No Warming In Argentina Since 1940

I can only find three Argentinean stations in the GHCN/GISS databases with contiguous temperature records going back to the early 1940s.

Junin Aero is a rural station which shows 1940 warmer than now.

NASA has cleverly cooled the past there to hide the 1940’s warmth.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Santa Rosa Aero also is a rural station which shows no warming since 1940.

NASA has erased the 1940’s warmth there too.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

Both of these stations agree with RSS satellite data, showing about 0.5C warming since 1979.

The third station is located in the middle of Buenos Aires, and shows about 3C warming since 1910, with current temperatures almost 2C warmer than 1940.

The only reason anyone believes that the world is warmer now than 1940 is because of Urban Heat Island effects like Buenos Aires, and junk science by NASA, NOAA, Richard Muller, Zeke and Mosher.

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5 Responses to No Warming In Argentina Since 1940

  1. TA says:

    Thanks for those new charts, Tony. More ammunition.

  2. lowell2 says:

    somewhat interesting comparison:
    CHINA LAKE NAF, CA Average of Average Temperature (Degrees Fahrenheit) starts in 1945.

  3. Menicholas says:

    The more I have looked at long term graphs from individual locations, the more I am sure that any warming may be only due to urban heat island effects.
    Many locations show no warming, and even cooling, over the past 100+ years.
    Even some places that have become more paved and with more buildings and people.
    When you look at individual locations in the aggregate, and then account for the UHI, one must wonder…what heating?
    Only fluctuations are apparent.
    And this is just what all the older graphs showed.
    Even the ones from the early IPCC reports.
    If I did not live through this I would not be able to understand how it is even possible to bullshit so many people, let alone actually do it.
    But I did live through it, and still cannot understand it completely.
    Human beings are, on average, far less canny and astute than is apparent.

  4. Gerry, England says:

    The National Archive of Scotland have a wonderful online archive of OS maps covering the UK. They have a system where you can put an old map alongside the current map to show how things have changed. It would be interesting to see what the location for the temp station in Buenos Aires was like back in 1940. If it is anything like the way London has expanded from when Heathrow was a grassy field it may have been away from buildings. I note that the BBC forecasts now use town and country temps which can be 4 or 5C different and yet Jones of UEA / Climategate fame claims it is only 1C.

  5. Val Martin says:

    Everything is arranged to make warming look real. Its a money racket

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