New York Times Says Donald Trump Controls Sea Level


In one one of their many fake news stories today, the New York Times says Donald Trump is going to cause sea level to rise six meters at Boston, drowning the city.


What Trump’s Climate Legacy Could Look Like – The New York Times

Sea level at Boston has been falling the last six years, but the long term trend (due almost entirely to land subsidence) is that Boston will drown in 2,000 years.  I expect that Trump’s term will be over by then.


Sea Level Trends – State Selection

King Canute had to actually take his village idiots down to the sea to show that he doesn’t control sea level. Trump may have to do that with the idiots at the New York Times, who know perfectly well that Obama’s fake climate treaty does nothing to slow CO2 emissions


Climate Goals Pledged by China and the U.S. – The New York Times

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