Excitement Builds For Today’s Global Warming Protest In Denver

Progressives are driving their fossil fuel powered cars from great distances this morning, to protest the fact that the government allows them to purchase gasoline.

People’s Climate March

My dogs are excited about this opportunity to stop man-made overheating of the atmosphere,  via world communism.

The local wildlife is excited too.

Even my car is excited.

However, I’m not excited. I don’t like hanging out with a bunch of brainless, stoned, useful idiots. So I’ll take a pass.

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30 Responses to Excitement Builds For Today’s Global Warming Protest In Denver

  1. gator69 says:

    What should I bring?
    Here in Colorado, weather can be unpredictable. We recommend bringing a layer (or two! Currently the forecast is calling for chilly weather), a poncho or rain jacket, and sunscreen.

    Hmmm, “unpredictable” and “chilly”, bring a raincoat and sunscreen. Delicious irony.

    • Brad says:

      I.e. we are unable to tell you what the weather will be like tomorrow, but we can model with 100% accuracy the global climate 100 years from now.

      • SxyxS says:

        And we can install a world wide tax with this mix of lies and incompetence.

        (imagine a toddler who can’t even walk trying
        to teach others how to run a marathon)

  2. Steve Case says:

    I see that the Al Gore effect is in operation.

  3. Champion says:

    Pretty much all you need is the universally revered gray cotton hoodie. Worn by all in rain shine or snow. Ain’t nothin else that feels as good as soggy cotton.

    • private citizen says:

      so true- possibly the soaked thru $150 ripped and “pre-mudded” jeans which are so comfy when cold and wet too.

  4. Timothy Leary was not against nuclear energy at all. The man spoke up to defend me against an illiterate antinuclear heckler, saying “America is a big country. There’s room for all kinds of people here. Those who love the nuke can live near reactors and those who don’t can live far from them.” This was after he creamed G. Gordon Liddy in Austin Texas debates in the early 1980s.

  5. Bill Junga says:

    Looks like they better bring arctic boots instead of their Birkenstock sandals!!!

  6. R. Shearer says:

    The majority of webcams in the Denver area are not working. Here is one downtown.


  7. R. Shearer says:

    The march is supposed to begin at Colfax and Broadway. The cams on this site seem to be working.


    • R. Shearer says:

      Sorry, it ends there. There does not appear to be a good cam on the route online at the moment.

    • R. Shearer says:

      OK, sorry again. On the link above, after clicking, go to the map on the lower right. Expand the area around Civic Park. Then, find the cam at 17th and Welton. I estimate that at approximately 10:20 marchers should appear on the cam that is pointed toward the SW.

      The site and cam navigation is not that user friendly, unfortunately.

  8. R. Shearer says:

    The Denver march has been officially POSTPONED until tomorrow, when it will be 25F warmer.

  9. richard says:

    Global warming sure is a problem world- wide with world- wide bumper crops-


    3. The global epidemic of obesity

    “The prevalence of obesity is increasing in most part of the world, affecting men, women and children. Furthermore, obesity is no longer just a concern for developed countries, but it is becoming an increasing problem in many developing countries”

  10. CO2isLife says:

    Rules for Climate Radicals; A Good Tactic is One Your People Enjoy

    The one thing the political left knows how to do far better than the political right is to throw a party. The political right will tell you to go to Church on Sunday, be disciplined, be responsible, work hard and stay out of trouble. The political left says come join our PAAAARRRRTTTTYYYY!!!! One simply needs to look at the recent political events for evidence. Here are photos from the March for Science and People’s Climate March.

  11. John Niclasen says:

    The Peoples Climate Movement’s homepage shows a map with the distribution of the marches on April 29 2017:


    USA (incl. Hawaii and Alaska) is at the absolute top with 302 marches listed! North Ameria had 320 marches in total.

    That is one march per ~1.7 mio. citizens in North America.
    No 2 is Australia (2) + New Zealand (1) with one march per ~10 mio. citizens.
    Then Western Europe (24 marches) with one march per ~16.5 mio. citizens.
    South America (2 in Brazil) with one march per ~200 mio. citizens.
    Then Africa (4 marches) with one march per ~300 mio. citizens.
    And finally Asia (1 in Japan, 1 Thailand, and 2 Philippines) with one march per ~1.1 billion citizens.

    This tells me, this climate madness is a political phenomenon like the communist movement, that changed places like Russia and China many decades ago.

    In Europe, Sweden is the country with the most marches, 6 in total and a population of ~10 million in total. Portugal came second with 3 marches.

    Sweden is a country next to Denmark, where I live, and Sweden has changed a lot in recent years. Children are taught a 3. gender in Sweden. The words ‘he’ and ‘she’ is ‘han’ and ‘hun’ here. Now they introduce ‘hen’ and teach that to small children. Sweden has also opened their borders like noone, and they have huge problems now with other cultures. And now they also march like noone in Europa for this climate pseudoscience.

    The map shows the climate marches on April 29.

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