Southwest Heatwave Scam Update

A few days ago, experts were predicting all-time record heat in Phoenix on Sunday. I pointed out what utter nonsense this forecast was.

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Phoenix record hot day of 122F occurred in 1990. Yesterday only reached 117F.


OBS:Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

June temperatures over 117F used to occur quite frequently in that area, but this was the first one in many years.


I played on the ASU soccer team in 1974, the year of their record heatwave of 18 consecutive days over 110F. We held practice at 4PM, and most days the temperature was around 107F.

As always, the climate information you see in the media is nothing but alarmist nonsense.

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37 Responses to Southwest Heatwave Scam Update

  1. Don Penim says:

    Climate of Phoenix / Greatest Number of Consecutive Days with Maximum 110 or Higher / 1896-1995

    # of days / Start – End / Year
    18 days / June 12-June 29 / 1974
    17 days /July 25-August 10 / 1995
    10 days /June 29-July 8 / 1989
    9 days /June 27-July 5 / 1907
    9 days /July 3 – July 11 / 1940
    9 days /June 17- June 25 / 1978
    9 days /June 18 – June 26 / 1981
    9 days /June 20-June 28 / 1990
    8 days /June 11-June 18 / 1896
    8 days /July 5 – July 12 / 1901
    8 days /July 7-July 14 / 1958
    8 days /July 13-July 20 / 1978

  2. Cam says:

    Here’s the Phoenix temperature records showing daily highs. One June record goes all the way back to 1896 (17th) and the majority of them are over 30 years old.

    • Mark Luhman says:

      Funny Microsoft weather say the all time high for today is 111 F yet in your reference it 115. You get the same BS from NOAA. They seem to think the the all time high and the highest temperature in the last thirty years are the same thing. Either they are stupid or dishonest. No wonder so many AGW proponents think so many high temperature records are being broken, if you that the Microsoft numbers the all time high will be broken every day this week.

  3. TG McCoy says:

    Looking at the area forecast-looks like the Monsoons are going to start early.
    I knew the hype was wrong..
    Miss that Northern Arizona country..
    First time I was in Winslow, I checked out behind a Cowboy and his Navajo wife,
    She had a Native dress, Turquoise, and a bead headband, he had Chaps, spurs, and
    a sixgun, all authentic, he was covered in dust and dirt, as was the pickup and horse
    trailer, as well as the Paint horse and saddle.
    “I’m going to like it here.” I thought- got that Cowboy and Indian blood running in my veins, too.

    • gregole says:

      …looks like the Monsoons are going to start early…

      Just got back from my afternoon walk here in Phoenix, and I was just thinking the same thing. It’s more humid today than yesterday and there are clouds.

      • RAH says:

        We had Monsoon like weather here in Central Indiana last night. Torrential rains and lots of lightning. Three lines of powerful thunderstorm cells came through but I was only here for the last one. Damaging winds in a few places.

  4. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the historical clarity about heat in Arizona. Yes, it gets hot. No, the temperatures at the present time are not rare! Twenty years ago, I drove two grandsons to the Phoenix airport to send them home to CA. It was a hot day. They were ages 10 and 11, I. believe. Creative, lively boys! I stayed at the window by the gate (We could do that then,) to wait for the plane to leave. There was an announcement saying it was too hot for the plane to take off (not enough lift). I waited a couple of hours, before the sun got lower and temps. dropped some. I kept expecting a ramp to come down to remove the boys. (Remember they were lively. ) It all ended well.
    Down in the south of the state where I live, and it is 10 degrees or so cooler than Phoenix, we had a 114 degree July 4th once. Hot happens, just like cold. It’s called weather.

  5. TG McCoy says:

    Just on the NWS site-new forecast says 114 today for Phoenix…
    I’ve seen and been hotter there…

  6. Terry says:

    I have lived in northen AZ. for 35 years and I frankly cannot believe the media hype over this really, ” non event heat wave”. I don’t know about elsewhere but EVERYONE in Az is saying”meh” about the completely normal weather for June! just another day at the office we have seen and lived through worse many times.

  7. gregole says:

    My logger data from yesterday (taken in my completely covered patio in Tempe…) indicated a high of 116.4 F.

    Saturday and yesterday early, it seemed everyone was predicting a 120 F Sunday with weatherunderground the highest.

    I’ll post again later with today’s high after I get dinner and hydrated (a couple of beers).

    • gregole says:

      I got 116.5 F for the high in Tempe in my patio. My gut tells me I’m reading a bit high though. I had the logger just sitting on a table. How hot did the table get? I’ll suspend it in air from now on…

      • RAH says:

        Back when I was a cold weather troop some of the guys on my team took to wearing a little thermometer on the zipper of their parkas. I had to explain to them that they were getting readings considerably warmer than ambient and to get a more accurate reading they should move the thing to one of the pocket flaps on the back of their rucksack.

        A body lugging 90+ lb over or through snow going up and down mountains on skis creates a lot of heat. More than once I stripped down to just my light polypro underwear covering above the waist (parka pants and gators still on below) in subzero weather when traversing up a mountain on skis.

        Another time during a Primary Leadership Course at Ft. Knox I was watching trainees stand next to the corner of a steel reinforced concrete building to take a compass azimuth during land navigation training. People often just don’t think about things like that it seems. They have a M-16 in their hands or hanging from a sling in front of their body as they shoot their azimuth and wonder why they’re having problems doing dead reckoning navigating.

  8. Steve Fraser says:

    Cooler, today,

  9. RickS says:

    [News Flash]


    Today in Southern California, Global Warming showed its vast killer consequences upon the entire Southland with temperatures exceeding over 150°Degrees Fahrenheit in most areas creating tremendous destruction in its path !

    As one expert proclaimed, “These are the warmest temperatures ever recorded on Planet Earth, additionally stating that there is know way to turn back the clock and that the future looks bleak !

    This tremendous heat generated massive Wild Fires North, South, East and West creating panic throughout the entire region !

    One local resident proclaimed, “The World is ablaze”

    California Governor Jerry “Moon-Beam” Brown has declared the entire area as a “Un-Natural” Disaster Area, blaming the entire catastrophe on all of those that “deny” what 97% of the leading Climate Scientists have proclaimed for decades, calling for the California District Attorney’s Office to immediately file RICO Subpoenas and Warrants against “all” of the California Global Warming deniers, both Public and Private, to be incarcerated as soon as possible !

    Governor Brown has now put the “Bullet” Train on hold saying, “We must immediately begin to construct large Prisons to contain the estimated “1,000,000+” of California’s “ex” Citizens who continue to propagate false interpretations of an undeniable fact saying, “These deniers must be silenced, it’s for the good of all” !

    Later tonight President Obama himself will fly Air force One over the effected areas showing support for Governor Brown’s decision and to support all of those who proclaim that which is completely obvious, “Global Warming is here and the destruction of us all is at stake” !

    More on this later as this “Unbearable” tragedy unfolds…

    Follow all of the breaking news on your local and cable News Networks

  10. Hey Bro
    Been off radar with AMAZING positive steps for…
    THANK YOU for continuing to be real…will be in touch a bunch…..
    Energy savings by scrambled eggs on sidewalks?
    Haven’t done that in a while!

  11. Mr GrimNasty says:

    The ministry of climate change propaganda (who says alternative views represent ‘false balance’) otherwise know as the BBC here in the UK, interrupted the dismal wet cool June weather forecast to announce that Palm Springs had broken records at 122F yesterday.

    Why I needed to be fed this incongruous fact I do not know, but on checking, unless it was down to fractions, it only matched the June record? They also didn’t say what the normal temperature is – already hotter than anything the UK ever gets!

  12. Andy DC says:

    This is just a good run of the mill very hot spell for Arizona. Nothing the least bit new about that.

  13. RickS says:

    Welp ?

    My how today’s “temperatures” have dropped from yesterday in Good’ole Sunny SoCal !

    Yesterday’s forecast for today’s high in Rialto (Again approximately 50 air miles East of Downtown L.A. in what is called the “High Desert”) CA was 107° but as of now (3:00pm) the temperature is 94° (I could argue that it’s closer to 90° or so?) and every time I keep “re-checking” the temps and forecast, [AccuWeather] keeps lowering the forecast highs !

    This morning the forecast high was 107°, a few hours later it was 103°, and now it’s at 101° ! Additionally, Indio CA, which is really the heat thermometer for the Southern California deserts has also had their forecast highs lowered “3” times starting at 117°, then down to 111°, and now it’s at 106° ?

    Forecast highs are forecast highs, they don’t change, if the the temperature doesn’t reach the forecast high, then so be it, but this is the “first” time that I have seen the forecast highs reduced repeatedly during/on the day/same day ???

    Gee, I wonder why that’s happening ?

    AccuWeather, are you once again changing (Cooking) the books ? ! ?

    You see by doing so, AccuWeather is changing the numbers attempting to seem credible because they (AccuWeather) would/will look very stupid (Which they are) when their forecast highs are “13°s” degrees below reality (107 – 13 = 94) !

    That way they (AccuWeather) won’t/wouldn’t have reasonably thinking, educated human beings thinking/reasoning that how could a weather bureau “predict” temperatures that could possibly be so far off ?

    So, again, just-change-the-books, “hoping” that know one saw (Would see) the “screw-up” of the forecast in the first place !!!

    Look American’s, I extremely, highly recommend the following…


    The point being here is, and that it’s already happening, that soon if not now the daily temperature readings/reporting will “not” tell You the truth and that You will be armed with “fact” proving instruments so that You can point out reality instead of fantasy ! ? !

    You will be amazed at the difference in/of temperature readings that are being propagated to You by sometimes your favorite News Meteorologist, but over 90% of the time your favorite News Meteorologist is being forced (Ordered) to report what the station “tells” him/her to report so don’t take it out entirely on them, it’s either do as I say or We will find someone who will !!!

    That’s when your favorite News Meteorologist tells You how hot it is/was when the temperatures of the day were in the upper 80°s when actually no where in the 80°s is it hot !

    Arm yourself with knowledge !!!

    Well anyway, DVOB (Death Valley or bust) didn’t reach 128° yesterday but peaked at 126° degrees which is a shame because 126° in Death Valley ain’t that much, I’ve been to Death Valley several times when the temperature peaked at 125° which was nothing compared to Badwater’s (Badwater Death Valley, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere – 282ft below sea level) 133° degrees in 1985, now that was “HOT” !

    P.S. Phoenix, AZ used to hit 120° degrees all the time back in the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s when the Desert Southwest was “always” very warm throughout the Summers, but those temperature records were lost way back in January, 2008 !!!

    P.S.S. Yesterday’s “Demon” Sun was cooled down when Mother Nature threw a bucket of Ice Water on it this morning, and hence, today’s drastic cool down…

    Thank you Mother Nature !

  14. I will never forget driving through Arizona and southern California in late June of 1978. I was in my first car and it had no air conditioning. Had all the windows down and it was like an oven blasting in. I drove from Cottonwood through Prescott that morning in Arizona which was very pleasant, but then down through the desert to Blythe and Indio in California in the afternoon. When I arrived early evening in Indio I remember a bank sign showing 118F. It was a sweltering drive for many hours through the desert that afternoon. I drank lots of cold soda that I kept in a cooler, which helped a bit. My eyes were so bloodshot that evening from all the hot dry air blasting in my face. I sympathize with all the travelers through that area in the heat of summer without air conditioning, both now and in the past.

    • gregole says:

      Data logger in patio in Tempe Az hit 114 F briefly and is dropping from there. Yesterday’s 116 F held for a couple of hours but today the graph just spikes up to 114 F then falls off; so today was nowhere near as warm-feeling.

      And the difference between yesterday’s heat profile and today’s to me is interesting because the daily high temperatures only tell part of the story. I mean, if one was to take a Simpson integration of yesterday’s curve and today’s and compare the “areas under the curve” so to speak, one could gauge the total heat of the day versus just the high. And today was clearly less hot, because it was only 114 F for a very short time, versus 116.5 F for a couple of hours.

    • RAH says:

      Ha! Team driving for Schneider National. We had come across I-40 and going to take take I-15 headed for LA and our AC gave out in the brand new Freightliner we were in. It was dead summer and driving through the Mojave. I was in the sleeper but couldn’t sleep.

      I called the breakdown number at the national HQ and they told us it would be fine to get the AC fixed at a certified garage since it would be covered by the warranty. Finally I told my partner to pull in at a TA truck stop which had a certified Freightliner service garage to get the AC fixed. We were burning up! A big truck with that big engine generates a lot of heat. The garage found the condenser was defective and replaced it. The AC worked great.

      Then our driver manager from the Indianapolis terminal called and that woman gave us hell for getting the AC fixed on the road instead of driving into the company terminal at Fontana, CA to have them do it. I explained that it was warranty work authorized by the corporate Break Down office. She was having none of it and continued to rant. Finally I said I guess you’ve never been in a big truck in the middle of the Mojave desert during the summer with no AC. There was no way I could get my proper rest because the truck was so hot even with the windows all down. Here answer was “I’ve been in a big truck before” before she continued to give me hell.

      That was when I decided that I would need to start looking for another carrier to work for.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Leaving the carrier seems to me the only rational response to such an incident. It is outright dangerous to work for a company that tolerates arrogant idiots in managerial positions.

        • RAH says:

          To this day I still get e-mails from Schneider trying to recruit me. I have even responded to one telling them that I’m not Schneider material but they keep sending them anyway. What happened is they ended up with too many drivers and allowed the dispatchers to treat the newer drivers like crap and used whatever pretense they could find to fire them. Now, years later, it seems they are paying the price for that because there are so many drivers like me out there that tells other drivers how we were treated. There doesn’t seem to be even half as many Schneider trucks on the road as there were when I was working for them.

        • RAH says:

          Oh, I should mention that before I quit they fired me for no good reason. Only time in my life I have been fired.

          • Colorado Wellington says:

            So they fired you and now they are recruiting you?

            It doesn’t surprise me that a company allowing management malpractice in their dispatch runs an incompetent HR recruiting operation. I assume they also conduct team building workshops.

  15. ironbill says:

    But…it’s a dry heat.
    (sorry, somebody had to say it)

    • Christopher says:

      Yep, that is the joke. Bought the t-shirt metaphor speaking. I walk out in it. Keep cool, and wait until nov.

  16. Smitty says:

    What the hell does “normal” temp mean – can someone knowledgeable explain? Is this average on that day? Seems stupid. Normal to explain something that always changes is ludicrous.

  17. Kevin O'Connell says:

    I landed in Phoenix that day in 1990, returning from my first trip to China. The flight from LA was delayed because they said planes were not rated to land in plus-120F heat. I was so exhausted I slept from takeoff to landing. I remember while taxiing at Sky Harbor the pilot said it was 105F… at 11 pm. Good times…

  18. Steve Fraser says:

    Smithy: you got it. In weather, the ‘normal’ is the average calculated for a characteristics (high temp, low temp, precip, etc.) using the previous 3 full decades. The current period is from 1981 to 2010.

  19. Mike says:

    I was in graduate school in Glendale in 1974. I remember those two weeks in June of 110+. Being from the Pacific Northwest, this was quite the experience.

  20. Please tell me I’m right or wrong: Fahrenheit invented the accurate thermometer in 1714. Are all previous heat reading based upon tree rings, crop estimates and journals?

    So, we really don’t know the hottest temperatures anywhere except a limited time frame?

  21. iowaan says:

    “Either they are stupid or dishonest.”

    Not either, both.

  22. brent says:

    Tony Heller? Are you not Steven Goddard the infamous Climate Skeptic?

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