Plummeting July 27 Temperatures In The US

July 27 temperatures have plummeted in the US over the past century, with the hottest year being 1931, when the average afternoon temperature across the US was 94 degrees.

Om July 27, 1931 almost the entire country was over 90 degrees. Most of the west was over 100 degrees, and California, Arizona, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and Idaho were over 110 degrees.

That wasn’t Idaho’s hottest day however. On July 27, 1939 Idaho reached 117 degrees, on a day when much of the Pacific Northwest was over 110 degrees..

Temperatures that hot are inconceivable now, forcing climate experts to ramp up their lies.

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6 Responses to Plummeting July 27 Temperatures In The US

  1. Eliza says:

    OT BUT ‘Nature’ magazine has become a complete XXXt rag. I encourage scientists everywhere to let the editors know

    • Andy DC says:

      These people are not giving up on their gravy train without a fight. Their appeal is completely emotional, with little if any basis in fact.

      The alarmists have never been able to refute Tony’s findings, based totally on actual long term temperature records. They can only attack the messenger. Tony does not need any adjustments, as the historical records are out there for all to see.

  2. Andy DC says:

    Even the “off years” of the 1930’s (the years other than the extremely hot summers of 1930, 1934 and 1936) were quite hot, especially by today’s wimpy standards.

    • arn says:

      A simple ‘trick’ to proove AGW completely wrong
      would be start all temperature statistics between 1931-34
      instead of 1979-1981.

      We would see 2 things as result.

      1) An enourmous global cooling in the past decades

      2) Signs of intelligence inside the AGW cult which usually are inexistent,
      as those guys who succesfully ignored the fact that statistics starting from1979-1981 are cherrypicked data using the coldest years of the century as reference and pretending they are the norm
      to create this way the illusion of global warming,
      would instantly realise that statistics starting from 1931-34 are cherry picked data simply using hot extremes and making them look like the norm.
      (though i’m pretty sure the warmist will pretty soon fudge all the hot periods of the 30ies away in their statistics)

  3. Buck Turgidson says:

    “lies” is right, Tony! The whole enterprise is based on pseudoscience deception and bullschittery. They run around like headless chickens during a warm spell or drought, but during cooler weather or snow and ice …. crickets …. or arm waving about “well we expect to see more extremes and for it to get hotter and drier and wetter all at the same time and destroy the planet.” Hah! A bunch of lying Chicken Littles. The game is up for them, however, and their gravy train is coming to an end soon enough as the whole enterprise collapses on its contradictions and junk climate modeling.

    • arn says:

      the “more extremes” indoctrination is the 2nd main reason they changed
      the name “global warming” into “climate change”.

      With the name “extremes” they were only able to use 1/3 (at best 50% of extremes) of extremes for their AGW propaganda
      as rain and snow extremes did not fit and could not be explained by global warming as rain and snow have nothing in common with desert-like temperatures.
      And people were laughing at the AGW cult whenever an extreme occured which contradicter their official narrative.
      But since they changed the term into “climate change” they can use 100% of extremes as proof for their theories.

      The first main reason was that “warming” is a very specific term and can only be used(at best) in 30% of all arguments.
      + on the downside all cooling events can be used by the opposition as counter-arguements and can counterbalance the warming theory and therefore the result will be zero(=no warming outside of the usual periodical cycles).

      the most interessting thing is the fact how they were able to change
      the term “global warming” into “climate change” almost instantly and on a global(or at least western) scale.
      No sheeple ever wondered how the hell such a thing can happen?

      This happens the same way they can instantly demonize people like Assad or Trump.
      They are organised and centralised in secret meetings((or as they call the officially:informal meetings))
      like the bilderbergers where the elite of western corporations,msm and politicians use to meet every year ((going on for many years,and you will never read a word about them in decades even if you read a 1000 different newspapers each and every while they will write 1000 articles about Kim Kardashian as soon as her butt grows another inch in size)

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