The Globalist War On Food

Methane panic fills the Internet.


One of the biggest lies being pushed by the criminals behind the climate scam is that Methane is the “most potent greenhouse gas.”


trapping heat

Radiative transfer models show that methane has very little effect on the radiative balance, because it doesn’t absorb much radiation, the few bands it does absorb overlap with H2O, it is very low concentration (less than 2 PPM) and it it oxidizes quickly in the atmosphere. Even Gavin Schmidt admits the claims about methane are exaggerated.


File:Atmospheric Transmission.png – Wikimedia Commons

I did some of the early work researching Methane Hydrates at Los Alamos National Labs back in 1981, with Dr. Guy R. B. Elliott – a World War II hero and brilliant chemist. He believed we have a practically unlimited supply of methane in the sea floor. It is the ultimate clean energy renewable.

The purpose of the methane war seems to be to attack the meat industry, by blaming bovine flatulence for “global warming.”  In one sense I agree with them, BS from NASA and NOAA is indeed the cause of global warming. NASA has tripled global warming since the year 2000, during a time when satellites show little or no change in temperature.




Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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