probably gonna hit Israel first, every thing is A-OK…

    Good enough for Me, Good Night America, Sweet Dreams !

    Oh and, Sleeping at least 3ft underground will help protect you from Radiation Poisoning, but that’s just Me ?

    Sincerely yours

    President Obama !

    P.S. Storage of Canned Food and Bottled Water can help You and Your Family make it through a Nuclear Winter (And don’t “forget” Your Animals, Animals need food and water too (And the only thing worse than WWlll is PETA, and they know where You are……..)


  9. Jerry says:

    Wait are we burning up again in the 70s they told us we were on the verge of the next ice age news week ,new York times all ran the story then in the 90s they said all ice would be gone at the north pole, polar bears would be gone in 10 yrs it’s about wealth redistribution they’ve lied to us so many times how can we believe a word they say

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