New Video : Just When You Thought California Couldn’t Get Any Stupider

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15 Responses to New Video : Just When You Thought California Couldn’t Get Any Stupider

  1. frederik wisse says:

    Well this (shit) happens , when you choose an Austrian as your governor and Maxine Waters , a triple white , as your member of Congress .

  2. Frank K. says:

    After reading this, it occurred to me that the “big oil” companies are not to blame for CO2 emissions! They don’t emit any CO2 except relatively minor amounts from processing and transportation. No the blame lies with:

    * Big Auto – producing all of those carbon-generating cars and trucks!
    * Big Utility – how dare they supply us with the heat, A/C, and electricity necessary for modern life with fossil fuels! The nerve!
    * Big Aero – building airplanes to transport people across the country and the world while polluting the skies. People should be using wind-powered sailing vessels to get to Europe and Asia!

    Just think of the money they could siphon from these industries to fix their sea level problem!

    • richard verney says:

      Similar questions arise with gun crime.

      Gun manufacturer, bullet manufacturer, or the person who pulls the trigger?

  3. Steve Case says:

               Institutionalized insanity.

    • DD More says:

      From one of their own websites.

      SAN FRANCISCO ? / TIDES OF HISTORY / Presidio gauge has measured the bay’s rise and fall for 150 years
      Over the years, the gauges also showed a gradual rise in the sea level — eight inches in 150 years. However, there was also a period of 38 years, ending in 1913, when the sea level declined.

      The San Francisco gauge also measured other phenomena — such as the effect of the El Niño condition on water levels. The highest tide ever recorded was on Jan. 27, 1983, when the surface of the water at the Golden Gate reached 8.78 feet above mean sea level, or zero. The lowest tide was on Dec. 17, 1933, with minus 2.9 feet. The 1983 high tide accompanied a downpour associated with the El Niño condition; the lowest accompanied a period of the exact opposite condition.
      The normal tidal range is about 5.8 feet, more when the moon is full. The tide also affects the currents in the bay, which are strongest in the Golden Gate, and in the San Pablo and Carquinez straits.

      So 8″ long term versus 70″ daily and no new maximum in 34 years. Sounds like some people are ‘Science Deniers’.

  4. NOYB says:

    Sue BIG PEOPLE for exhaling CO2!

  5. Ernest Bush says:

    They are truly desperate to get hold of money from anybody. The Elites of California probably figure they have been taxed enough. California’s government will be the second to fall after Illinois. Nobody cares. The Republicans will not be hot to bail either Democrat state out.

  6. Peggy Richter says:

    the one advantage of this suit might be the provision of actual SCIENCE during the court case. the coastal liberals of CA are in control of the state just as in the past, the railroad was. They don’t represent the whole state.

  7. Climate Lulz says:

    The latest claim making the rounds on Weather Underground is that last June was the 3rd warmest since 1880. Could you get your GHCN data out and debunk this one, please? I’m getting tired of hearing it.

  8. Gamecock says:

    Decadence. Attacking that which keeps them alive. No big oil, most Californians die.

  9. Anon says:

    Interesting photo comparison between 1871 and now. But looks and actual data can be deceiving. NOAA has “adjusted” sea level photos of these exact same locations which clearly show them at catastrophically higher levels. So the next time you spread your blanket out on what you think is sand, it might not be so.

    So, after your visit you should always hang out your blankets and towels to dry, if your neighbors ask why you are hanging out dry blankets and towels, explain to them you need to evaporate out the “adjusted” moisture.

  10. Anon says:

    Then take them to NOAA website to explain what is really going on.

  11. richard verney says:


    Well done. Keep up the good work.

    PS, if you know the defence lawyers, you should provide them with a link to this video, and the links to your data (news paper cuttings etc). It would point them in the right direction.

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