The White House Fake News Epidemic


“the intelligence community has been politicized in the Obama administration to a very significant degree.”

  • John Bolton

President Obama openly interfered in the UK, Australian, Canadian, and Israeli elections, not to mention nearly every country in the Middle East and Africa – where he directly killed the leader of Libya.  He is now leading a massive fake news psych-op against a few nameless idiots in the electoral college. Some of these fake news ideas include :

  1. Trump is working for Russia fake news
  2. Hillary really won the election fake news
  3. The election was hacked fake news
  4. The vote was counted wrong fake news
  5. Trump is a rouge candidate whom the founding fathers wanted the electoral college to stop fake news

When people voted for Trump, very few of them knew the name of their elector, or were even aware of the process. But the Obama White House has identified a group of weak minded electors and convinced them that they were chosen for their wisdom, and have been entrusted by Alexander Hamilton to save the country from the 84% of counties which voted for Trump.


The current barrage of fake news is directed at them, in Obama’s final attempt to destroy the United States.

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