NASA 1999 : No Warming From 1866 To 1976

In 1999, NASA showed there was no net global warming from 1866 to 1976, and that 1877 was the warmest year during that interval.


Archived version of

Note that this looks nothing like Michael Mann’s hockey stick blade from 1866 to 1976. Mann shows about 0.4C net warming from 1866 to 1976.


The next image overlays the 1999 NASA data on the hockey stick graph, at the same scale normalized to the 1877 spike.


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5 Responses to NASA 1999 : No Warming From 1866 To 1976

  1. Andy DC says:

    White male Capitalist pig, Alexander Graham Bell obviously started global warming in 1886 with his evil telephone. Smoke signals from Native Americans, in perfect harmony with nature, were much more environmentally friendly!

  2. John Niclasen says:

    2016 version of GISS/NASA GLB.Ts.txt data is here:

    Both have base period 1951-1980, so a direct comparison is possible:
    (The 1999 version is also not right.)

  3. AnthF says:

    Think that email explains it perfectly

    Even headed 1940s blip

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