Plummeting July 18 Temperatures In The US

July 18 used to be a very hot day in the US, but over the last 90 years July 18 temperatures have plummeted.

The hottest July 18 was in 1936, when the US averaged 95 degrees and much of the midwest was over 115 degrees. The coolest July 18 occurred three years ago, when the US averaged 81 degrees.

Compare 1936 above, with the same date in 2014.

Climate scientists report the exact opposite, because they are paid to lie about global warming.

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20 Responses to Plummeting July 18 Temperatures In The US

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    It’s all a bunch of leftist lies…

    • arn says:

      There are lies
      than there are big lies
      than there is climate science.

    • Andy DC says:

      Great cartoon! My question is with something this obviously fraudulent, how were alarmists able to carry the ball as far as they did. We were one election away from carbon tax slavery, which is no small matter.

      These “investigative reporters”, who have worked overtime to dig out an infinite amount of minutia with respect to Trump and Russia, never lifted a finger to get the word out with respect to the enormous climate scam. They truly are the scum of the earth.

    • Edward Huguenin says:

      Leftest lies, you low information Trump followers are are a motley crew of has-beens, racists, misogynists, neo-fascists, theocrats and idiots.

      This has been one of the hottest summers of record.

      I’ve been trying to figure out what common trait binds low information racist Trump supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a less than adequate IQ and a limited vocabulary!

  2. Norilsk says:

    Houston, we have a problem.

  3. Ron says:

    Look at Newport Arkansas. My grandfather drove with 8 kids thru there that day leaving Monette Ar for Cali. My dad remembers it well because it was his 8th birthday. The crops had long sense turned to dust and it wasn’t Cali or bust it was Cali or starve. Progressives have no idea.

  4. Don B says:

    OT, but related to bad temperature data.

    Tony, have a look at Paul’s piece on BEST.

    “Berkeley Earth Funding”

    • AndyG55 says:

      That “anonymous” funder sure spends a LOT of money keeping the WORST scam temperature series going

      BROUGHT and well and truly PAID FOR.

      Steyer, Soros???

      The last entry is funny. ;-)

  5. Brian D says:

    I posted this in another thread yesterday. Climate normals 2002 vs 2017.

    Have a gander at your state and see what happened.

  6. RickS says:

    Since the Summer of 1998 (Finishing El Nino 1997/1998), Summer’s in Southern California have cooled substantially (Though last year/Summer 2016 was close to what “used” to be called normal and with a damn decent start to this year/Summer/2017, and if this Summer keeps moving up which it just might do then Summer Southern California 2017 could be the best (Warmest) in 19 years ? !!!)

    The heat waves of yester-years have all but disappeared !

    When a Heat-Wave would last for a week and many times longer well into the low 100’s and when sleeping at night was an art !!

    Now we’re lucky to see 4 days in a row of 100+ ?

    “Also” I have recently noticed that local Weather/Meteorologists have kinda “twisted” the meaning from what “used” to be referred to as Warm to Very-Warm (Low 90’s to Upper 90’s) to “Dangerous” or “Extreme” Heat which/when normally (Used to) start at 110° or so but even in Palm Springs 110+ is normal Summer temperatures (115+ from Indio to Phoenix, and…, 120° + from Baker to DVOB (Death Valley) (And occasionally Las Vegas)) !

    I have even heard from a local Meteorologist (She’s from Florida) refer to “extreme” Heat with a High of 89° degrees ???

    And that is [ ODD ] !


    When referring to todays (Modern-day Southern California) Temperatures, “Warm” means 60°’s, “Very Warm” means 70°’s, “Hot” means 80°’s, “Very Hot” means 90°’s, “Excessive Heat” means Upper 90°’s to Low 100°’s and “Life Threatening” means anything above 105° which by those measurements means that Palm Springs is now “Death Springs”, the population of Phoenix is “1”, Las Vegas has moved to Jersey (Joyzy) and the loss of “1” National Park (DVOB), it melted !!!!!!!

    ADDITIONALLY, Meteorology has “evolved” into a RELIGION based out of the University of Colorado (Don’t forget the TREE-HUGGERS at CAL) and lead by Entities located far “below” ⬇

    And this is the end of Day 1 in Weatherology 101 (There are new names for everything, it just takes time !)

    So get moving on (MoveOn ?) your “Greenland Ice Sheet” has melted papers, they are due on Friday so no goofing off…

    See everyone tomorrow !

    Dr. Genius

  7. JPinBalt says:

    Thanks Tony.
    More people need to see “warming” data.
    I get tired of repeatedly seeing GISS made-up and adjusted propaganda data in news, or repeatedly wrong forecasts and hockey stick with claims that climate change is real, to boost a by-line to hook someone into reading an article which promotes a myth based only on the hot air in the article.

  8. Brian D says:

    That was years ago, and Tony did comment there. BS piece from a snowflake.

  9. gator69 says:

    First, you should know that I’m pretty much a nobody in the climate debate. I’m laughed at by all climatologists.

    When the opening paragraph and first points are provably false statements, there is no need to read further. More lies from alarmists. Who is surprised?

  10. MG says:

    Which version of the USHCN data are you using, version 2.0 or version 2.5?

    • Kris J says:

      What’s the next molecule then? CH4? I’ve got a relative who’s freaking out over methane being released from supposedly melting ice caps….

  11. R Shearer says:

    The forecast for the high temp today in Boulder was 97F. It looks like it’s going to come in at 87F after all

  12. Kozlowski says:

    Does anyone know if, in aggregate, there are more new record high temps or more new record low temps in the CONUS?

  13. TA says:

    It looks like a high pressure system (marked below) is starting to build up over the central U.S. We may finally get a little bit of heat this summer, but remember, the heat usually breaks around Aug. 15, so there is less than a month for the heat to build up before it starts fading away. All in all, a very mild, nice summer in Dustbowl territory.,60.25,296/loc=-95.538,36.536

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