A Climate Of Morons

The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

  • Ronald Reagan

Do progressives actually believe the brainless BS they talk about?

Hey Look, Another Record Low Month for Sea Ice | Climate Central

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35 Responses to A Climate Of Morons

  1. Rosco says:

    All of this doom and gloom from a temperature increase of less than 1°C over 130 odd years based on a guess from a data set that never actually existed ??

    How brainless does one have to be to sprout nonsense like high temperatures prevent plants from growing ?

    Seems to me that plants seem to disagree by going dormant when the temperature drops and thriving when the temperatures increase – provided there is water.

    I suppose all the dinosaurs carefully cultivated their food supplies during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods where allegedly both CO2 and global temperatures were significantly higher than today ?

    What inspires someone to sprout gobbledygook like the two quoted ?

    • Will Janoschka says:

      (“Do progressives actually believe the brainless BS they talk about?”)

      1)Yes indeed! That is what ‘religion’ is all about! No science is needed or even wanted.

      “What inspires someone to sprout gobbledygook like the two quoted ?”

      See #1.

    • Streetcred says:

      Rosco, don’t you know that is why the tropics are a barren wasteland; its a total fabrication that the Amazon is a great forest! /sarc

    • arn says:

      High temperatures in deed prevent plants from growing,
      as plants need more energy(higher temperatures)

      that’s why people built green houses

      that’s why this planet with higher temperatures(and 10* more co2) some many many million years ago
      had a 10* higher number of different plants species than today
      growing so fast that we use them today as coal(=bringing co2 back to atmospheres cycle).

      that’s why we have so many green plants in Northern Canada,Alaska,Northern Russia and Antarctica-
      cause low temperatures make them grow so much.

      Sceptics may now say:
      There is absolutely no evidence which earth temperature is the perfect
      one in a climate that is,will and has been changing forever and why the current is so perfect that it must be protected by any means and climate tax.
      They also claim that there is no evidence which co2 ppm concentration in our atmosphere is the perfect one,as the concentration of co2 has always been changing and always will and
      that this planet had its most fertile periods when it was hotter and there was much more co2,

      but these people are so 70ies that they still have not realised
      that science is no longer science
      but just another PC fascist weapon to indoctrinate and intimidate people.

    • Menicholas says:

      These two jackasses are scientifically illiterate.
      I would be surprised if they got their names right, considering every single word of that entire exchange is wrong. Actually, a lot of it is wronger than wrong, as it betrays an inability to even think straight or in logical straight lines.
      I will say one thing…they packed a stupefying amount of wrongness in those short passages.
      I would love to debate those two idjuts in front of the entire world, no notes.
      The sum total of everything these two know about botany, the Earth, the Arctic, CO2, and everything else seems very likely to be a negative quantity.
      They know less than nothing.

  2. Shooter says:

    Just…wow. Increased temperatures will stop plants from ‘sweating’? Photosynthesis is increased with increased sunshine levels…if sunspot activity were to increase, then plants are exposed to more radiation that will increase their output, not decrease it.

    And Arctic ice increases/decreases whether there is high CO2 content or not. They receded massively in the 1920s, when CO2 was at 300 ppm. They don’t seem to be aware that plants cannot survive at levels below 250 ppm, which is what they want.

    But it’s Climate Central. Their snark is their intelligence.

  3. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    “Hey Look, Another… SQUIRREL!” – Climate Central

  4. Griff says:

    And yet there is no dobt of the continuing record lows of arctic sea ice extent and volume.

    This year starts with low extent and thin, broken ice: how can it not (again) produce a record low extent?

    The ice has never recovered to pre 2007 levels and has had 10 years to do it…

    • David A says:

      Bottom of a sine wave, flat since 2007, and 1949.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        I predict we shall witness an apocalyptic planetary battle between Islamists and Ms Griff. There is no way to reconcile their drive to return to the Golden Age of the Caliphates as it existed during the Medieval Warm Period and the unavoidable destruction of Ms Griff’s holy Arctic ice.

        Right now they are still allies but I’m afraid Ms Griff will have to crush the Islamists to save the Arctic or the Islamists will have to vanquish Ms Griff to create the Caliphate.

    • gator69 says:

      Q: How many people died yesterday as a result of “low” Arctic ice Ms Griff?

      A: Zero.

      Q: How many people needlessy starved to death yesterday as a result of climate alarmisim?

      A: Twenty-one thousand.

      These were the bad projects. As you might see the bottom of the list was climate change. This offends a lot of people, and that’s probably one of the things where people will say I shouldn’t come back, either. And I’d like to talk about that, because that’s really curious. Why is it it came up? And I’ll actually also try to get back to this because it’s probably one of the things that we’ll disagree with on the list that you wrote down.
      The reason why they came up with saying that Kyoto — or doing something more than Kyoto — is a bad deal is simply because it’s very inefficient. It’s not saying that global warming is not happening. It’s not saying that it’s not a big problem. But it’s saying that what we can do about it is very little, at a very high cost. What they basically show us, the average of all macroeconomic models, is that Kyoto, if everyone agreed, would cost about 150 billion dollars a year. That’s a substantial amount of money. That’s two to three times the global development aid that we give the Third World every year. Yet it would do very little good. All models show it will postpone warming for about six years in 2100. So the guy in Bangladesh who gets a flood in 2100 can wait until 2106. Which is a little good, but not very much good. So the idea here really is to say, well, we’ve spent a lot of money doing a little good.
      And just to give you a sense of reference, the U.N. actually estimate that for half that amount, for about 75 billion dollars a year, we could solve all major basic problems in the world. We could give clean drinking water, sanitation, basic healthcare and education to every single human being on the planet. So we have to ask ourselves, do we want to spend twice the amount on doing very little good? Or half the amount on doing an amazing amount of good? And that is really why it becomes a bad project. It’s not to say that if we had all the money in the world, we wouldn’t want to do it. But it’s to say, when we don’t, it’s just simply not our first priority.


    • tonyheller says:

      Astonishing that anyone would claim that Arctic sea ice is at a “record low” in the middle of winter, particularly since last week the same person said that high winter ice extent is due to “spreading and thinning”

      Griff does provide good entertainment value however.

      • gator69 says:

        I’m fairly certain Ms Griff is on the Koch brothers payroll. She does more to discredit the CAGW movement than any skpetic could ever hope to.

      • R Shearer says:

        Without a “dobt.”

      • Menicholas says:

        I suspect that the two chowderheads quoted at the top are teenagers, as few adults are this stupid but think they know what they are talking about.
        They sound like people who were spoon fed a pile of malarkey, forgot half of it and misremembered the other half, and somehow think that the tiny bit they may have ever learned in the young lives is actual knowledge rather than poorly recalled driblets of misinformation.
        Griff, on the other hand, is somewhat of an enigma.
        He/she seems incredibly persistent for someone who knows so little, but does not seem to be a child.
        Paid troll cannot be ruled out, but one might suppose whoever is doing the paying could find someone with at least a little intellectual heft, especially after all this time.

    • Pathway says:

      Ms. Griff I would suggest that you actually move to the arctic circle, make observations over the next year and then report back. That is how real science is done.

    • Sunsettommy says:

      Golly Griff,

      why does the ice up there keep resisting all those brainy warmist scientists doom and gloom death spiral of the last 12 years or so?

      You have been told many times that there were long periods of time of little to NO Summer ice,yet the bears are still with us and the world continued as well.

      You resist because you are a warmist moron running on a tiny frame of time,then cry over it. You are a pathetic leftist creep.

    • toorightmate says:

      Andrew M,
      The far leftist Australian Broadcasting Commission has the impending disaster from the Petermann Glacier as its daily scare headline today.
      The now have two filing cabinet drawers full of impending disasters and hit us with one every day. Their gullible listeners and viewers are most impressed. Are people who are continually sucked in “suckers”?

    • Menicholas says:

      Oh, man…the glacier is broken!
      Crazy Glue, or throw it out and get a new one?

  5. RAH says:

    In the end this scam is going to die no matter how much they lie. In fact it is starting to die before our eyes with the election of Trump and Brexit.

    Those nations that establish and maintain economical and reliable power generation and grids will have a distinct advantage over those that do not. If Britain follows through on it’s pledge that “Trade and growth are now priorities for all posts” then the rest of the EU will eventually have to follow suit or labor at a distinct and telling disadvantage. That disadvantage of relying on unreliable and expensive renewable power generation will eventually result in declining standards of living for their populations relative to those that do not and that will not be tolerated for long. If the Brits follow through on their claims to put the economy first then the rest of the EU nations must eventually follow and their goal of relying on a high proportion of renewables without using nuclear generating facilities will die one the subsidies are pulled. The only exception being Norway with it’s high proportion of hydro supplying the grid and the exportable natural resources to maintain it’s relatively high level of national wealth.

    • Iceland also has enough heat from geological radioactive decay to generate power without the need for much thought or effort. During prohibition Icelandic bootleggers sold whiskey to Americans and were paid in Confederate dollars. Their recent banking collapse in the wake of the GW Bush asset-forfeiture crash again revealed the high price of shunning reality.

    • Menicholas says:

      The real danger would seem to be frequent blackouts, which do incredible damage to the economy…even without the riots which often quickly ensue.
      Worst case scenario is actually quite bad…a long blackout that does massive damage to the economy and causes widespread looting and civil disruption.
      I think reliable power will turn out to be the ultimate case of not knowing what you have until it is gone.
      If it is bad enough, that will be the end of that.
      It could get ugly, with pitchforks and clubs wielding lynch mobs seeking out those who caused it. Let the mobs find out it was all deliberate lies, and not just a bad mistake or something which has not come true yet?
      Could be a regular pogrom.

  6. Looters are programmed to die. It sounds shocking, and when Ayn Rand put it into words in Atlas Shrugged, both national and internacional socialism went into paroxysms of rage. But the pattern persists. Whatever organized mysticism asserts to its brainwashees–that legalized condoms, pills, pregnancy termination or gay rights are race suicide, that entheogens are the Antichrist, that Armageddon is nigh and The Rapture worth killing for–they believe and act on. Whatever organized communism preaches to its dupes–that “we” must surrender to the Soviet Union or freeze in Nuclear Winter, that coercion is voluntary, that science and industrial freedom will bake us all–is likewise Gospel. Dupes of both of these failed and violent ideologies can conceive of no third alternative on their way to the dustbin.

  7. TA says:

    I think there are a lot of easily-influenced people in the world, and they tend to believe society’s authority figures such as politicians and the MSM, and when those politicians and the MSM mislead people, very many of them don’t realize they are being misled and end up believing things that are not true.

    Our authority figures, for the most part, are at war with the Truth. They have created a false reality in which about half our population lives. The other half recognizes it as a false reality and rejects it. That’s how Trump got elected.

    We’re halfway there. We just have to convince about half the U.S. population they have been duped. We have a bigger megaphone now with Trump in Office, so maybe it will be a little easier in the future.

    • RAH says:

      Somewhere around 35-40% of the leftists will not be swayed no matter what happens. They will die having lived in their alternate reality all their lives.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        RAH, I’m afraid the number is actually much higher. My personal experience with Leftism and its adherents tells me it is very hard to leave the faith.

        The Frontpage Mag is required reading for anyone trying to understand the hard, life-changing work it takes for a Leftist to make a truly “comprehensive break with the radical worldview“. The difficult path of David Horowitz from a red-diaper baby to a giant of intellectual anti-Communist resistance hated by all Leftists is well described here:

        The life and work of David Horowitz

        From red-diaper baby to New Leftist to the Left’s most formidable enemy.


      • Colorado Wellington says:

        The article below describes the difficult personal path of one “recovering” Leftist and it should be read in its entirety. I had trouble quoting a “key passage”; that’s why I listed several sections.

        The mind of the Left from an insider

        What I witnessed inside a faith of lies — and what it took to leave.
        By Michael Faraday

        First of all, forget the ‘60s. This situation has been brewing for over 100 years. I was born into a working-class socialist family in New Zealand in 1960. Democratic socialism had been established by popular reforms in the 1930s. By the late ‘50s, almost every working-class child in New Zealand was raised socialist.

        But we didn’t call it socialism. We called it “workers’ rights.” In my family, my older siblings and I were the third generation of socialists. We never chose socialism, we inherited it. In the late ‘60s, the younger middle-class joined us.

        For the millions raised as leftists, it is not an ideology; it is a culture. Since childhood, they have lived and breathed it every day in the home. They know nothing else. Like any culture, it is a way of speaking, thinking and acting, with its own narratives and rituals. Narratives are held sacred, repeated, reinforced and, over time, added to. That which challenges sacred narratives, even reality itself, is met with confusion and hostility. As with any aggressive, intolerant culture, if you enter it, it enters you.

        The victim narrative of the Left is very infectious. You are always the victim and you are always owed something. The wealthy are always evil, while you are always good and wholesome. Converts are often more intense than those born into it. My father, raised a leftist, eventually mellowed and began to question some leftist beliefs. My mother, not raised a leftist, but having become one, never mellowed.

        Economics are not usually considered part of a culture, but for red-diaper leftists, their attitude to economics is cultural. It is part of the core, sacred narrative. They usually have a child-like view of economics, which they often have inherited from their parents. This is probably why the doubt triggered by their first tax shock is so easily forgotten for leftists. The child-like view is comfortable and familiar. Once amnesia sets in and comfort returns, discussions of economic reality are seen as right-wing propaganda.

        Leftists hear big numbers and picture Scrooge McDuck’s money bin, not infrastructure, maintenance, specialized equipment, transportation, training, payrolls, etc. 

        For leftists, industry has so much money. Businesses make huge profits. The price of everything is too high. The government has billions. They want to keep it all for themselves and their rich friends. So leftists believe that these evil people must be made to spend the money on things the leftists themselves choose.

        Leftists combine child-like naïveté and paranoid aggression in all of their narratives. It is a remarkable and very damaging pairing. The child-like naïveté protects the narrative from facts while the paranoid aggression protects the mind from doubt. For red-diaper babies, this thinking competes with their normal emotional and intellectual development, causing an internal struggle that can go either way.

        The child-like thinking solves all problems without pesky details and facts interfering, leading to delusions of intellectual brilliance.

        It is actually very hard to give up being a leftist, even when you want to. I know people whose families have been murdered by communists and they are still leftists. It is not enough to see the problems. If you are a red-diaper baby, it’s all you know. You have been indoctrinated (with the media’s help) that the so-called Right is greedy and evil and the religious are hypocritical and delusional. Even if you have doubts, there is nowhere else to go, not without literally changing your mind.


  8. RAH says:


    There is a considerable difference between a person brought up from the cradle in leftist ideology and a person that had a more typical childhood that later was indoctrinated by location/association and or education and conditioning.

    Your examples are of the former where as my percentage is based on the whole population which is made up of many of the later types.

    Now having nothing to do with the current subject or exchange I just saw an example of junk science having nothing to do with climate. At 16:00 today I leave for a run with four stops in Wisconsin. Having got the call I laid down for a bit and stretched out and watched a program on the NatGeo program about “sea monsters”. They discounted the existence of the Kraken and the Leviathan and went on to the known large predators of today. In that program they talked to supposedly the worlds leading expert biologist on Whale sharks. The guy claimed that such animals relying on a skeletal support of cartilage could not grow much over 40′ in length. Then later in the program they had a leading expert on the Megalodon and that expert said it is estimated that giant shark grew to up to 67′ in length. All in the same program.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      “There is a considerable difference …”

      True, and it has been on my mind as I wrote. Living in Boulder, I know many of the latter kind. Some of them are traditional conformists who would probably have become “moderate” Nazis in Hitler’s Germany or fascists in Mussolini’s Italy. However, many of the hard-core Leftists I know don’t actually come from “red” households like Horowitz or Faraday but from traditional and conservative families. Some don’t have to work for a living because of trust funds or direct inheritance. Boulder has a lot of these types.

      I have a pretty good idea who is who in my environment but I don’t know the percentages in the society as a whole.

      I have also repeatedly made the same observation as Faraday whose Leftist convert mother was a harder ideologue than his father who was raised a Leftist, something known through the history of human affairs. Janissary converts to Islam, for example, were known among the conquered Christians of the Balkans as worse than native Ottoman Turks.

      • Rah says:

        We’ll. Parked for my break backed in to the end of a dead end street in Port Washington, WI. 1st stop of six 1/2 block ahead of me. Tomorrow will be a long day. Other stops in Grafton, Milwaukee, Janesville, Pleasant Prairie. Then back to the terminal in Anderson, IN.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Nice catch with the fish … :-)

  9. Steve Case says:

    Do progressives actually believe the brainless BS they talk about?


  10. Taphonomic says:

    I’m still trying to figure out from where all this Arctic ice is missing. The article at climate central indicates enough ice to cover Scandinavia is missing. The map at http://nsidc.org/data/seaice_index/ shows the median ice edge and a graph purportedly showing how much ice is below the median. They don’t seem to correlate. Looking at areas where ice does not extend to the median line does not seem to jive the amount of ice claimed to be below the median and does not look like a Scandinavia amount of ice is missing. I’ve watched these ice graphs for many years, and it seems like a year ago they went weird when a satellite went out. It’s so weird that Cryosphere never recovered and is still updating this weird graph. http://arctic.atmos.uiuc.edu/cryosphere/IMAGES/seaice.recent.arctic.png

    Hey Griff, how about explaining that graph?

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