Understanding Global Warming In The 21st Century

Experts say global warming is near a tipping point. They are correct – their scam is just about to be tipped over.

All global warming this century is due to a combination of temperature fraud and the recent El Nino.


NASA temperatures are diverging from reality at 1.3C per century.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

Over the last eight months, land temperatures have fallen 1.2C, the largest drop on record.



NASA and NOAA have received lots of money to perpetuate this scam. Their time is up.

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2 Responses to Understanding Global Warming In The 21st Century

  1. GW says:

    Tony, are you hearing anything, anything at all, regarding if these “scientists” are going to magically come up with “new corrections” or a “new discovery” that brings their data back in line with reality, in the face of a Trump administration and republican congress ? Or are they signaling that they will be doubling down on their deception and riding it out, to what may be a very bitter end for them ?
    As always, thanks for your hard work and insights.

  2. Psalmon says:

    The way to solve this is by reorganizing the assets that collaborate on this scam. NOAA reports to Commerce. NASA reports directly to the WH. NCAR reports to NSF (director appointed by POTUS and confirmed by Senate). NSIDC is supported by all three of the above. Between those three primary agencies, there is a $31B budget. Among these you can probably divide up the Operating (e.g. NWS), Research (Climate science), and Investment (Space) segments and reassign them under new management and new owners, even to private sector responsibilities. Essentially let the Government be the data collector (Operations), and others figure out what if anything to do with the data. If you want to get the politics out of science, then get the science out of the budget. That may sound regressive, but look what cost it has got us with this scam. Let the private sector be wildly successful again and there will be lots of new capital for research and development. Funding it the other way is inefficient and leads to corruption.

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