NOAA Milestone! 50% Fake Data

NOAA has a network of 1200 temperature stations around the US, known as USHCN (United States Historical Climatology Network)  The measured temperature data shows that US temperatures peaked in the 1930s, and have generally declined since then. But NOAA does not report the measured data to the public, rather they report fake “adjusted” data which shows a lot of warming.

Measured   Reported

The adjustments create a hockey stick of warming, which accounts for essentially all claimed warming in the US temperature record.

NOAA has been rapidly losing temperature data, and now less than 50% of the stations report each month. When this happens, NOAA simply makes up fake temperatures for that station, which allows them to generate any result they want.

Climate scientists and modelers use this fake data as the basis of their fake models and fake research, and in turn generate fake scientific reports and verify them with fake peer-review. This fake research then becomes the basis for fake government policy and fake journalism.

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