Election Reporting Done By Same People Who Do Climate Reporting

We have to elect her so that we can find out what type of criminal she is.


The Clinton News Network has been telling us for months that Hillary has the election wrapped up, and that women hate Trump. They use their own fake polls which oversample Democrats and minorities by double digit percentages.

The actual data shows Trump has been leading almost continuously since early July, and Trump has been trending up while the officially selected felon has been trending down.


Politics – Los Angeles Times

It is the same story with climate reporting. The press normally reports the exact opposite of what the data shows. I was at a Trump rally on Saturday, and most of the people there were women.

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24 Responses to Election Reporting Done By Same People Who Do Climate Reporting

  1. Steve Case says:

    Election Reporting Done By Same People Who Do Climate Reporting

    Bears shit in the woods, The Pope is Catholic, Fat babies fart, …..

  2. RAH says:

    Meanwhile RCP remains the best single source to get the take of the corporate news polls and they are sooooooo predictable showing Clinton up 2.4 in their poll average and Clinton having a whooping 11.7 lead in the favorability rating.


    I look for a further decline in Clintons number in both averages as polls generally move closer to reality as election time approaches. Actually the amount they move will be a prime indicator because as the realize the candidate they have been supporting is likely to lose they bail and try to salvage credibility for the next time.

    • Bytor says:

      Between now and Nov. 8th, you will see most of those polls begin a decisive shift towards Trump (already seeing a lot of it). Polls are only remembered from the night of the election. Polling companies, in general, don’t want to be caught with their pants down and don’t want to be remembered (for the next 4 years) as being the ones that “got it wrong”. By Monday, you will see Trump surging to a decisive lead. The pollsters need to protect their future assets, and the only thing they have of value is “accuracy”. There will be a few that won’t care, as they get funding either way, but for the majority of them, the bank accounts rely on being accurate on election night.

  3. gator69 says:

    Once again, extracting data almost exclusively from Urban Hate Islands has skewed the data.

  4. Latitude says:

    about the same in Florida….I’d say ~50% women…..but the women at Trump rallies are a whole lot prettier

  5. Frank K. says:

    This is another great opportunity to urge everyone to shut off the MSM from your TVs, smart phones, tablets, and computers. Wikileaks has shown us that the present day “news” media have no ethics whatsoever, and are simply a revolving door for various Democrat party political operatives. They do NOT deserve our time or money. Like the NFL, they are destroying themselves, and I for one wish to hasten their demise.

    • Winnipeg Boy says:

      I cut the cord years ago, about the same time I vowed never to watch the evening news on OTA channels.
      My weekends are stress free. Its wonderful.
      This year cut my football time to about 10% of what it was last year. I’m not even American and the anthem protest broke the camel’s back regarding my tolerance of those overpaid morons.
      I do miss the evil NASCAR races that NBC tucks away on obscure networks while they broadcast live Icedancing from Budapest.

    • Frank K. says:

      I forgot to mention…be very careful what tech companies you sign on with. I am avoiding all Google/Alphabet products because of their unabashed support for Hillary and their creepy, unquenchable thirst for information on every citizen. And one has to wonder how secure *** anything*** is at Google when Wikileaks (Assange) can steal g-mails with apparently little effort. That new NEST thermostat? It’s sending out your energy consumption data to who knows who in the bowels of Google.

      I have an Apple iPhone, but have disabled most of the the tracking and iCloud crap. I feel that safer tech alternatives will eventually emerge in the near future, but be very careful what you store on “the cloud” (and that includes ALL social media!).

      • Gail Combs says:

        Google is actively ‘shaping’ the news you get based on their psych profiling of you as an individual.

        As a female trump supporter, I get mostly trump hates women Hillary supports women in the first offering from google. Heck they even completely disregard the second and third search words to make sure I get THEIR propaganda choices.

        On top of that any log-on by me using a Gmail address goes directly into the blackhole and not moderation after I posted a couple pro-Trump posts nearly over a year ago.

        INFO gleaned from: https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/5ac43p/new_wikileaks_podesta_emails_part_24_email_id/

      • Frank K. says:

        I don’t use Google any more as a search engine any for most things. There are many alternatives out there, all equally good. For non-political topic areas that I search, I see no difference in the quality of the results.

        People are now getting wise to the manipulative nature of Google and Facebook and their “free tools and services”. It’s like we’re Hansel and Gretel, being lured to use software that is “free” (like candy) only to discover that we are “paying” for it in ways we could not have originally comprehended.

        • Bytor says:

          I too do NOT use Google for ANYTHING. I quit using anything Google years ago. I have seen what they do for a very long time as I have been heavily involved in developing SEO algorithms and systems (very successfully I might add) in the past. There are many competing services that are much better. DuckDuckGo is a good resource that will NOT track you and all indications are, they don’t skew their results.

          I dumped my GMail account a very long time ago while I was working for the DOD and learned that the NSA (and other branches) are archiving and storing everything that passes through GMail and Yahoo.

  6. Tim A says:

    “We have to elect her so that we can find out what type of criminal she is.”
    If that wasn’t so retarded and outright evil (and true) I would be ROFL….

  7. Billy says:

    I’m guessing that the IBD/TIPP poll – the one you liked a few weeks ago when it showed Trump was ahead – is now fraudulent? It seems odd that your current favorite poll (the LA Times) is also one of the most heavily adjusted.

  8. Ross says:

    I see in the latest TV ratings figures Hannity has blown them all away. Is that a coincidence?

  9. CapitalistRoader says:

    New name for Her: Felonia von Pantsuit:

    Hey, What If Trump Actually Wins?

  10. TA says:

    “I see in the latest TV ratings figures Hannity has blown them all away. Is that a coincidence?”

    No, it’s not a coincidence. Hannity treats Trump the most fairly of all the interviewers, and that is why Hannity’s ratings are going up while the other Fox talking heads are going down. The other talking heads want to play “gotcha” with Trump. Hannity does not.

    I quit watching Megyn Kelly’s show because of her obvious inability to keep her biases from showing when she talks to or about Trump. Megyn would make a good CNN anchor. Put Tucker Carlson in her spot on Fox.

  11. TA says:

    Newt Gingrich said on the radio (Hannity) a few minutes ago that high school students in Minnesota did a practice vote of some kind today between Trump and Hillary and Trump won by 2 points! That’s pretty good for liberal Minnesota, and considering the anti-Trump propaganda they have no doubt been subjected to.

    I hear Trump is up by 12 points in Texas.

  12. Vimes says:

    Does this poll show a coming preference cascade?

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