Some Top Fake News From 2016

On election night, The New York Times said Hillary had an 85% chance of winning. They also say they want to ban fake news.

2016 Election Forecast: Who Will Be President? – The New York Times

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26 Responses to Some Top Fake News From 2016

  1. I only looked at the Paddypower bookie odds, and was left wondering how they make their calculations. The odds were abt 4 to 1 against both Brexit and Trumpin. But Scott Adams over at Dilbert is now running a climate thread to test the theory that 97% of ex-scientists support Misanthropogenic Glowball Warming. This could be interesting…

    • Gail Combs says:

      Great comment in response to Scott’s challenge:

      herrman • a day ago

      My job title is “scientist”. I work for the Federal Government (DOI). I mostly work on air quality and climate change analysis. You can take this to the bank: every single climate model trotted out there to “prove” dangerous global climate change runs hot. What this means is the models are over-predicting by a large margin the influence of greenhouse gases on global warming. This is primarily because the people making these models are trying to prove their hypothesis, not understand reality. Almost every single apocalyptic climate change prediction is based on the upper end of these faulty models. The bottom line: there is no actual evidence – none, nadda , zip – that human generated greenhouse gases are negatively influencing global climate. There is however a whole lot of wishful thinking that it were so. Why the people pushing this would wish for the disastrous future they so adamantly predict is a topic for another day.

      Most of the rest is a CAGW troll Brandon Gates who seems to be all over the internet for years.

      Here he is a couple years earlier at a statistician’s website W.M. Briggs We Know The Climate Is Warming Because It Isn’t

      He argues like David the Appalling….

  2. RAH says:

    The only pole that I know of that consistently nailed it during the campaign silly season was the LA Times. I found it quite ironic that a pole from the leftist newspaper in the land of fruit and nuts was the only one that consistently went against the flood of BS coming from almost all the other poles. Even the Real Clear Politics pole consolidation missed it badly though they tried the claim they didn’t afterwards.

  3. RAH says:

    Hey I couldn’t help but notice that the Weather Channel is up to F for their named winter storms already. The first day of winter was Dec. 21st. and their up to the Fs

    • Gail Combs says:

      Unfortunately they are forecasting 1-3 in snow followed then next day 1-3 in ice pellets for the weekend of 1/07/2017 here in NC — OH Joy…

      • RAH says:

        Yep. That is what Joe Bastardi at Weatherbell is saying. Coming in the later part of next week. And your going to get extremely cold too so get ready to protect your lambs.

        • Gail Combs says:

          We are going to have to spend a bit of time moving the big water tanks and consolidating herds so everyone has access to shelter. Yesterday was spent getting kicked and butted as we gave shots to everyone so the milk would have peak immunity. I think some of those sheep and goats weigh more than I do.

          I also found, after the head count, someone helped themselves to ALL my ram lambs and bucklings as well as several of my young ewes and does…. That is a loss of several thousand dollars. S,S&S comes to mind since locked gates are not working…

          • RAH says:

            When I was going through Med Lab each of us SF Medic wannabes had a Caprine patient. They had been shipped in and they just let us loose to catch what ever one we could and that was our patient. That is except for a guy named Burris who was a recycle taking the course again. For him one of the SF medic instructors pointed to the largest goat that stood about three feet at the shoulders and said “that’s your patient Burris”.

            We prepped our patients before they were shot by shaving the hair from their left leg. I helped Burris with his goat. It was like wrestling a man.

          • Gail Combs says:

            RAH, we have one 2 yr old goat that when she stands on her hind feet she is taller than my husband. I think her Ma was a Saanen X Toggenburg since she was a good 10 inches taller than the rest of the herd (lost her last year) Her daughter is going to be just as tall or taller.

            Unfortunately she also takes after her Boer goat grandaddy with a nice husky body type. — (Mature Boer does can weigh between 190-230 pounds.) I roped her and even with a ‘choke hold’ she was towing both hubby and I around the pen until we could snub her to a post. I felt like I was wrestling a darn cow not a goat! Thank goodness she is fairly tame.

      • Brad says:

        Yeah, but it is NC. In a couple of days it will be back in the 60s.

    • Frank K. says:

      The “named” storms idiocy is one reason I do NOT watch the weather channel and never will again. They are a disaster…

  4. Gail Combs says:

    More FAKE news. U.S. Media Frame Obama’s Russia Sanctions as “Vote Hacking” “There wasn’t any vote hacking, and no-one in the White House, Intelligence Community, or any agency therein has ever said a single act of vote hacking ever existed.”

    However it is a great way for the MSM to comfort the Snowflakes and make them think the Hillary really won and Trump is NOT the president.

    And to go with all the lies… President Obama Releases Ridiculous FBI Report on “Russian Malicious Cyber Activity” (full pdf included)…

    Against the backdrop of a sanctions announcement, President Obama’s administration has released a Joint Analysis Report claiming to outline the details of Russia’s involvement hacking into targeted political data base or computer systems during the election.

    Except it doesn’t.

    Not even a little.

    So more fodder for FAKE News headlines. I Really Really want Obummer OUT and buried in the Mariana Trench. Just a quick detour by Air Force one would do it along with some lead boots.

    • Rud Istvan says:

      It seems based on the evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC but not state voting systems. It also seems on the evidence that the Wiki stuff was leaked from inside by disgruntled Bernie supporters, not hacked. And Russian hackers had precious little to do with either the Clinton foundation pay-to-play operation where 85% of all intake went to ‘expenses’, nor Hillary’s insecure private server. But you can be sure the Russians have all the private deleted emails. Their plan was probably to ‘blackmail’ HRC on the last two points, not help Trump win.

      • Brian G Valentine says:

        I personally don’t care.

        Slick helped Yeltsin win, if it goes in the other direction, Democrats don’t like it.

      • Gail Combs says:

        “It seems based on the evidence that the Russians hacked the DNC…”

        I love the weasel words used from the likes of The National Review
        “. . . are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts…”

        AND given the obvious corruption of the Department of Justice — Lynch, and FBI director Comey (Clinton Foundation donor) don’t you think there are strings on the rest of Obummer’s department heads? (I found the strings on the CIA guy. They are posted at CheifIO’s)

        More likely it was Seth Rich who was the whistleblower. I think he was a Bernie supporter and really P.O.ed at the tricks the DNC pulled. Of course he was murdered shortly after so Assange posted a reward.

        On Sunday, a former British ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray, said he has met the person who gave the DNC emails and it was not the Russians.

        Major discussion for the last few months on the topic at CheifIO

        This was a classic:


        It’s time for all good rats to run for the lifeboats and chew any Clinton Fingers grasping at the gunnels…

        In some ways it is like the “I.T. Guy Loyalty Oath”… you are 100% loyal, up until they throw YOU under the bus, then that “long lost backup tape” is “found”… in Russia… on an open server…

        More from E.M.Smith:

        …Then there is the persistent incredibly STUPID story that “The Russians Did It!!”. First off, you can’t know if they did the hack, or not. (As pointed out several times already, I’m a computer security guy who had to deal with this stuff professionally for a couple of decades… it’s ‘my business’ and I’m good at it.) My first encounter with The Russians was in about 1986, so call it 30 years ago. To think that only this year they woke up and started hacking is just dumb. They are about 1/4 as active as the Chinese, so anything they have, or did, the Chinese had more of and sooner. Now look at what ‘the hack’ was (and was not): It was NOT a changing of the vote. Recounts and paper ballot States show that. (In fact, they show a little fudging by the Democrats in places like Chicago… but not enough to change the outcome since they are concentrated in places like California where the Dims already run the table). It WAS a publishing of the criminal and completely immoral actual acts and crimes of the DNC, Clinton, Media like CNN and MSNBC and ‘papers of record’ in burning Bernie and going ‘all in’ on biasing the debates (and worse). So at most, it was exposing the truth. Golly, being truthful, such a crime… /sarc; Every time I hear “The Russians Did It!!” I think two things: “Hype and unknowable” and then “IFF The Russians did it, I need to send someone a bottle of Vodka… Thanks Guys!”. Exposing corruption and law breaking is not an evil act….

        Some where way back a month or two ago, E.M. Mentioned the server in Russia that all hackers use to clean off their ‘internet fingerprints’ so the can not have a hack traced back to them.

        Ahh found at least part of it. Guccifer – Why Hillary Is Toast he was speaking of the Hillary hack.

        In Conclusion

        Sitting out there in “the cloud” is a 30 GB archive of “stuff” from a guy who used to read Hillary’s emails “for a few hours” and then go out to do gardening… What’s in it? Who knows.

        BUT, given that he would bounce off a Russian Server, was not highly skilled himself in things like encrypting tunnels and hiding things (used a known tapped phone line for connections at one point…) I think it nearly certain that at least the Romanian and Russian secret services had clue as to who’s stuff he was reading and how to get in to read it… I strongly suspect there are several OTHER folks / agencies scattered around the planet with a copy of her server contents…

        PART II

        ..Now, to me, it sure looks like Soros is pissed at Putin and Russia for issuing an arrest warrant for him and kicking his NGOs out, so is ‘hitting back’ with the UK and EU governments… Now add that Wikileaks is whacking Hillary (and so SHE and her underlings are accusing Wikileaks of being Russian Puppets) and it starts to fit a Western Paranoia Narrative by TPTB especially those beholden to Soros.

        So we’re in the start of a full on Cyber War, with the first shots fired at RT and Assange / Wikileaks….

        I find it interesting that nobody has said anything about the RT bank account closure.

        It shows folks with a lot of pull in the UK are interested in directly slapping Russia (while I see RT as more western presenters and radical news refugees, some folks see it as Russian Govt.)

        This had to be an official act and actor, and arrives at the same time Assange gets muzzled…

        “Info wars” in deed, not just Infowars paranoia….

        So the UK and USA have full on data and info vacuums sucking up ALL available info, private or not, to be used against you; now are trying to block alternative info flow (shades of East Germany…) and a direct whack at Russia when the UK, USA, and others are in a shooting war arena with Russia and Turkey as “Frenemies”….

        Tons of discussion on the ‘Russian hack starting Here:

  5. Brian G Valentine says:

    I’ll bet that Robbie Mook, Podesta, and Slick found out how bad “temper tantrums” could be November 9

  6. Gail Combs says:

    Muh Russians – President Obama Gives “Rebel Alliance” Best Gift for New Year

    There are many facets being discussed by various political tribes about President Obama pitching a ‘vast Russian election hacking conspiracy’ narrative. However, though he absolutely never intended to do so, President Obama has just given us one of the best gifts, transparent propaganda…

    Russia Closes U.S./U.K./Canadian International School For Children of Diplomats in Moscow

    A well sourced comprehensive list of the Obama sanctions against Russia is available via Business Insider –SEE HERE– In response, Russian officials warned Thursday that there will be “countermeasures” to the sanctions.

    Additionally, in an apparent retaliation effort against President Stompy Feet, Moscow has closed the International School where the kids of most western diplomats attended…


    And Sundance Sums it up beautifully

    BOLO – Be On Lookout Alert

    In accordance with Presidential Directive #755.689 the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has released the following nationwide BOLO alert to assist in the apprehension of suspected Russian hackers and election saboteurs:

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