The Wikileaks revelations were destroying the deep state candidate Hillary Clinton, so the intelligence community created the Russia hacking scam as a way to make all information from Wikileaks toxic and off-limits.

The FBI never spoke with Julian Assange, or anyone at Wikileaks. Obviously they don’t believe their own story.

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9 Responses to Collusion

  1. Jeffk says:

    The Russians may have played both hands, hoping to win favor with whoever won: Trump or Hillary. Putin recently said we have a “schizophrenic political system,” so that tells us they may have hedged their bets:
    They made up a false dossier of Trump surveillance fiction to help the Clinton campaign, because nothing true could hurt him;
    They also hacked the Clinton-DNC emails to embarrass Hillary and help Trump, should he have won by some fluke (her FBI and health problems).
    In the end the Russians won no matter who else did last Nov.

    • tonyheller says:

      The American people won the election, and the deep state is trying to take it away from us.

      Wikileaks says the E-mails did not come from Russia. They have hinted they came from Seth Rich. Kim Dot Com says they came from Seth Rich. There is zero evidence they came from Russia.

      I’m so sick of this BS.

      • RAH says:

        It’s all they got so we’re going to keep hearing it. I certainly hope that more and more people feel about it the way we do as they continue to drag this fairytale out.

      • Anon says:

        Tony: The whole thing is inane. You can recast the entire thing from the Globalist perspective. So lets say Putin did it, and as a member of the global community he wanted to expose the corruption present at the heart of American Democracy. Imagine if the WaPo obtained Putin’s compromising emails and published them a month before the Russian presidential elections. There would be a blizzard of Pulitzer Prizes being awarded to the WaPo for anti-corruption journalism. If progressives are so into “open borders” they should welcome information from international sources.

        The big mistake the Democrats made was blaming Russia and not cleaning up the corruption that was exposed. After Donna Brazile was essentially promoted to head the DNC after she was exposed for leaking debate questions, I had had enough.

        And that led me to I was thinking, if there was that level corruption going with the Democrats / Progressives, they would not give a second thought to tampering with the climate record. And sure enough…
        So, there is a bright side to all the ugliness, when people open their and investigate the truth for themselves.

        A year ago, I would throw people out of my office when they questioned climate science, not anymore.

      • Andy DC says:

        These leftists in the media are way overplaying their hand. They still are operating under the delusion that they have the ability to shape public opinion. Instead they are turning more people off every day. The more they yap about trivia with Russia, the worse their puppet candidates will do in 2018 and 2020.

    • arn says:


      The guy who released the Clinton mails got killed as soon as they found out that he was the leaker.

      And you blame the Russians.

      The guy who threatened to destroy Obamas carreer died shortly after the threat.

      I guess it was the Russians.

      The Doktor who had the documents to stop the iraq invasion as he had prove that all accusations are a lie died within few days (july,17th,2003)

      I guess the Russians killed him :)

      The journalist who was a threat to Rupert Murdoch&his empire
      died before he could appear in front of court(july,18th,2001)

      Russians killed him ,didn’t they :)

      In 1967 there was a false flag attack on USS Enterprise,lots of americans got killed by jets.
      The only reason the ship was not destroyed and most people survived and the ship did not sink
      was-they got help from another ship,a russian ship(and that’s truth).

      Now let me tell you something about life from a non white,non indoctrinated perspective.

      People get sick being terrorised for years by propaganda.
      By political correctness,
      by being forced to embrace gays and muslims,
      by watching how their children get perverted,their countries culture and wealth gets destroyed
      and how fascism goes rampant,always disguised as good intentions.
      How they lost a huge chunck of income thanks to obamacare((as obamacare was written by the big pharmalobby that was obvious result from the beginning)
      And they were not ready to acceppt that their country is overrun by foreigners and turned into a 3rd country shithole.

      That”s why americans voted Trump.
      There was no need for russians to hack a single thing.

      And you know this,because everybody knows that a controlled proTrump-biased Media and anti-Clinton biased media would have made Trump win the vote by 90%+.
      Even a fair 50:50 media would have made Trump win with 75% of the votes just because democratic party and clintons are totaly corrupt.

      Trump did not won because of the russians he won because of the american people.

      The Russian Hacking is just the trick in the movie “Wag the Dog” .
      As soon as there is a scandal,as soon as they can no longer surpress
      harmfull/dangerous informations(like the clinton emails)
      they built up some false flag to turn peoples attention away with some different bullshit.
      The “russian hacking-fairytail” is serving this purpose and another one.

      The second purpose is to claim that the election was stolen from the democrats =the same old bolshewik victimhood game where good tolerant
      peacefull lefti guys with uncombed hair
      got betrayed by evil old capitalistic conservatives.
      While in fact people voted Trump and many more would have done so without MSM propaganda.

  2. John says:

    I wrote a letter to President Putin several years ago suggesting certain targets for surveilance in the banking community regarding the global warming deception and the economic crash deception. Russia offered Naval assistance in the Civil War.

  3. John says:

    “Goldman Sachs banker…….he’s the man…..the man with the Midas touch….”

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