Climate Sensitivity In Indiana

Temperatures at Indiana University peaked around 310 PPM and have declined as CO2 has increased.


Similarly, the number of hot days has also plummeted as CO2 has increased.


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50 Responses to Climate Sensitivity In Indiana

  1. Steve Case says:

    And if you go to Climate At A Glance you will find that a negative Max Temp trend can be found all the way back to 1905:

    Indiana, Maximum Temperature January-December 1905-2015 Trend

    • tonyheller says:

      Fake data

      • Steve Case says:

        Thanks for the reply. When you say fake, is that the homogenization program or is it more than that?

        At any rate, I find it interesting that the “official” temperature data shows declining max temps for over 100 years. Besides I like to stick their own “official” data under their noses.

        • tonyheller says:

          All USHCN data published by NCDC is tampered with. I’ve never figured out what they are doing.

          • Steve Case says:

            Thanks, I will take that to mean it’s more than just their homogenization program.

            And by the same token I assume global data is diddled with in the same manner.

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    On the other hand, besides being cool himself, RAH also put hardly any miles on his guzzlerbike. :)

    • dave1billion says:

      Speaking of RAH, he posted a link from Larry Correia’s site last week and while I was there I saw that you also posted there. I lurk there every now and then (but I’ve never posted anything) and have read many of his novels.

      I would guess that a lot of us here have a lot more in common than just being AGW skeptics.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Yeah, Larry’s Guide and the epistemology pretender in the comments! That was fun.

        We have our differences at Tony’s blog but I noticed the same thing you mention. I reckon there is a reason why just about every CAGW believer I know in Boulder leans from collectivist to outright fascist. I should also mention that some of them are very nice and like their dogs.

    • RAH says:

      I just got back from turning close to 1,900 miles under the big truck wheels since Sunday night and that kind of thing going on all through the summer had a lot to do with only putting 37 mi on my bike.

      I delivered 330,600 pop cans (7.5 oz) to a Pepsi bottler in Ayre, MA after picking the load up in Findlay, OH. Then went down to Pottstown, PA (Think south of Allentown and east of Reading) and picked up catalyst for catalytic converters to bring back. On the way back they said I would have to go out again tonight on a team run at 23:00 with 3 stops in IL and one in IA. Thankfully that found another way to get that run done. So here I sit having had a great meal of Turkey & Noodles and a vegetable plate having an egg nog and Jim Beam and am very content. Enjoyed the mild temps while out but that’ll be the last short sleeve weather we’re going to have up here for some time to come I suspect. So pretty soon WC, I’ll be a cool as you guys have been out there in CO.

      • R. Shearer says:

        The soda tax alone would be ~$50K if you delivered it into Boulder, CO.

        • RAH says:

          Next time I take a load of those cans out I’ll take a picture of them when I open the trailer doors just before I back into the dock. And I’ll try to get a pic from inside the warehouse where the cans are if the consignor will allow it. You guys just won’t believe how they stack those cans.

        • Colorado Wellington says:

          I was thinking about our money snatchers myself when I pictured RAH’s load …

      • Edmonton Al says:

        RAH … you must stop delivering those cans.
        The Alarmists are going to be after you.
        When all those cans of Pepsi are opened, the CO2 released is going to cause thermogeddon.
        The polar bears are all going to die. Florida will be under water. Think of you grandchildren.

    • RAH says:

      BTW CW we had a great Thanksgiving Thank You. My lovely wife got the 22 lb. Butterball to come out perfect. Personally I wanted leg of lamb for Christmas but it looks like it’s going to be Turkey again since my son couldn’t make it for Thanksgiving but will make it for Christmas and his significant other used to raise lambs and just can’t bring herself to eat part of one.

      A lot of work went into that bike.

      Was listening to Rush Limbaugh today while driving home. He says the left just isn’t going to figure Trump out because he breaks the mold. All they know are the professional politicians and the way business is conducted with them and they will never get Trump just like they have never understood the voters that made him president elect. They will be playing from their same old play book because they don’t know what else to do and it will be about as effective as it was when they went after him during the election.
      And as we already know, the left gets even loonier when they aren’t in power.

      If Rush is right then the next four years are going to be a hoot and unlike anything we have ever seen in politics at the national level not just in what Trump does but in the way it will discredit the clique of the DC “elite” and their media.

      • Latitude says:

        RAH, I think their base is going to push them so far left…they are going to need green cards and shots to vote
        Look who they are picking to head the party now.

        …we’ll have a super majority in two years

        And Trump for two terms

        • RAH says:

          Well he sure made some friends here in Indiana. If have been in the Carrier plant in Indy many times hauling in materials and components and hauling out loads of furnaces and air conditioners. In fact on election day in 2008 I was delivering Carrier product from that very plant to two different HVAC companies in Austin, TX.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        RAH, I looked for and found ways to make turkey more interesting but I favor lamb over the bird, too. Maybe after Christmas when everything settles down?

        That bike would be quite special even if it was not for the Immortal built into the frame …

        Which reminds me, what was your fire red hot rod way back?

        Concerning Trump, I haven’t stopped grinning since the election and some of my “progressive” neighbors turned into the gift that keeps on giving. I am always prepared to be disappointed in politics and politicians but so far it’s been a blast. I hope Rush is right.

        • RAH says:

          CW that hot rod was a 1972 Nova with a 396 turbo, Hurst 4 on the floor, cut outs on the dual exhaust leading to cherry bomb mufflers which were fed by racing headers. Positraction rear end. A heavy duty clutch that was too much for the couple of women that tried to drive it. It had Cragar wheels with 70 series tires on the rear and it would smoke those big tires all day. It was fire engine red with a flat black crinkle paint on the top because when it came from the factory it came with one of those awful ugly vinyl tops on it. After getting on it in a corner and busting a motor mount so the carb linkage was held open so I did two spins and hit a high curb busting two Cragers I put heavier motor mounts on it with a chain back up so that wouldn’t happen again.

          The 396 was the original engine in the car. It was a 1969 engine built to the same standard as they were putting into Corvettes back then with racing pistons and heads and was rated at 425 hp but I would bet if put on a dynamo would have pushed 500 hp.

          I sold it to a kid with more money than sense and the last time I saw it he was smoking those tires going nearly sideways down the road.

          It was not the fastest or quickest car I ever owned but it was fun and more than fast enough and a lot of people that thought they were going to blow me away got surprised because there were not markings on it indicating what was under the hood.

      • Gail Combs says:

        “… Personally I wanted leg of lamb for Christmas….”

        Hey RAH, if you are down NC way, I can give you a leg of lamb with or without the rest of the Lamb attached — dead or alive.

        I have been munching goat for several weeks and haven’t started on the hogget (older lamb) we put in the freezer this fall along with the goat.

        • RAH says:

          Thanks for the offer Gail. Finding those pics reminded me that when out with my Lebanese patrol one time we came across a Sheepherder. The guy had maybe two teeth in his head and on the ugliest pair of feet I have ever seen in my life was wearing the local version of Ho Chi Minh sandals. I guess he was scared and picked up a kid by the back leg and tried to give to me. Apparently he was trying to bribe me to leave him and his goats alone but I got my interpreter to make him understand we meant him no harm and he was free to go on his way with his herd.

          • RAH says:

            Not sheep herder but a goat herder.

            Sorry just got in. Woke up at 9 PM EST last night in North Kansas City, MO and drove home. Little out of sorts.

  3. Gail Combs says:

    From Breitbart: Global Temperatures Plunge. Icy Silence from Climate Alarmists “Global land temperatures have plummeted by one degree Celsius since the middle of this year – the biggest and steepest fall on record.”

    Nice article and they get the El Nino and La Nina affects correct.

  4. CheshireRed says:

    Nigel Farage put the boot into UK / global media earlier this week. Told them straight on their bias re EU, immigration and ‘climate change’. They had to take it and were clearly stunned.

    There’s now no doubt at all that ‘climate change’ theory is facing its biggest challenge ever. Nobody believes the media hacktivists reporting it and Tony et al are destroying the credibility of the ‘data’. Given Trump’s election I suspect a real breakthrough moment is imminent. NOW is exactly the time to push as hard as possible.

    • Gail Combs says:

      …NOW is exactly the time to push as hard as possible.

      With a La Nina causing a drop in land temperature and a sleepy sun so the next El Nino is far off, Mother Nature is going to really be kicking butt. Add the switch from zonal to meridional jet streams with major snow storms at the edge of the loops where the Arctic air and moist tropical air meet it. Like a storm dumping over five feet in Buffalo New York, 6 and 1/2 feet in the Greek islands, world record breaking snow in Italy, snow covering ski lifts in Scandanavia and that was just the winter 2014-2015. No El Nino to save us next winter. It is going to be fun watching progressive heads explode as President Trump points out these snow events.

      Dr Evans (among others ) is suggesting a ” sustained and significant cooling, beginning 2017 or maybe as late as 2021. The cooling will be about 0.3 °C” link

    • Rud Istvan says:

      Farage spoke truth to MSM power. Trump did the same in his private meeting with NYT, WaPo, and CNN. In the age of the internet, MSM is every less relevant. Losing subscribers, losing money, above all losing credibility because can now be fact checked with ease.
      Hillary’s Deplorables are in the march. We vote, and can do much more. You can feel the momentum change on multiple fronts. In climate, the Pause is back. Fastest land cooling on record now happening. SLR not accelerating. Arctic ice not disappearing. Planet is CO2 greening. South Australia blacks out cause wind provides no grid inertia. UK likely next this winter given the French nuclear/interconnector issues and zero true National Grid spinning reserves. Obama’s CPP stayed by SCOTUS because likely unconstitutional. Legal ‘Merchants of Doubt’ backfire. Much for skeptics to like, and for warmunists to fear. And Trump is just getting warmed up. Price for HHS. Ebell overseeing EPA transition. Chao for Transportation. Flynn for nat sec advisor. He is putting in place the people to do what he promised.

  5. Andy DC says:

    CO2 is a very insidious greenhouse gas, as it creates a full blow hockey stick at some weather stations and no warming at all at others. Very curious to say the least, especially with billions of dollars at stake.

  6. RAH says:

    They’re pathetic down there. When I lived in McNutt quad which is up hill and down wind from their inefficient coal fire steam plant that had an exemption to use cheap high sulfur coal and the ash which rained down on the quad and the parking lots and ruined the finish of the fire engine red paint on my hot rod. Now the Mayor has declared that the City will not recognize Good Friday since it apparently offends some of the students and residents.

  7. Note how even you enlightened people are talking about “Climate Change”.

    When the Alarmists realized that “Global Warming” was not happening they did a “Rebranding” so brilliantly that even you savants fell for it.

    How could anyone be wrong when they say predict “Climate change”? This avoids embarrassment when you predict that temperatures will rise but they do not.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Actually I prefer to rebrand it Gore Bull Warbling and try to remember to call it CAGW or “Global Warming” when I am being nice. I realized the Psy-ops game playing as soon as they switched.

      Actually once “Global Warming” =====> “Climate change” as far as I was concerned it was an admission of defeat.

  8. I like the “NoTricksZone” that is digging up a bunch of peer reviewed papers showing CO2 has no measurable effect on temperature, while there is hard evidence showing CO2 follows temperature. For example:

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