Daily Reminder Of Who America’s Real Enemies Are


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  1. RAH says:

    If you’ve got 5 minutes read this nice blurb from a firearms instructor that teaches the oh so terrified libs about the 2nd amendment. It really is a hoot:

    A Handy Guide For Liberals Who Are Suddenly Interested In Gun Ownership

    • dave1billion says:

      Have you read any of Larry Correia’s fiction books?

      He’s a good author that’s not afraid to be politically incorrect.

      A few years back, he took on the science fiction “establishment” over the preferential nomination of books for awards. His point was that lots of nomination-worthy books were being ignored because they were written by conservatives of libertarians (or were of the old-fashioned pulp variety). These were fan favorites, in many cases being overlooked.

      He’s currently one of my favorite authors.

  2. Robert says:

    Define Irony: The Australian newspaper has an article this morning showing a prominent “safe schools” anti-bullying campaigner attacking a Trump supporter on the streets of Melbourne.


  3. Gail Combs says:

    How about suggesting Robin Eubanks of http://invisibleserfscollar.com for a position in the Department of Education.


    We HAVE to fix our education system and Robin certainly is up to speed on it.

  4. gator69 says:

    These are not just enemies of America, these are enemies of humanity at large.

  5. Me says:

    And know what, Trump should have a bust of MLK to replace the head that Zero has in the white house, to go along with the bust of Winston Churchill! A bust seems more appropriate than a head if you ask Me!

  6. OrganicFool says:

    The irony.

    All downhill from here for the Lefties.

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  8. Ralph says:

    The big scare is if Trump will hand out money like Obama did.

  9. Gail Combs says:

    Draining the Swamp the mechanisim: Lobbyists and Big Donors Shut Out From Trump Administration – DC Trembling…

    The new attack is to impeach Trump for things done AS A BUSINESSMAN before the election AND before he is in OFFICE “Impeachment is a process in which an official is charged with unlawful activity while in office” — WIKI

    . President-elect Donald Trump could be impeached over his hotel soiree with foreign diplomats, legal experts say Think Progress? Legal? ROTFLMAO!!

    Think Progress Owner‎: ‎Center for American Progress Action Fund whose CEO is Neera Tanden, who worked for the Obama and Clinton administrations and for Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.

    New York Times:
    …Most of the stolen emails were exchanges between her and Mr. Podesta, her former boss at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank that Ms. Tanden now leads. Mr. Podesta is a longtime friend, and Ms. Tanden’s tone is often that of a colleague grousing in the break room….

    Trump’s businesses are turned over to his adult children, but nice try.

    His books reveal why he will never go back to operating his businesses. A friend sold his business, it did a nose dive so he bought it back and then he bankrupted. He told Trump the lesson he learned was once you walk away you lose your edge, you lose your contacts, you are years behind in knowledge.

    Here is the ethics for a senator

    This is the only part and it is a stretch….

    General Principles

    No law, regulation, or Senate rule specifically prohibits the spouse of a Senate Member or employee from engaging in any outside employment because it could create a conflict of interest with the official’s Senate duties. However, because Members and employees are prohibited from using their official positions to financially benefit themselves and their immediate families, it is important for officials to consult with the Committee regarding their specific circumstances.

    I am sure that Trump’s fleet of lawyers have picked this one over with a fine tooth comb.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Why do I laugh at Think Progress??
      Because the chances are they are going to be up to their necks in a swamp full of alligators by the end of January.

      Larry Ledwick’s link
      or directly to Reddit Link

  10. Gail Combs says:

    I already linked above to a couple of Philip Haney articles at Breitbart. In the first link Haney writes

    on October 15, 2009, I was ordered by DHS to ‘modify’ linking information in about 820 subject records in the Treasury Enforcement Communications System, or “TECS records” to remove ‘unauthorized references to terrorism.’ I was further ordered not to input any more Memoranda of Information Received, or MOIRs, to create no more TECS records, and to do no further research on the topics I was exploring….

    So by the Spring of 2010, we had come to the point that a CBP Officer was literally removing information connecting the dots on individuals with ties to known terror-linked groups from TECS, while the Administration was bringing the same individuals into positions of influence, to help create and implement our counter-terror policy, in the context of actual terror attacks taking place.

    On August 30, 2011, the DHS Chief Council approved a project I initiated looking into Islamic fundamentalist group Tablighi Jamaat (TJ). On November 15, 2011, I began a temporary duty assignment at the National Targeting Center (NTC). A short time later, I was assigned to the Advanced Targeting Team, where I worked exclusively on the TJ Project, which was quickly upgraded to a global-level case.

    On March 15, 2012, seven lawyers and three senior executive service (SES) administrators met with management personnel at the NTC to express concern for our focus on TJ, because it is not a designated terrorist group, and therefore the project might be “discriminating” against its members because they are Muslim. On June-July, 2012, the TJ Initiative was ‘taken in another direction,’ (i.e. shut down). The Administration took this action despite the fact that [1] in nine months, we had conducted 1,200 law enforcement actions, [2] I was formally commended for finding 300 individuals with possible connections to terrorism, and [3] 25% of the individuals in Guantanamo Bay had known links to Tablighi Jamaat…..

    This is where it gets really really hot for Obummer, the Clintons, and all their hangers on.

    Declaration of War: Ten Years Later

    …The United States is at war—and has been, continuously, for ten years. This is a reality, of course. But more than that, it is a legality. Legally—constitutionally—the United States has been in a condition of declared war for ten years.

    On September 18, 2001, Congress enacted into law, and President George W. Bush signed, what is arguably the broadest declaration of war in our nation’s history….

    “Whereas on September 11, 2001, acts of treacherous violence were committed against the United States,” begins the Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF),

    The President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations, or persons.

    Constitutionally, the 9-18-01 Act is a Declaration of War.

    Via Cornell Law School.
    18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Tre@son

    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of tre@son and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 807; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(2)(J), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2148.)

    (The article has links to the statues that I did not put in.)

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