Climate Activists Destroying The Environment

As a lifelong environmentalist, I became aware about a decade ago that the number one threat to the environment is people pushing the global warming scam. No place more so than Boulder, Colorado where I live.

Under the direction of Bill McKibben, useful idiots want to shut down the incredibly clean Valmont Power Plant in Boulder, Colorado and replace it with environmentally destructive fake “green energy.”

Boulder, CO – At approximately 12:45 today, four activists climbed onto the massive coal pile in front of the Valmont Power Plant.

A large banner was unfurled down the front of the coal pile, reading “RENEWABLES NOW,” and two fake wind turbines were erected on top of the coal pile. The activists reclaimed the coal pile to display their message for approximately 1.5 hours…before they were taken into custody.

Approximately 90% of Boulder’s electricity is generated from fossil fuels, with only 10% coming from renewable sources. Many local environmentalists and community leaders are calling for electricity generated from renewable sources to increase by 10% each year, reaching 30% renewable by 2012 and 100% renewable by 2020.

Five Citizens Arrested at Boulder, Colorado Valmont Coal Power Plant. | elephant journal

The Valmont Power Plant puts out zero visible pollution, and is so unobtrusive that most Boulder residents are unaware of its existence.

The images below show the environmental disaster which climate activists want for Boulder, which would wreck the environment, be very unreliable, and require 100% fossil fuel backup for the majority of days where the wind isn’t blowing – accomplishing nothing,

But the story gets much worse. The city of Boulder had to work very hard to get the University of Colorado to sign up for this insanity, and now are afraid to do anything to upset the university – who want to expand into the essential open space in South Boulder where I spend hours every day walking the dogs and photographing wildlife.

This open space is used for recreation by at least one thousand people per day, and is the last and only thing between Boulder and the hideous environmental disaster of Denver. South Boulder residents are up in arms over this development proposal, but the city is so afraid of CU dropping the city’s fake renewable power plan, they won’t dare upset the university.

All of the development is in flood plain, so part of the proposal is to build a three story tall dam along the Hwy 36 bike trail (which I use twice a day.) That would replace this view :

With the one below, and destroy the iconic view which half a million people are used to seeing every week driving into Boulder.

Environmental politics in Boulder are the ultimate test of climate disinformation. A very left wing community has been brainwashed into destroying the local environment, in exchange for meaningless virtue signaling pretending they saving the planet from an imaginary problem which the city has no control over anyway.  And to add insult to injury, the city will then be stuck with very expensive, unreliable energy.

The people behind this are exactly what Lenin described as “useful idiots” – and they are taking the city down with them into their madness.  I am working with Boulder people one at a time to bring them back to reason and sanity, but it is hard work after decades of intentional well funded disinformation – which has quite literally driven them mad.

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42 Responses to Climate Activists Destroying The Environment

  1. Simon Platt says:

    Good luck, Tony – from half a world away.

  2. Ben Vorlich says:

    I regularly travel from Limousin to Derbyshire, I also cycle round Limousin and Charante for relaxation. On the trip through France and UK I’m often amazed by the miracle of the hundreds of windturbines we pass, merrily turning whilst the motorway windsocks are barely moving.
    There is growing resistance to new windturbine developments in The Limousin, many banners in farmers fields and graffiti on the roads expressing the anti view.

    I love the photos by the way.

  3. Reynold Stone says:

    Wonderful photos!

  4. Douglas Hoyt says:

    I get the impression that a lot of people pushing AGW think that the present day is the worst time in the history of humanity. Gore, for example, said that watching TV was like seeing the Book of Revelations (i.e., the Apocalypse) occurring right now.

    These people are really depressed pessimists.

    • Tommy Grand says:


    • Colorado Wellington says:

      True, but we’d be ok if they were just depressed pessimists. It’s their cult faith and their messianic impulse that’s dangerous.

      “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t then believe in nothing, he believes anything.”

      G.K. Chesterton (apocryphal)

  5. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    Tony: check into setting up a land trust and getting the property owners to enter into conservation easements with the trust. I’m no lawyer and don’t know the details but I’ve seen it done here in SC on Edisto Island:

    Hope this helps.

  6. Beowulf says:

    Help! I need more info about Valmont. Where is the coal pile? Where are the Railroad track used to deliver the coal? Where are the electric power lines to transport the electricity?

  7. Griff says:

    Well I just spent half an hour googling green groups in Boulder and I have to say I’m impressed at the scale and breadth of local concern and activism for the environment, and wildlife in the area…

    but I don’t find any trace of the idea that any group is backing or letting through development because of their ideas on climate change and renewables or proposing to cover anything with wind turbines…

    (I did find this interesting article:

  8. Latitude says:

    four activists….

    Is there some kind of qualifying that you have to look like a total loser first?

    • SxyxS says:

      Well-that’s their uniform since the hippie era.

      They are so extremely individual that they look the same,think the same,smoke the same and everyone who does not agree is a Nazi
      and they have the very same values they’ll fight for until the end and defend them with their lives-until they meet a muslim.

      Than they’ll throw all their principles away in a second,bow down and call this judas-act tolerance.

  9. Yaakov Haimovich says:

    Keep on fighting TH this is real environmentalism.

  10. Andy DC says:

    Not a brain in their collective heads!

  11. Pathway says:

    Good luck saving your open space. Developers and planning commissions are a very powerful cabal that is very hard to overcome.

  12. R. Shearer says:

    “Authorities identified the protestors as Erik Bonnet, 27;Katherine Clark, 25;Ethan Welty, 23; Eric Ross, 23 and Thomas Weis, 47. ”

    Thomas Weis, the one that is old enough to know better, earns a living consulting and lobbying for “green energy.” He’s president of Climate Crisis Solutions:

  13. In Scotland we have idiots who claim to be environmentalists but under the guise of saving the environment they cut down trees – because they read in some mickey mouse eco nutter book written in England that “birch dry out wet areas” – and that might be true in the dry east of England – but not only isn’t it true in Scotland, but we have a very different kind of wet area called a “mountain moss” – which is basically a big area of moss ON TOP of a hill (not sat in a hollow as in dry England).

    But no – they tear down areas in which trees have been there for at least 150 years – because according to their mickey mouse eco-nonsense they are not “natural”.


  14. LOL in Oregon says:

    Repent and be saved sinner!
    Only YOU can “save the world” by not having kids!

    We, of course, are the all knowing Oz!
    YOU must follow our orders (so we can get lots of $$$$)
    We are great! (our mommies told us do!)
    and you are clueless, greedy monsters who should “follow orders”!

    • Latitude says:

      Amazing isn’t it…..When you see these statistics about how white American birth rates are going down….what you don’t see is all the millennials we’ve coddled that are still living at home, or still in school, or have no job

  15. OrganicFool says:

    I’ve lost many friends over this argument. Ask them about pesticides, pharmas in the water supply, plastics in the Pacific ocean, human trafficking? Not even part of the discussion any more.

    • Squidly says:

      I would contend that those things were never really part of the discussion to begin with. It’s all about money and how to steal it from the taxpayer.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I agree, with restrictions. I contend these things were always part of the discussion on the right. Nature conservation was and is an inseparable part of conservative thinking. The totalitarian Left saw the potential to hijack the issue and early in the 20th century made successful political inroads into the muddle-headed center. Hitler’s progressivism was much better atuned than Stalin’s Leninist industrialization in understanding man’s romantic longing for a “pure” world and turn it into nature worship. By the seventies the internationalist Left finally learned from the Nazis how to use environmentalism in their quest for power. The history of the German Green Party is exhibit A.

  16. Squidly says:

    I sure hope you are successful in waking people up to this insanity. So-called “renewable” energies are a devastation to our environment and in the longer run, a serious threat to our modern technological existence. Our present society will not survive in tents and caves, which is exactly where “renewables” will put us.

  17. annieoakley says:

    These windmills are really horrible. Is it possible to show these eco nuts how many square feet of concrete, tons of iron rebar and the depth of excavation needed to erect one of these monstrosities?

    • Kris Johanson says:

      If they’re serious about 200 wind turbines, figure ‘turnkey’ about $3-5million each depending on size (probably total $500million to $1billion) financed by municipal bonds? Good luck. The permitting alone (Federal land, aviary issues, noise issues, etc) would take 10 years. Access roads running all over the place. The turbines have to be spaced pretty far apart due to aerodynamics, so would be spread over many square miles.

      The average MW produced is only 25-30% of “nameplate capacity” with landbased wind, so (200) 2-MW nameplate turbines would only produce around 100MW, an amount of energy which could be produced by 2 medium-size gas turbines operating in a small building. I’m pretty sure that coal-fired plant produces more than 100MW, unless it’s tiny.

  18. Tab Numlock says:

    A dam would spoil your view? Boo hoo. You’ll have a lake to enjoy.

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