New York Times : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 1989

On February 20, 1969 the New York Times predicted an ice-free Arctic by 1989.


Expert Says Arctic Ocean Will Soon Be an Open Sea – Catastrophic Shifts in Climate Feared

Three days later they predicted a new ice age.


Science – Worrying About a New Ice Age – View Article –

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43 Responses to New York Times : Arctic To Be Ice Free By 1989

  1. Steve Case says:

    Three days later they predicted a new ice age.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    First chuckle of the day (-:

  2. Svend Ferdinandsen says:

    It is like climate models. You just have to average the ensemple, then the real path will be revealed.

  3. Cam says:

    NY Times…All the “news” that’s print to fit.

  4. Eliza says:

    Keep it up TH!

  5. Eliza says:

    Trump will win, I don’t think a witch hunt would be smart (ie “Climate Scientists)

    • Gail Combs says:

      I do. If they are guilty of defrauding the public on the public’s dime and they were colluding then you have RICO.

      Remember the result of the CAGW scare was a massive transfer of wealth from tax payers TO scientists AND companies selling mouse milk.

      • wert says:

        No. Cutting funding from politicized institutions like the EPA is enough. We need scientists, just fix the motivation to do science. And make sure they serve the public and respect FOIA’s.

      • Robertv says:

        It was a massive loss of rights We The People once had. We’re now on the brink of 1984. Will Trump be able to change that? 8 years ago people voted Obambi for the same reason.

  6. Dave N says:

    Perhaps they’re classing it as “balanced reporting”, i.e. presenting alternate views?

  7. RickS says:


    And that Summer has just passed, and plenty of Arctic Sea Ice is still (REMAINS) there !

    The U.S. “Navy” said that ???????????


    So now the United States Navy has “capsized” and rolled over on its “belly” ! ? !

    The United States Military can no longer be Trusted !!!

    And that is “PATHETIC”…

  8. mwhite says:

    New prediction – “At current carbon emission levels, the Arctic will likely be free of sea ice in September around mid-century”

    “Driving 90 miles melts a square foot of Arctic sea ice”

  9. Griff says:

    Well, look at the state of the arctic sea ice today…

    “On October 20, 2016, Arctic sea ice extent began to set new daily record lows for this time of year. After mid-October, ice growth returned to near-average rates, but extent remained at record low levels through late October.”

    “there has been an overall decline in ice age, particularly the oldest ice types—ice that has been in the Arctic for more than four years. Near-real-time updates (which are preliminary) indicate that at this year’s minimum, only 106,000 square kilometers (41,000 square miles) of 4+ year old ice remained, or 3.1 percent of the total ice extent. This is in stark contrast to the mid-1980s when over 2 million square kilometers (33 percent, or 772,000 square miles) of the summer minimum extent was composed of old ice that had survived at least four summer melt seasons.”

    • Steve Keohane says:

      So what… You’re talking about 37 f…ing years, and we know from past explorers there was much less in the past. Do you have a point, or just circular grief.

    • Neal S says:

      Tony showed previously how the reports for old ice were fudged and wound up losing or forgetting about substantial amounts of old ice. Why should we believe this most recent alarming report?

      The alarmists are pathetic. If thickness is OK, they will whine about extent. If extent is OK they will whine about thickness. If both are OK, they will lie about something. If they can’t lie about something, next they will complain that the color of the ice is wrong, and that it is all our fault.

    • wert says:

      Aaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Panic!!! /sarc

    • AndyG55 says:

      Come December, once the warm remnants of the El Nino and North Atlantic Blob have been pushed out to space, the Arctic sea ice level will be amongst the rest of the previous years.

      And all that energy will have GONE , not to be replaced by the sleepy sun.

      Griff, I really hope you live somewhere in the northern part of the USA, because you are in for a tough time later this winter…

      … let me guess, you choose to live somewhere warmer, don’t you, you hypocritical little worm.

    • Sunsettommy says:

      Ha ha,

      the same old Griff, who still worry about a natural event based trend.

      Wadhams and other so called experts,made predictions in recent years of NO sea ice, have been wrong over and over now. Since 2007, NO MORE decline,as it has flattened out.

      You have been told many times now that there were little to no Summer ice in the Arctic region, for around 4,000 years,earlier in the Holocene.

      The world carried on and the Polar Bears survived.

      Drop your worn out stale,woe me, the ice is melting away bullcrap.

    • AndyG55 says:

      Oh , and its easy to see your IGNORANCE about the real History of Arctic sea ice.

      The late 1970’s were actually a time of EXTREMES, up there with the EXTREMES of the LIA.

      The current level is a RECOVERY from those EXTREMES to a more normal Arctic sea ice levels , a recovery that is highly beneficial to the people living up there now that they can actually USE the Arctic waters for some small part of the year.

      The Icelandic sea ice index shows this very well.

    • Steve Fraser says:

      Starting point was cherry-picked.

  10. Andy DC says:

    We have suffered through almost 50 years of moving goalposts with no end in sight!

  11. Gator69 says:

    “There has been an overall decline in sunshine, particularly the hottest sunshine types—sunshine that has been in the US for more than two centuries. Near-real-time updates (which are preliminary) indicate that tonight’s darkness, is far darker than this afternoon’s sunshine. This is in stark contrast to noon, when there had been over four hours of sunshine, and many hours past noon also had considerable sunshine.”

    Raise taxes and regulate night time away, before all the sunshine is gone.

  12. Eliza says: BTW. I lost interest in WUWT many years ago especially when he critized you at Lucia’s. Hope Trump wins and is able to end all this.

    • Gail Combs says:


      When the people at WUWT went after Tallbloke, that was the final straw for me.

      • Me says:

        It was the same for Me, although I narly made any post there, but made one important one that they followed up on and got info from. But after that it weas threats with that e-mail addy thing. I said I supported them with the fight. Then they wanted to ban Me cause e-mail addy, and I said don’t threaten Me with that do it! And they finally did and I couldn’t care less after that about them and their garbage. After all they were gona reinvent the weather station, after all their critisms of weather stations, and what does they come up with? a all black weather station? Imagine a themometer in that?

        • Me says:

          Yeah that was Watts???? I still can’t figure that one out!

          • Me says:

            he even put a pic of it his site!

          • Me says:

            But all in all he put a spotlight on this climate change scam, or added to the spotlight. I think after that he wanted to take over the goalpost and control the narrative, and that is where I diddn’t care about him anymore.

          • Me says:

            And then it was the one of the many Willis stories, but the one where he said he was hitch hiking like the old times and got picked up by some shady guys then suddenly found what he said he found in his pocket and just gave it to them! Really?

        • Me says:

          But I tell you I have something from Eureka that they dumpted at the end of the runway and prolly diddy not want to anyone to see!

          • Me says:

            And I have had this since I told Watts on his web site about Eureka and who to contact there.

          • Me says:

            PS, Get up there as fast as you can, and go to the end of the runway, and you will may find more!

          • Me says:

            Cause those incharge of the weather station up there just dump their old crap at the end of the runway.

          • Me says:

            Just don’t tell them why you are there, cause a I can see the panic on their faces now, and right now is is freezing cold and like cement where they dumped their crap. But they didn’t burry it!

  13. TomRude says:

    Did you guys see this fantasy posted by CBC in Canada?

    Jennifer Francis is at it again…

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