Climate Mafia Strikes Again : This Time With Satellite Sea Level Data

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5 Responses to Climate Mafia Strikes Again : This Time With Satellite Sea Level Data

  1. Robertv says:

    Thanks again.

    Are you watching Juventus – Barcelona tonight yo get some distraction from all the scientific dishonesty ?

  2. Steve Case says:

    CU’s Sea Level Research Group
    has yet to update their website to the changes alluded to in the Scientific American article. When they do the chart below will get an update to see what those changes amount to. So far since their “#version _2004rel1.2” they’ve made numerous changes accumulating to what you see in their “#version_2016rel4”

    Had no changes ever been made, the two plots would have fallen on top of each other. Plotting the rate of sea level rise as a derivative of the raw data removes the requirement to line the two plots up at a common beginning. However the small sample size for the early data points includes too much noise distortion so the plots start at the three year point of 1995. Each data point represents the rate of sea level rise since the start in late 1992.

    When “#version_2017rel1” finally is published it will be very interesting to see what changes are made. How well will it fall on top of the 2016 release? Will the high point around January 2006 still be there? Or will a much more recent date be shown as the highest overall rate.

  3. arn says:

    The most ‘entertaining’ part is the dailymail article in this vid,where scientist claim that :”New York&London would be underwater within decades”
    (the article is from june 2016)
    and than writing
    “scientists say devastating climate change will take place sooner than that thought”
    (Hansen predicted in 1988 New York to be underwater within decades)

    There is no “sooner” as the three decades are over.
    There’s just a later-a much much later obviously as the predicted scenarios do not happen((outside of faked statistics))
    and ‘normal’ anomalies worldwide are (cherrypicked,the cold ones are ignored)missused and blown out of proportion and presented as the second coming of an armageddon though there never was a first one.

  4. James says:

    Why is NASA satellite sea level data not being updated? The last entry is for July 2017 and then there’s nothing.

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