EPA Hysteria

Progressives are hysterical about the new EPA head, who is tasked with ending the mind-blowing corruption in the Obama/McCarthy EPA.

The Obama administration intentionally created the largest toxic waste spill in US history.

Letter to Editor PREDICTED COLORADO EPA SPILL One Week Before Catastrophe=> So EPA Could Secure Control of Area (Updated)

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18 Responses to EPA Hysteria

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    I like my progressives hysterical. I hope Scott Pruitt will keep them that way.

  2. Eric Simpson says:

    Obama’s EPA thinks we should sacrifice ourselves for climate change.

    But ‘climate change’ is leftist manufactured bs. NASA with NOAA has engaged in data manipulation of the highest order, whose sole intention is to produce a narrative opposed by the evidence.

    And in fact there is ZERO evidence that CO2 affect climate temperatures at all.
    CO2 does not lead but *follows* changes in temperatures. This outstanding 4 minute video makes that point about CO2 clear as day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WK_WyvfcJyg&info=GGWarmingSwindle_CO2Lag

  3. NoMoreGore says:

    Tony, what do you know about Pruitt? I was excited to read about some of the other picks, but I don’t know anything about this guy. I suppose as an attorney, he can better navigate the legal maze the EPA has created.

    • NoMoreGore says:

      Well, the NYT hates him. That’s promising. I’ll attach a clip with some good info…

      • Rud Istvan says:

        Not TH, but suggest you can learn a lot from a few simple googles of your own question. Ok AG Pruitt plus Tx AG are the leaders of the EPA CPP is unconstitutional lawsuit supported by none other than Prof. L Tribe of Harvard Law. Nuff said.

    • Eric Simpson says:

      “I suppose as an attorney, he can better navigate the legal maze the EPA has created.”

      Lawyers are the worst. Unless they’re on your side!

      Anyway, from Breitbart to The Daily Caller to WUWT people seem to be pretty thrilled with this pick.

  4. Gail Combs says:

    Just remember Trump is a head of the ADMINISTRATIVE branch. That means he can literally pick and choose what laws/regs he wants enforced. After all he has Obummer as a sterling example of ignoring what ever laws he wishes.

    There is another method that most people do not know about, Jury Nullification.

    Juries have the right and the DUTY to judge not only the person but the law and can actually nullify bad laws. This why Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to Tom Paine in 1789:

    “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”

    …In the trial of all criminal cases, the Jury shall be the Judges of Law, as well as of fact, except that the Court may pass upon the sufficiency of the evidence to sustain a conviction. The right of trial by Jury of all issues of fact in civil proceedings in the several Courts of Law in this State, where the amount in controversy exceeds the sum of five thousand dollars, shall be inviolably preserved.

    There is no doubt that jury nullification was one of the rights and powers that the people were exercising in 1791 when the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution was adopted. As legal historian Lawrence Friedman has written:

    In American legal theory, jury-power was enormous, and subject to few controls. There was a maxim of law that the jury was judge both of law and of fact in criminal cases. This idea was particularly strong in the first revolutionary generation when memories of royal justice were fresh.

    Jury nullification is therefore one of the “rights retained by the people” in the Ninth Amendment. And it is one of the “powers reserved to the people” in the Tenth Amendment.

    Jury nullification is decentralization of political power. It is the people’s most important veto in our constitutional system. The jury vote is the only time the people ever vote on the application of a real law in real life. All other votes are for hypotheticals.

  5. CheshireRed says:

    Over here in the UK our beloved BBC has ‘Trump appoints climate sceptic’ in the radio headlines. That is padded out on-message with the follow-up report which refers to ‘deniers’. Yep, the supposedly impartial BBC is now officially pushing the denier meme. They’re clearly extremely unhappy which has to be a good thing. :-)

  6. mat says:

    You need to check this guy out, Kevin O’Leary. He’s apparently the closest thing to a Donald Trump that Canada has. BNN I think, is a Canadian CNBC/FBN…


    And just search O’Leary at that link and check how he was predicting (sorta) a Trump win back on Nov 7/8

  7. Tim A says:

    I truly believe that many federal agencies operate exactly like this.

  8. TA says:

    Scott Pruitt is the perfect pick for the EPA. Read his history and you will be impressed, if you are a skeptic. So is he.

    Thanks for that “Jury Nullifiction” post, Gail Combs.

    I’m thinking Donald Trump and his example may bring out more Donald Trumps in other parts of the world. Trump is a pretty unique individual, but there are lots of other talented people out there in the greater world, too. Sometimes all that is needed is for someone to point in the proper direction, and then others can take it from there.

    We need a lot more Donald Trumps in the world.

    • Gail Combs says:

      Donald Trump = the kid who said “The king is wearing no clothes.”

      Once the rot within Political Correctness is exposed as nothing but Psy-ops and censorship, others become bold and jump on the trend.

      (Actually it is Nigel Farage who led the way.)


      Juries were to be the last line of defence for the common man. The Elite in the USA coupled by the betrayal of the Supreme Court and the school systems has stealthily been removing that right.

      The 6th and 11th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article 3 Section 2 give US citizens the right to a trial. As Joan Biskupic stated:

      Anyone accused of a crime in this country is entitled to a jury trial.

      The Constitution may say so but, in fact, this is simply not the case — and becoming less so as politicians fiddle with legal definitions and sentencing standards in order specifically to reduce the number of persons entitled to a trial….

      One of the reasons for all the laws and regulations is to swamp the system thereby make jury trials impossible without the system grinding to a halt.

      Here is how the politicians and elites have gotten around the US Constitution to make sure citizens are denied their right to a trial:

      …The Seventh Amendment, passed by the First Congress without debate, cured the omission by declaring that the right to a jury trial shall be preserved in common-law cases… The Supreme Court has, however, arrived at a more limited interpretation. It applies the amendment’s guarantee to the kinds of cases that “existed under the English common law when the amendment was adopted,”

      The right to trial by jury is not constitutionally guaranteed in certain classes of civil cases that are concededly “suits at common law,” particularly when “public” or governmental rights are at issue and if one cannot find eighteenth-century precedent for jury participation in those cases. Atlas Roofing Co. v. Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission (1977). Thus, Congress can lodge personal and property claims against the United States in non-Article III courts with no jury component. In addition, where practice as it existed in 1791 “provides no clear answer,” the rule is that “[o]nly those incidents which are regarded as fundamental, as inherent in and of the essence of the system of trial by jury, are placed beyond the reach of the legislature.” Markman v. Westview Instruments (1996). In those situations, too, the Seventh Amendment does not restrain congressional choice.

      In contrast to the near-universal support for the civil jury trial in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, modern jurists consider civil jury trial neither “implicit in the concept of ordered liberty,” Palko v. State of Connecticut (1937), nor “fundamental to the American scheme of justice,” Duncan v. Louisiana (1968)….

      With the a Trump appointment of strict Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court, we may actually get a chance to roll back a lot of the damage done to the Constitution since the European Bankers came here and took control of the country in 1913. However he and his family may have to spend the next 8 years in nuclear bomb proof bunker to do it.

  9. RAH says:

    I love it! They’re apoplectic! The madder they are the more I like it.

    Just as the press is doubling down on their claims of racism, homophobia, and zenophobia, in their attempt to cast Trump and any who support him in the light they desire. They are going to ramp up their lies about climate and weather up to try and turn public opinion against Trump in order to save the climate change scam and “green energy”. IMO both efforts are going to fail and the left and their press are going to lose as their claims get ever more outrageous.

    The left and their press in the US is not even close to hitting the bottom of the abyss they dove head first into. They remain in the political campaign mode and it will take at least one more election with very possibly the emergence of a Republican super majority in the Senate (a more highly likely outcome to the midterms in 2018 than many realize right now) before they may realize that their 24/7/365 smear campaign is hurting them with the majority of legitimate voters in the US.

    The democrats have no bench. No emerging leaders in part because they have no depth in flyover country. Republicans hold overwhelming majorities in governorships and state and commonwealth legislative seats and that dominance continues down through county seats. There are only five states where democrats hold governorships and majorities in the state legislature. The other reason the democrats have no bench is because their hard left leaders that continue to grasp the reins of the party in an iron grip with their aged hands quash anyone that will not without question toe the party line.

    The implications for the democrats in all of this besides a weak bench at the national level is that the next US census (Required every 10 years) is coming up in 2020. The results of the census determines the allocation of seats in the HR to the various states. This also means that If Republicans continue to dominate at that time and they almost certainly will, it will be Republicans setting the boundaries of the congressional districts and voting precincts and that will set them up for domination well into the future.

    So the more hyperbolic the left gets the worse it will be for them because this stuff isn’t playing well in fly over country which the last election confirmed can overturn all the efforts of the left and their press if it is so inclined.

    • Gail Combs says:

      RAH, I keep thinking about Trump saying he has an ‘open mind’ about Climate Change.

      He can always insist that as a trial of the viability of ‘Green Energy’ that new ALL ‘Green Energy’ federal buildings get built with dedicated power from ONLY wind and solar. (None of this sleight of hand now used.)

      Then build those new ‘Green Energy’ federal buildings in North Dakota, Maine, Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana and Texas, the hottest and coldest states. House most of the following in those buildings:
      United States Department of Agriculture
      United States Department of Commerce
      United States Department of Education
      United States Department of Energy
      United States Department of Health and Human Services
      United States Department of Homeland Security
      United States Department of Housing and Urban Development
      United States Department of the Interior
      United States Department of Justice
      United States Department of Labor
      United States Department of State
      United States Department of Transportation
      United States Department of the Treasury
      United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

      Trump’s heads of these departments can pick and choose who states in DC and who gets shipped to the new GREEN facilities.

      It shouldn’t take more than a year to a year and a half to build a 12 story office building or refurbush old buildings. The land is already available as closed military bases:

      North Dakota — Dickinson Air Force Station is a closed United States Air Force General Surveillance Radar station. It already has Barracks,Operations Building, Squadron Headquarters building, Administration building, and a Power building. Get rid of the diesel and put in solar and wind. (no batteries)

      Maine — Loring Air Force Base is a closed United States Air Force installation. (The commission did note that the facilities at Loring were above average)

      Vermont — Lyndonville Air Force Station is a closed United States Air Force General Surveillance Radar station. Today, the site sits abandoned with all of its towers still standing, and many buildings in various states of disrepair but still intact.

      Montana — Camp Robert B Smith @ 5,279 feet or Glasgow Air Force Base.. most of the buildings remain vacant.

      Wyoming — Fort D.A. Russell

      Louisiana — England Air Force Base – Alexandria???, Chennault Air Force Base – Lake Charles, LA??? Camp Beauregard Army Base – Pineville, LA??? (???= Have been repurposed)

      Texas — Connally Air Force Base – Waco, TX (We should lose several in flash floods…)

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