Senator Malcolm Roberts And The Australia One Nation Party

I have had the great privilege this week to work with Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts, his staff, party leader Pauline Hanson, and the One Nation Party.  They were every bit as excited about Trump both before and after the election as I was.

This set them aside from the Labour and Liberal parties who ratified the Paris Climate Fraud Agreement the day after Trump was elected. One Nation has firmly established themselves as Trump’s allies in Australia.

Senator Roberts is unlike anyone in the US Congress.  He is brilliant, uncompromising of his principles, and completely unafraid of the press.  He has opened up the climate debate in a way no one else is capable of.

Keep your eye out for Senator Roberts.  This man is going places!

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12 Responses to Senator Malcolm Roberts And The Australia One Nation Party

  1. Eliza says:

    I hope Trump gets rid of the climate fraud situation thats all

  2. Chris F says:

    Unafraid of the press is one of the best assets to have these days. As long as Roberts and trump keep hammering away at them they will continue to win.

  3. Chris F says:

    If Trump stays true to his word his actions alone will bring down the great global warming scam, and I mean worldwide, not just here.

  4. Dave G says:

    Roberts was awesome!

  5. gregole says:

    Roberts is very impressive.

  6. Robert says:

    After his maiden speech in the senate I sent him a congratulatory card wishing him the very best. I have also watched your presentation which is clear, simple, and excellent. Keep up the good work

  7. John Westman says:

    After meeting Senator Roberts on Tuesday evening and seeing his press conference earlier that day, we now have a senator that the left should fear.

    I believe him to be a person with a commitment to shut down the climate con(hoax is too mild a word for what is going on). I believe that he is also a person who will not comprise his principles for political gain or favour- he is a person of the utmost integrity.

    I am pleased that he is on our side, because, otherwise he would be a formidable opponent.

    Go for it Senator Roberts: there are many Australians who are desperately looking for a politician with leadership. They will respect you with their support.

  8. Oliver K. Manuel says:

    Thank you, Tony, for using your talents to help society restore contact with reality.

    AGW supporters and critics alike could help help build world peace by sharing this inspiring video on tomorrow’s celebration of post-election healing and reconciliation:

    Together we can advance the UN’s noble goal of world peace by explaining to world leaders the last sentence in the 2nd Tradition of the 12 Step Program:

    “Our leaders are but trusted servants. They do NOT govern.”

    Noble goals, like world peace, cannot be achieved by denying precise experimental evidence that the Sun’s pulsar core controls human destiny.

  9. Robertv says:

    Progressives have taken over most power structures worldwide. This makes them so powerful that it doesn’t matter who you are voting for it wont change a thing. That’s why so many voted for Obama 8 years ago because he promised to change that systeem. Soon we found out it was all a big scam.
    Now it’s Donald Trump who could go into history as the new George Washington liberating Western civilization cutting out this cancer. Together with people like you ,Tim Ball , Malcolm Roberts and many others Trump should be able to bring our freedom back. But even if we win this battle the war will never be over. Evil like metastasis has many ways to hide and start all over again.

  10. Michael Spencer says:

    Absolutely agreed Tony! Malcolm Roberts is not only as straight as the proverbial die, but has used his experience-earned credentials to put in some eight years of highly-detailed UNPAID research into the “anthropogenic global warming/climate change/climate disruption/climate ‘weirdness’/whatever-is-today’s-fashionable-politically-correct-name-for-it” scheme. One dictionary definition of ‘scheme’ is: “a nefarious plot to cheat and defraud”. Sums it up perfectly! But no matter which definition you choose, ‘scheme’ certainly describes the whole ‘climate alarmism’ push:

    So: go Malcolm, go Donald, and thank you Tony (and Tim Ball) for your support. Very much appreciated.

    And here’s my contribution towards helping to undermine the ‘green’ nonsense propaganda that has so corrupted our youth: Surprise! There are a few Tony Heller references, as well as a bit about Malcolm Roberts, and the attempted denigration by the Media.

    The Galileo Movement is the website of which Malcolm Roberts has been the chief mouthpiece, and this is Malcolm’s own website: Well worth checking! “Integrity” is certainly the operative word ….. :-)

    Let’s hope that now, at long last, there is the prospect of a few so-called ‘experts’ being called to account!

  11. I wonder if we’ll see Senator Roberts running as president one day. Hopefully, he appears to be a great guy.

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