1976 : “climatologists can offer no scientific proof to back up their theories”

Forty years ago, climatologists said that global cooling was making the weather berserk.

Climatologists Forecast Stormy Economic Future

The weather seems to have gone berserk lately. The tennis courts at Wimbledon in England have not been as parched since the 1920’s. The same is true for croplands in northern France, the Soviet Union, Minnesota and the Dakotas. It’s so dry, brush fires have started several weeks early in California, and water is being rationed.

As a result, Dr. Browning and other previously ignored climatologists are getting a lot of attention. Projections that they made years ago appear to be coming true.

They believe that the earth’s climate has moved into a cooling cycle, which means highly erratic weather for decades to come

When climatologists were predicting global cooling, actual scientists said :

climatologists can offer no scientific proof to back up their theories

“It’s interesting,” said one skeptical scientist. “But some of their stuff is right out of fantasy land.”

Climatologists Forecast Stormy Economic Future – The New York Times

Nothing has changed, except for the fact that the scamsters changed the name from global cooling to global warming. They are still just as clueless and dishonest as they were when they were making money off the global cooling scam.

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