Texas Elector Chris Suprun Is A Liar, Fraud, Conspirator And Hillary Mole

Chris Suprun says that he was a Trump supporter until two weeks ago, but now plans to vote for some Republican like John Kasich.


‘Rogue’ GOP Elector Says Others Will Join in Opposing Trump – ABC News

He is lying. His statements from August show that he has planned to vote for Hillary all along, and lied to obtain his position as elector. His current complaints about Trump are completely different than the ones he stated in August.


Texas elector threatens not to vote Donald Trump – POLITICO

He is almost certainly working with communist Van Jones to attempt a Hillary coup on December 19, and is using the obviously bogus John Kasich talk to lull Republicans to sleep. He openly admits that he is working with other people on this. How many other Hillary plants are there in the Electoral College? Infiltrating the electoral college with moles appears to have been Democrat’s Plan B. Everything Suprun says is straight out of the Hillary playbook.

Disenfranchising 60 million voters via conspiracy and fraud is a serious offense against the US and the US Constitution. It threatens the very foundation of our civil society. There is obviously no plan for any electors to vote for John Kasich, who has said he is not interested. That is a smokescreen to keep the GOP from taking this coup seriously.

After voting for Hillary, he will make up some story about “Trump was just too dangerous and it was my duty to not let him be elected.” Suprun took an oath to uphold the will of the voters, and clearly never had any intention of doing that.

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