A Sane Energy/Environmental Policy

President Obama said “my plan will necessarily make electricity prices skyrocket

These are the words of a madman, a societal saboteur. No one in their right mind would think or say anything like that. Sane energy policy requires low cost, abundant, reliable energy. It also requires that we stop wasting our reserves of hydrocarbon based fuels.


The picture above is not a sane way to live. Spending huge amounts of time stuck in traffic jams, wasting fuel and generating pollution. Government should undertake a massive influx of spending on mass transit, and start promoting working remotely and other technologies which reduce traffic and improve health and quality of life. We could probably reduce fuel usage by 50% and improve quality of life at the same time. I do almost all of my local transport by bicycle and mass transit, and it is fabulous. I would never go back to using a car. I can do this because Boulder, Colorado has spent a lot of money creating the necessary infrastructure.

This is what government should be focusing on, not trying to push a 100% fraudulent climate agenda. In the 1960’s and 1970’s I worked hard to get the Clean Air Act passed, as a quality of life issue. We put electrostatic precipitators on our coal plants in the US, and made our air clean.  By contrast, the Obama White House has helped keep the Chinese people breathing filthy air – by focusing on non-pollutant CO2 instead of actual pollutants which could have been cleaned up at minimal cost.


The global warming scam has been the most destructive thing to ever happen to the environmental movement, which I have been active in my entire life.

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