Scientists Prove Washington DC Is The Most Beautiful It Has Been Since 1988.

I’m in DC to give a presentation on Capitol Hill tomorrow with Senator Malcolm Roberts and Tim Ball. It is cold and snowy here.

Rumors that Congress is owned by special interests simply aren’t true.

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My old friend Jesse at the Comus Inn, Maryland.


Snow on the car this morning.


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19 Responses to Scientists Prove Washington DC Is The Most Beautiful It Has Been Since 1988.

  1. gator69 says:

    I thought cars were a thing of the past. ;)

  2. gator69 says:

    From the growing list of reasons why you should not live in a city, comes this…

    Living in the leafy suburbs or the peace of the countryside may invite disdain from inner-city urbanites but it might just save your life, according to Harvard University.

    People whose homes are surrounded by the most greenery are 13 per cent less likely to die of cancer. Their risk of dying from respiratory disease also drops by 34 per cent, the biggest ever study into green spaces and health has shown.

    With any luck, the progressives will start dropping like flies, instead of living like fleas.

  3. RAH says:


    Since your out east. During his current Saturday Summary at Joe Bastardi says there is a powerful storm front coming up from the south towards VA later this week. As the storm comes in the moon will be nearly full and he said to check out the full moon with the high Sirius in front of it because it should be especially beautiful. Maybe if your still out there you can get some shots of it with your new camera.

    • tonyheller says:

      I won’t be around, as I plan to be back freezing in Colorado by then.

      • RAH says:

        Well at least the ski resorts can’t complain. Neither can those in the NE or in MI. Looks like good snow conditions pretty much all around this year.

        Just got a call from dispatch. The plan is for me to do a short run up to Grand Rapids, MI and back leaving out a 23:00 tonight. That is of course contingent on nobody calling off their run at the last minute between now and then. Seems like these days they are bound and determined to screw up my circadian rhythm. Seems like I’ve been doing more night runs this year than was the case in the past. Or perhaps with advancing age maybe I’m just noticing it more.

  4. Jack Langdon says:

    Are you free to say who will be your audience? These are exciting times. Godspeed.

  5. TA says:

    Washington D.C. Great! When can we expect to see you at Trump Tower?

  6. Tony Heller for Science Advisor

    • Gail Combs says:


      I just told a lady who was worried about what Trump’s Pick for the EPA would do to the environment not to worry. Myron has The Tony Stamp of Approval.

  7. R. Shearer says:

    12″ of powder at Eldora today. Unfortunately, a lot of greenies from Boulder tracked it out by about 10 AM.

  8. Analitik says:

    I’m intrigued that our senator, Malcolm Roberts, will be presenting.

    Hopefully, Congress listens to him (as well as yourself and Dr Ball) more than our parliament is willing to.

  9. Really happy you’re getting the exposure Tony. Suggest providing a link to “PullingBackTheCurtain” and let them know that anyone can get to the temperature data and reproduce your results. Not always in entirety since you often do much more advanced analysis than your software can do on its own, but you can generally get to all of the pieces and put them together.

    Of course, I expect the Climate Industry will attack you no matter what you say, but keep hammering home the point that while some adjustments are justified, what we are seeing in the temperature record is clearly not any of those justified, tiny adjustments.

  10. Eric Simpson says:

    While the nation shivers in cold the sun has gone blank again:

  11. richard says:

    what’s that soft top car in the background?

  12. Amber says:

    A positive step to show Congress the truth . Best of luck to Dr. Tim Ball .
    More real scientists to follow .

  13. GW says:

    Keep us informed of the presentation, etc. Will it be recorded and televised either live or afterwards on C-Span ?

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