Twenty-Five Years Since The Ozone Hole Killed Us All

DDT, Global Cooling, China Syndrome, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Climate Change – the left moves seamlessly from one world ending snake oil scam to another. In 1992 they blamed the ozone hole on President Bush, and said it was going to kill us all.

12 Mar 1992, Page 8 – Detroit Free Press

NASA predicted an ozone hole over North America that winter, and said “it is far worse than we thought.”

20 Feb 1992, Page 39 – The Akron Beacon Journal

There never was a Northern Hemisphere Ozone Hole, and the one over Antarctica has not changed in size since the CFC ban was implemented.

The Democratic Party is the largest crime syndicate in history.

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  1. gator69 says:

    Don’t get me started… crap…

    In this ongoing study, we have, to date, identified 26 historical alarmist movements. None of the forecasts for the analogous alarms proved correct. In the 25 alarms that called for government intervention, the government impost regulations in 23. None of the 23 interventions was effective and harm was caused by 20 of them.

    • Tony says:

      I was always amazed that people actually believed that using hair spray in Manhattan would create a hole in the ozone over Antarctica half a world away. Somehow, the ozone layer over Manhattan wouldn’t be affected. After all, we had that great climatologist, Paul McCartney, saying how we put the hole there and we will fix it! Follow the money folks, follow the money. I’ve been an environmental scientist for over 30 years and the next time I hear someone say that man-caused global warming is a proven fact I’ll take away their stock in solar companies.

      • Kev says:

        You would probably do them more damage by making them keep their solar company stock

      • Michael M. Mulligan says:

        I think there are excellent reasons to avoid the use of hairspray, but the environmental effects are not among them. MMM

      • John says:

        CFC’s are heaver than air too. All that “Freon” didn’t go up, It went down. So it would have to be in death valley.

        • Bugbert says:

          Death Valley is pretty hot. That is what the alarmists said would happen in the using if that hairspray. Could they actually have been right for once?

      • Kevin Kohker says:

        Been using the “Ozone” thing on Millennials for a long time now………it shuts them up in a hurry.

        Glad to see the rest of us adults just figured it out.

      • Joseph Olson says:

        “Volcanic Halocarbons” at Geologist-1011

        Fluorine compounds are natural. Lightning produces Ozone which is reactive with a half-life of thirty minutes. Groundlevel Ozone is as effective as Stratospheric Ozone at absorbing cancer causing UV rays. There is no asthma bacteria, virus or even disease. The EPA is an hysteria creating cabal.

      • dataSlave says:

        Whenever I hear the alarmist line of bull I think of Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs.

        Baby Sinclair: Are we dead yet?
        Momma: No darling.
        Baby: Awww. You promised!

      • yarpos says:

        weird and selective logic, clearly they were after hairspray globally unless you think there should have been a Manhattan should have had an exception. They are in rather a bubble.

      • Jerry Gorline says:

        Thanks for the plot Tony. I was an astronomy TA in 1988 and students asked me what I thought. I said the possibility that the ozone hole was driven by natural processes should not be discounted. NASA had been deleting satellite data that were 4 standard deviations from the mean until ground-based balloon observations discovered the extent of the hole in 1985. For the experts to be so thoroughly convinced by 1987 that the Antarctic ozone hole was caused by human emissions seemed too convenient. Politics in science? Say it ain’t so Joe.

      • Erik says:

        In the 1990’s I was in Tasmania, Australia and was introduced to one of my new in-laws, a climate scientist.

        In conversation, I mentioned how strange it was that with the Ozone Hole over Antarctica – to the south – and the sun shining from the NORTH (australia, remember) all the kids were legally required to wear sunhats. The scientist turned away and never again acknowleged my presence.

        I found it ironic in 2013, that this scientist was among a group of Australian climate specialists were trapped in Antarctic ice that they didn’t expect, and had to be rescued by Chinese icebreakers. Global cooling ?

    • John says:

      Where in the article did they quote anyone as actually daying that it was going to kill us all?

      • Bob Jefferson says:

        In this particular article, it didn’t. But the whole alarm about the Ozone layer is that O3 (Ozone) protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays (even though we can still get burned) and thus a hole over the polls that was expanding (due to CFCs) was going to fry us.

      • Mike says:

        Gee John, titling a post “Ozone hole is life or death issue” kind of hints to me that someone is going to die. I am not sure why you are even worried, we have no hope. Remember when Al Gore told us we had 10 years to save the earth, and the point of no return? Yeah, that 10th year was last year. More frequent and stronger storms? They have been just the opposite. The best though, is always the alarmists and saviors who jet around the world in private jets to warn us. I would think broadcasting from afar through video conferencing would be just as effective, but nope they have to show their faces so their followers will see their (fake) dedication.

      • Beauxdog says:

        First article from Detroit Free Press… “one of the most alarming threats to our continued existence on this planet.”

      • G S Linger says:

        Did you neglect to reas the line”…alarming threats to our continued existence on the planet”

      • FASU says:

        Well, lets start with “Ozone hole is life-or-death issue”. Then we can go to the article that states “… to stem the degradation of the conditions necessary to sustain life on this planet.”

        I guess reading is fun and mental.

      • Tim says:


      • Gator69 says:

        Are you kidding John? Did you bother to read the articles above?

        … one of the most alarming threats to our continued existence on this planet.

        Not enough hyperbole for your liking?

      • Pearl says:

        It said the protocols “fall woefully short of addressing one of the most alarming threats to continued existence…” and “Anything less than a total ban… is sheer folly.” Didn’t that do it for you?

      • Grover Souquist says:

        “One of the most alarming threats to our continued existence on this planet.” That’s in the first newspaper article, second paragraph, last sentence. If you can’t seem to get that sentiment to jibe as being roughly synonymous with, “may well kill us all,” then I congratulate you, you must be a lawyer.

      • The Lib Slayer says:

        Read much John? Like the title of the article? Let me guess John. you have one of those “Coexist” bumper stickers now don’t you?

    • Stu says:

      Hi im not on any side and im asking this question genuinely. Can someone explain this to me ( as a simpleton) ?

      They’re saying the hole is closing up thanks to the ban. How was their prediction wrong?

      Many thanks in advance.

    • Henry says:

      Sorry that link is coming up as not available. Any other source?

  2. Lance says:

    The HFC 134a duPont plant in Maitland Ontario came online in 1990. The ban on R-12 came in 1992. Just as the production patents for CF2Cl2 expired. Just a coincidence, I’m sure. R-22 equipment is out of production and CHF2Cl is now replaced by blends or PFCs. Watermelons want to now outlaw the blends and PFCs, claiming once again that global warming is the reason and that “alternatives are available” without naming them or, in the off case, not explaining that fluorochemistry has run out of viable structures and the alternatives are less efficient, toxic, flammable, carcinogenic, or exotic and resource constrained. This situation is closely akin to the Wind/Solar industry: Ban or Tax what works based on glowing promises of an as yet, unknown future. Politically inspired “bait and switch” with the consumer shouldering trillions in costs. One might think this scam would be recognized by now.

    • Dee Claybrook says:

      Well said!

      • Jonathan Simmons says:

        Has anyone questioned just how we came to have “the ozone layer” in the first place. It’s really very simple: Oxygen molecules are struck by photons and other energetic “rays” from the sun. The energy imparted in the collision causes electrons to be displaced from the oxygen atoms, leaving the O2 “hungry” for electrons. They gather with other, similarly effected O2 molecules to form O3…otherwise known as “ozone”. This aberrant form of oxygen molecules is inherently unstable and quickly breaks down into its original O2 format. It is a continuous process, with ozone being created and vanishing. The process, inasmuch as it is created by solar radiation, ceases when it is dark. Thus, the more sunlight…the more ozone and vice versa. So it is only natural that an “ozone hole”, i.e. an area of diminishing ozone, occurs annually….in the Antarctic WINTER! Should you doubt this basic premise, consider WHEN local “ozone alerts” are issued. They are ONLY announced during local SUMMER months, when solar radiation is most intense no matter WHERE you are.

    • Old School Conservative says:


      I kept asking back then how CFC’s, which are heavier than air, made it intact into the stratosphere. I never heard a convincing answer.

      • Steve Skubinna says:

        Mount Erebus, which is actually in the Antarctic, and which spits about a thousand tons of chlorine into the air a year, obviously has nothing to do with anything.

        No, it was your deodorant, you selfish bastard!

      • cdquarles says:

        Simple, it is called mixing. Drop a ‘heavier’ than water drop of dye into a tank of water. It will mix and color the whole tank. Stir the tank, it will mix and color the whole tank.

        Fluids that are miscible combinations of components will all mix throughly, regardless of ‘weight’; where the mixing is from pressure induced diffusion or conventional overturning (three dimensional) or both. One will happen somewhat slower than the other.

        For gaseous fluids, where the density is low, the constituent atoms and molecules are moving, in three dimensions, at all times as long as the thermodynamic temperature is above absolute zero. For air, at Standard Temperature and Pressure, the geometric mean velocity is on the order of 1 km/sec (0.609 mi/sec. ‘Lighter’ elements move faster and ‘heavier’ elements move slower but they’ll all still mix. Then, keep in mind, that bodies in free flight in a gravitational field retain their mass but are ‘weightless’. Try it yourself. Jump off the diving board. You feel no weight until you hit the water.

        • dolnado says:

          “Mixing” does not occur. It wont move, unless you are miles above sea level. R22 i have personally tested, once released, settles on the ground and is absorbed by any material, grass, dirt, grave, asphalt. A halogen meter (chlorine atom detection) will not detect it abve 50cm above ground level and will confirm its presence up to 2 days in the same spot.. after 2 days the gas is gone, absorbed. You will argue in made a ‘beeline” straight up to the upper levels of atmosphere (which i doubt you personally sampled) but theorized. Thats the problem. No sample data. Scientific guesses.

          • Freedom says:

            CFCs also break down under UV radiation. The higher the CFCs ascended, the more likely they would break down before reaching the ozone.

          • The Lib Slayer says:

            Perfect analysis and spot on with the R22. Most A/C guys are quite aware of the con job and the patent times for these commonly used gasses. It is certainly does not rise.

        • creeper mitts says:

          Lol, mix thoroughly? Then why is it concentrated in Antarctica. Lotta nonsense jargon to defy simple logic.

        • I see you paid attention in high school chemistry. but could you put a time value on how long it takes for CFC (Manhattan hairspray) to misc in the atmosphere all the way top Antartica without become so dilute as to be meaningless. As to the molecular velocity, I also point out that it is NOT a constant straight line (random would be an apt description of its track).
          I think tow things on this issue: We have moved on from it and now use different coolant substances in out AC units; and Two, why does the left ALWAYS have to create an absolute panic about everything!!!
          Oh, and 2.5 – Rachel Carson was the biggest mass murderer in history.

        • dieter says:

          that’s because inter molecular attractions are holding them in solution…in the rarified atmosphere gravity rules

        • Jonathan Simmons says:

          Were that actually the case, you surely must agree that, in solution, these fluorocarbons will move from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. This is a theoretically a continuing process until the fluorocarbon molecules reach a state of equilibrium. Obviously, the earth’s atmosphere is far too extensive to actually support such an equilibrium, but let us assume that the “dispersion” part of your theory is correct. Then, is it not logical that the higher concentration, say in the atmosphere over Manhattan, actually WOULD create an “ozone hole” OVER Manhattan LONG before the incredibly dimishec concentrations over Antarctica???? Nice try, sport…but you must have skipped class that day!

      • Simon says:

        Into the stratosphere and all the way down to the Antarctic.

      • LukeJohn says:

        Not only how do they make it into the stratosphere, but how does CFC use at ground level in North America cause a hole in the stratosphere over the antarctic 10,000 miles away?

        • jssme says:

          Of course, since the CFC’s are heavier, they end up at the bottom of the planet and then drop “down” into the atmosphere … simple logic!

      • tomy says:

        here is their answer; the cfc’s are way heavier than air, but as they flow with the weather they finally reach the equator and where the doldrums are the air currents go up to great heights carrying the cfc’s with them. the cfc’s disperse in the atmosphere to open the ozone, the air sans the cfc’s now integrated travels downward by beating the crap out of the farry limp wristed ozone layer and taking over.

    • Rory Hession says:

      As a physician, I have seen the unintended consequences. Hand held inhalers for people with asthma were ‘dirt cheap’, but now cost $40-$50 due to the propellant. Many people cannot afford this. This is all due to the ban on CFC’s due to the “hole in the ozone layer”. I have no data, but I don’t doubt at all that people have died due to lack of availability of these cheap, effective treatments. Thanks liberals. I thought they lived by the “if it saves one child’s life…” Standard.

      • Joseph Blackston MD JD FACP says:

        Dr. Hession,

        You are 100% correct. I am also a physician, board-certified, and work as an Emergency Physician. These “MDI’s” or “metered dose inhalers were literally dirt cheap ($10-12) for many years, just as you say. The medication (albuterol) is readily available as a generic and has been around for 35 years.

        Now, even the cheapest of these MDI’s are $60-80. People on Medicaid pay zero. People with Blue Cross pay $10-15. People with NO insurance pay the FULL PRICE.

        A couple of times per month I hospitalize and occasionally have to intubate a patient who is “non compliant” with his/her asthma medication, because they cannot afford it.

        Al Gore, and the idiots who misguidedly follow him, should be forced to spend a Friday and Saturday night in my ER.

      • Susan Langley says:

        At the same time, we are told that the cases of asthma are increasing rapidly, undoubtedly “due to air polution”, but I doubt it. I have noticed a concurrent decrease in the cleanliness of homes. As a child of the 50’s, most mothers in my middle class neighborhood took pride in keeping their homes as clean and as dust free as possible. Now, with working mothers having less time to keep up with house work, the importance of keeping dust and the allergens therein has been ignored. Their children are being raised without the belief that a clean house is necessary.

    • Dusty in Chattanooga says:

      Let’s not forget that Ozone (O3) is an inherently unstable molecule, requiring a constant energy input (in this case, UV) to allow any significant percentage to be created at a greater rate than its spontaneous reversion to O2.
      So the next question is, “what’s one noticeable characteristic of polar winter?”
      Yes, you in the back, with your hand up:
      “Uhhhhh…lack of sunlight???
      Ding, ding, ding, WE HAVE A WINNER!! Why WOULDN’T there be a good chance for a “hole in the ozone” over the arctic in January? Is it by some weird coincidence that it appears over the Antarctic in July? Hmmm…

    • Doug V says:

      I recall asking my Senator (who voted to ban Freon) if there was a study which explained the chemistry and physics which allow CF2Cl2, with an atomic weight that roughly 4 times heavier than atmosphere, could “float” 4 miles up and 4K south from LA to the South-pole, and damage the ozone layer? Likewise, if sunlight and solar radiation causes CF2Cl2 to breakdown and combine with O3…how come it doesn’t happen in cities plagued with “smog,” of which O3 is a major component.

      He said I needed to contact NASA, “because they are the nation’s scientist.”

      I never got a response to several inquiries to NASA. I guess it is tough to provide the scientific answer as to the necessary political conditions under which the laws of physics and chemistry are vacated, and credulity is suspended.

      • Dusty in Chattanooga says:

        Same thing for CO2. It’s several times more dense than nitrogen, the principal component of air. So how does it get into the upper atmosphere? “Brownian Motion” just doesn’t cut it.

      • LukeJohn says:

        …the South Pole is a damn sight further than 4k miles from LA.

        But damnit, you’re NOT supposed to ask awkward questions, you must just say “Ja herr Gore!” and shut up. Oh and pay him too ;o)

    • MaxFubar says:

      Wow! Now I don’t have to worry about getting my car smogged no more. I go up to the inspection station this year, i am gonna tell inspection man, yol buddy, you can go ahead and skip sticking that stuff up my tail pipe and hooking her up to the ol OBD II machine. The professionals there is no such thing as man-made pollution or auto emissions coming out of the tail pipe. Adios Emissions test baby!

      • The Lib Slayer says:

        No inspection man here in Florida with millions of gas powered vehicles none the less. Maybe your state is ripping you off, ever think about that possibility? What is the state’s income over this inspection by a private company?

        • Squidly says:

          They absolutely are ripping you off (they do in my City).

          Consider this. Federal regulations mandate that all combustion engine vehicles meet very specific requirements for emissions. Vehicles are tested continuously throughout the production cycle. These regulations and these practices have been in place for at least three decades now. Fewer than 0.5% of all vehicles on the roadways today are more than 20 years old. Almost 100% of all vehicles on American roads today are in automatic compliance with all federal emissions regulations.

          Annual automobile emissions testing is 100% a scam and nothing more than an annual car tax. I actively lobby in my City to remove such mandate. We are getting closer to getting it removed. Also consider, our local governments unwittingly acknowledge the scam, why else would it only be mandatory in “some” cities and not others? .. if it were such a big deal, should it not be State policy?

          It is a scam, nothing less.

          • Susan Langley says:

            Stop and think about those auto emissions test scams. First, a lot of energy and natural resources were spent just getting the darn things approved, land bought/rented, then the buildings built, equipment installed, paperwork prepared, employees trained, parking lots and driveways paved, etc. Then people from all over the city or county had to drive to the facility and back. It seems like it was hardly worth it. Stupid idea. It was a boondoggle for sure.

    • Mister Sparky says:

      You are the first person I have seen in the comments of all this climate change BS that has known about the dupont r12 patent expiring and dupont having the patent for the 134a. I am usually the one having to add that info to the discussion. I have had a/c lines fail on cars and always thought it was strange that r12 always went straight to the ground. I cant remember now but did Al Gore save us from the ozone hole before or after he invented the internet?

      I have tried recently to get people to read the paris agreement. The say they dont need to read it to know about climate change and that we should have stayed in it to help fix climate change. They are the ones who call me uneducated because I didnt go to four year college to get a degree in sixteenth century gay poetry. Then they cant tell you which country the Panama Canal is in.

      • Bill says:

        That was funny You got me good ” They are the ones who call me uneducated because I didnt go to four year college to get a degree in sixteenth century gay poetry. Then they cant tell you which country the Panama Canal is in.”

  3. R. Shearer says:

    Like most “crises” the ozone hole scare has been exaggerated. I’ll acknowledge that China is cheating on CFC11 and 12, and because the CFCs are long lived, it will take many decades for this experiment to play out.

    • paperpushermj says:

      Don’t you know…”Crises ” draw in eyes that sell papers

      • Jonathan Simmons says:

        Aside from DuPont losing their patents concerning R12, China and India we’re taking away their markets. R12 was very expensive back then, but what the Chinese and Indians took advantage of was that actually making R12 was dirt cheap! Having exclusive patents enabled DuPont to rip off every accuser on earth. Losing that ability along with expiration of these patents hurt their enormous profits. So, they bought Senators and Congressmen and got it outlawed. Now that we are stuck with CFC11 & 12, GUESS WHO owns those patents? Pretty much the same thing happened in the light bulb industry, it just didn’t stir up such controversy. And people wonder why we elected the “non-politician” Donald Trump…….

  4. Big Al says:

    I wondered what became of the ozone panic. I hope the CO2 business fades away, of course after that will be another panic!

  5. Griff says:

    The ozone hole didn’t kill us because of prompt international action banning CFCs.

    Acid rain isn’t a problem because of action to reduce SO2

    the Y2K bug wasn’t a problem after tens of thousands of people worked on fixing the code

    climate change won’t be a problem when we work internationally to reduce CO2 output.

    • gator69 says:

      Those are alarmist claims. Now let’s see how alarmist claims actually work out for the rest of us…

      In this ongoing study, we have, to date, identified 26 historical alarmist movements. None of the forecasts for the analogous alarms proved correct. In the 25 alarms that called for government intervention, the government impost regulations in 23. None of the 23 interventions was effective and harm was caused by 20 of them.

      Why do you hate poor brown people Ms Griff?

      • Dusty in Chattanooga says:

        Indeed! Thanks to the Rachel Carson-inspired international ban on the use of DDT, millions of “brown people” died as a result of uncontrolled mosquito populations and the diseases which they carried. Where’s the alarmist concern for them?
        Banning CFCs was easy: Those “evil” upper- and middle-class Westerners who pass the laws simply went out and bought upgraded air conditioning units, while poor people ended up paying exorbitant prices for R12 because they couldn’t afford the latest tastes in cataclysm-avoidance refrigeration.

      • Cassandra (of Troy) says:


        Re: Repetitious alarmism & the interchangeable pro-prohibition/pro-control argument

        You may find the following items of interest.:

        Whether the object be guns, knives, booze, Water Wiggles®/Slip-N-Slides®, motorcycles/choppers, cars/hot rods, skates/skateboards, bouffant hairdos, dance styles, music, art, food, religion, etc., etc., there’s ALWAYS going to be some person/group who can be depended on to scream that if this or that’s allowed SOCIETY/CIVILIZATION WILL COLLAPSE & WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE HORRIBLE DEATHS! Note how similar the arguments in the first & second items are & how similar they are to those in the third item w/ only the appropriate substitution/re-arrangement of terminology required. Proves Roseanne Roseannadanna’s dad was right when he said “it’s always something”. Art imitates Life yet again!

        • Ken says:

          Not Jarts, though. Those things were pure murder with a capital durr. They used to kill 170 million children a day (after the ban it dropped to 76 million a day, all in Afghanistan where the Soviets continued deploying them).

    • AndyG55 says:

      “we work internationally to reduce CO2 output.”

      More paranoid bed-wetting from the griff.

      So hilarious. !! :-)

      CO2 at any level it will ever likely climb to in the atmosphere, is


      …. even cockroaches like you, griff.

    • AndyG55 says:

      1600 new coal fired power stations around the world, griff…

      … plenty of extra CO2 for all the world’s plant life for decades, probably CENTURIES to come..

      GET USED TO IT. :-)

      • Dusty in Chattanooga says:

        Griff is a horrible, unrepentant Viridiplantophobe. Shame!
        Imagine, denying the most basic sustenance to poor defenseless plants. Griff has no way to use CO2 but works to deny its availability to starving plants and all their innocent little babies, who can’t simply pick up and move to another source!

    • tonyheller says:

      The Paris Climate accord mandates that the world’s largest CO2 producer (China) continue to increase their CO2 output for the next 13 years.

    • gator69 says:

      Ms Griff will buy into any alarmism that keeps food out of the mouths of poor brown people. So naturally she bought into the acid rain myth…

      Then came the most complete study of Acid Rain ever conducted, the half billion dollar National Acid Precipitation Assessment Project (napap), which concluded that the allegedly horrific effects of Acid Rain were largely a myth. Among other things, the study found that lakes were, on average, no more acidic than before the industrial era; just 240 of 7000 Northeast lakes, most with little recreational value, were critically acidic, or “dead”; most of the acidic water was in Florida, where the rain is only one-third as acidic; there was only very limited damage to trees, far less than that evident elsewhere in the world where so2 emissions are minimal; half of the Adirondack lakes were acidified due to natural organic acids; and crops remained undamaged at acidic levels ten times present levels. In the end, napap’s scientists figured that liming the few lakes that were acidic would solve the problem at a fraction of the cost of the Clean Air Act’s Acid Rain provisions.

    • Brad says:

      Yes Griff, we fixed it, aren’t we amazing creatures? Funny how there is still the same hole in the ozone layer as there always has been., opening and closing in irregular intervals.
      Once Dupont got a new patent and Puron took over for freon, the dilemma went away, but the hole remains.

    • Odie says:

      You’re an idiot. You’ll stop posting nonsense when you leave your mother’s basement. Grow up!

    • historyshowsus says:

      Did you even read the article?
      The bans did NOTHING. If the GLOBAL ban had been effective the hole would have at least gotten smaller. It didnt.
      Only a lib would count success based on something that didnt happen when people with brains can logically surmise that there may be no relation between cause and effect and the hole is likely to have not gotten larger regardless of the bans.

    • J.D. Lees says:

      Re.: “the Y2K bug wasn’t a problem after tens of thousands of people worked on fixing the code” That was true in the affluent countries, but in Russia, China, India, and many others, almost nothing was done and the results were the same: NOTHING HAPPENED. I cannot understand people like you who seem unable to draw rational conclusions from clear evidence. It’s too bad there are so many like you, and the government idiots listen to you.

    • Joe Greblo says:

      The sky didn’t fall because Chicken Little warned us just in time.

    • Steve0321 says:

      The Y2K bug?? Hahahahaha! Been working IT for nearly 40 years. Y2K was one of the biggest scams ever! As they would say now, Y2K was a big “nothing burger”

      • Sooner Skeptic says:

        I’m currently working on a government grant to combat the looming Y10K crisis. you can never start too soon. If there is any investors who would like to pay me a few billion dollars I could really nail this problem down.

      • AndyG55 says:

        I wonder how many new computers were rolled out because of that Y2K scam. ;-)

        Always look were the money goes.

    • networth says:

      We fixed nothing. The ozone hole is still there! It appears and disappears all the time. The only thing we fixed was the mass hysteria associated with the “ozone hole”. The “international action” was simply a placebo. We treated a disease that didn’t exist! LOL! Environmentalists are the modern snake oil salesmen that earn a living by convincing everybody they’re sick and only their magic elixir can cure them!

    • Scott says:

      Apparently when we fixed global cooling in the 70s we were too successful and created global warming.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Wow. You really do drink the Kool Ade.

    • Jim says:

      Aside: Italian companies completely ignored Y2K–because hey, it’s Italy–and they suffered exactly zero problems.

    • Larry Brewer says:

      You were doing pretty good and almost had me believing until you wrote this.. “the Y2K bug wasn’t a problem after tens of thousands of people worked on fixing the code”. The Y2K “problem” is actually one of the few problems that can be verified. But that actual truth is that it was overblown and was never going to launch missiles, shut down power plants, or cause your car to not start. The hysteria was drummed up and the computer industry took full advantage of that and made millions. Had NOTHING been done in advance life would have gone on. Some billing would have been late, some checks would have been delayed, a lot of people would have used it as a “dog ate my homework” excuse any number of financial transactions, but it would all have worked itself out in a minimal amount of time. Next time you are looking for examples of the sky is falling, better pick something besides Y2K.

    • Bruce says:

      Yes, and once upon a time, the rains came because young virgins were sacrificed at the altar. That’s what did it!

    • joel says:

      Fancy meeting you here.

      Tell me. Human produce 3% of the CO2 which enters the atmosphere each year. Data from the IPCC. Nature the other 97%. So, if reduce human contribution by 50% over the next 20 years, well, you can do the numbers, right? RIGHT?!

      • Stewart Pid says:

        Griff do numbers???
        Surely u jest …. the little tool couldn’t find his arse with both hands!

      • CBbJ says:

        CO2 is approximately 3% of Greenhouse Gases. Man’s contribution to CO2 is approximately 3% of the 3%. Greenhouse gases is approximately 15% of the atmosphere. So man’s CO2 contribution to Green House gases is approximately 3% x 3% x 15% = 0.0135% (about 1 & 1/3rd of a hundredth of a %) of the atmosphere; or, just maybe, “a nothing burger?”

    • MattXL says:

      As for Y2K, you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. The revisionism is revolting to this eye witness.
      Y2K was going to destroy modernity and send us back to the 19th century because IT WAS TOO LATE to do anything meaningful about it. And, the biggest, scariest part of that “crisis” was NOT code in computers, but BILLIONS of embedded devices – buried deep underground, lying deep in the oceans, soaring above us in space – that we had no hope of replacing in time (and which you completely failed to mention).
      As today, I was a professional programmer in 1999. I worked for a small firm owned by two partners. One of them went INSANE over Y2K. He was convinced we were going to wake up on Jan 1st to a nightmare – we’d be very lucky to eventually stabilize society as an agrarian 19th century model. He threatened to sell his share of the company to anyone, even for pennies on the dollar, to escape. The other partner went too far in debt to buy him out.
      After the international yawn of 1/1/00, we went back to work, but the company never recovered from the overhang of debt, and went out of business in 2003.

    • Woody says:

      Have to call BS. On both counts.

    • Aryc Drummond says:

      Bandwagon of stupidity. Want to help reduce CO2? Stop breathing. You’ll help make the world a better place w/o you

    • Rondo says:

      Spare me!

    • Charles Bates says:

      Check out the June issue of nature geoscience. They just confirmed the existence of the 18-year Hiatus and warming. And Michael Mann is about to lose his first lawsuit, because he will not hand over his computer codes and data as stipulated by the judge. The entire global warming scenario is collapsing.

    • Joe Biggs says:

      Maybe you missed the part of the article that showed that the ozone hole size did not change after the “prompt international action banning CFCs” (read the action that cost the U.S. far more than anyone else) was implemented. Selectively read much?

    • Snake USMC says:

      If you ban CO2 then how do YOU expect to LIVE without O2? Tell us oh wise one

    • Snake USMC says:

      At one time the CO2 was 4000 to 7000 ppm. Now it is 480 ppm Life on EARTH was not destroyed nor was the temps elevated where life could not exist (it was about 78F around the globe. The south pole was TROPICAL. When the comet hit, and smothered the earth in a “slight cloud of dust” most of the vegetation died then the herbivores died and then the carnivores died of lack of food. BUT the small animals still lived. And as the forests died, they gave us COAL and NATURAL GAS (most natural gas we have today comes from politicians mouths).
      It is always enjoyable when REAL SCIENCE crushes al bors science.

    • Latitude says:

      Griff didn’t notice that when CFC’s went down…..the ozone hole didn’t

    • Doug Day says:

      But we already are, where have you been?

    • The Lib Slayer says:

      CO2 is as natural as water vapor. Is water vapor now the next target? It is a greenhouse gas so it must kill right? Greenhouse = Death to all ? Greenhouse’s used to be beneficial to sustain life , but Lib’s redefined life at it’s core. Here is what Dr. Thomas Sowell thinks of your lib hero’s Griff – “The real motive’s of liberals have nothing to do with the welfare of other people. Instead they have two related goals – to establish themselves as morally and intellectually superior to the rather distasteful population of common people, and to gain as much power as possible to tell those distasteful common people how they must live their lives”. Al Gore comes to mind after reading that , eh? John Gruber too.

    • Gerald Machnee says:

      Griff, as just said in another post, show me the measurements of CO2 changing temperatures.
      All you are doing is spreading fake news by warmistas.

    • GriffIsFullahShlt says:

      ” The ozone hole didn’t kill us because of prompt international action banning CFCs.”
      ” Acid rain isn’t a problem because of action to reduce SO2 ”
      ” the Y2K bug wasn’t a problem after tens of thousands of people worked on fixing the code ”
      ” climate change won’t be a problem when we work internationally to reduce CO2 output. ”

    • Jonathan Simmons says:

      The “ozone hole” didn’t kill us because it is only detected on polar regions during their annual “dark” periods, othwise known as winter. There has NEVER been an “ozone hole” detected in ANY region other than the polar regions.

      Acid rain never DID manage to kill us all…or the fish…or the reindeer…even though SO2 emissions continued to rise for years. Why? Because “junk science” is just that: JUNK SCIENCE.

      Y2K was a hoax from the get go. I did NOTHING to “protect” my computers…and they continued to function normally (Must not have heard that they were DOOMED.)

      Climate has been changing ever since there has been CLIMATE. Big cycles…Little cycles…. So…show me actual scientific evidence that mankind is causing “global warming”…evidence that is subject to re-testing…with identical results…and I’ll join you. All you’ve got is the silliness of “consensus” among “scientists” who are dependent upon government grants. To stay on the gravy train they’ll agree to any hairbrained theory that they’re required to subscribe to in order to receive funding. It’s just “human nature”. (Now THERE is a theory than can and HASbeen subject to review for at least 2500 years.)

    • Squidly says:

      The ozone hole didn’t kill us because of prompt international action banning CFCs.

      LIE – banning CFC’s had absolutely no effect upon our ozone. This is demonstrably verifiable, and has been.

      Acid rain isn’t a problem because of action to reduce SO2

      LIE – There has been no reduction in SO2 emissions (overall world wide) over the past 100 years. “Acid” rain has never been “acidic” (much like the ocean acidification lie)

      the Y2K bug wasn’t a problem after tens of thousands of people worked on fixing the code

      LIE (of the 20th century) – I am one of those “thousands of people” you talk about. I have been a Software Engineer and Computer Scientist for more than 35 years. The “Y2K bug” was a scam by my own industry from the outset. That incident has to go down in history as the easiest scam in history. I know, I was a part of it, well, rather, I protect my clients from the scam. My clients were very grateful to me on 1/1/2000 and rewarded me handsomely. Within a year they realized that every single word I told them about the “Y2K bug” scam was 100% accurate, and they avoided thousands upon thousands of dollars wasted and they avoided thousands of man hours of disruption to their businesses. All the while laughing at all of the idiot doomsayers that sucked into the scam.

      climate change won’t be a problem when we work internationally to reduce CO2 output.

      BIGGEST LIE in human history! – There is absolutely nothing in this world that the human race can do to alter our climate. Absolutely nothing. The Paris agreement itself had absolutely nothing to do with any sort of CO2 emissions mitigation and everything to do with $TRILLION’s in global wealth redistribution. PERIOD! .. read it for yourself .. I have!

      The fact is, you are spouting nonsense talking points that have been proven false beyond doubt. The saddest part to me is the fact that there are people as stupid as you that either continue to actually believe these bullshit things, or have the audacity to knowingly continue to perpetuate the various lies!

    • arationofreason says:

      Do you have some kind of “sign of the Cross” when you chant?

  6. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Crutzen, Molina, and Rowland won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their “proof” that CFCs cause the ozone hole in Antarctica.

    In 2007 however, Rex showed that one of the key reaction rates used by Crutzen et al. was off by a factor of ten. As a Nature article explains:

    “The rapid photolysis of Cl2O2 is a key reaction in the chemical model of ozone destruction developed 20 years ago2 (see graphic). If the rate is substantially lower than previously thought, then it would not be possible to create enough aggressive chlorine radicals to explain the observed ozone losses at high latitudes, says Rex. The extent of the discrepancy became apparent only when he incorporated the new photolysis rate into a chemical model of ozone depletion. The result was a shock: at least 60% of ozone destruction at the poles seems to be due to an unknown mechanism, Rex told a meeting of stratosphere researchers in Bremen, Germany, last week.” (

    So actually they should never have gotten a Nobel Prize.

  7. Justa Guynamedjoe says:

    “DDT, Global Cooling, China Syndrome, Ozone Hole, Global Warming, Climate Change – ”

    Acid Rain. You forgot the time acid rain killed us all, too.

    So many Armageddons, so little time…or sense.

  8. Chris Hoff says:

    In the 60’s it was “we only have 20 years before air pollution wipes out all life on earth”.

    • The Lib Slayer says:

      In the 90’s the worlds oceans were dying and it was too late to do anything about it. In the 80’s the population of the US would explode to the point of mass starvation and again it was inevitable. In the 70’s the ice age was within reach. All liberal hysteria, all well documented but the sky continues to fall regardless of pointing out the nonsense of recent history.

  9. Al Nonamus says:

    I read in the 80’s that NASA was about to lose a lot of their airplanes. Read funding. Then, I started hearing about the Ozone problem. The solution is always the loss of freedom, mostly in America.

  10. BMogo says:

    There is always a plan on the Left to save us from ourselves. It’s their duty.

  11. aubreyfarmer says:

    They lie to us about everything. Want to see something that will blow your mind? YouTube “Challenger astronauts are still alive.” Richard Scobey a.k.a. Dick Scobey didn’t even bother to change his name and is now CEO at Cows In Trees. McCauliff is a law professor at Syracuse University. Judith Resnick is a professor at Yale Law School.They really think we are all too stupid to grasp the truth. Once you see the photographic evidence you will never again trust the “fake news” spouted by MSM. Here too is something you won’t believe unless you see it with your own eyes.

  12. Founders1791 says:

    Useless academics fear mongering without the scientific method to justify their puny existence because they have no real professional direction or talents. Remember these gems from the food police over the decades?

    1970s Sacharin, 1980s MSG, 1990s GMO, 2000s Salt, 2010s Gluten, etc., etc.

  13. Ravenwood says:

    Animals breath oxygen and create CO2
    Plants breath CO2 and create oxygen
    Most plant life is in the oceans in the form of plankton
    Whales eat plankton
    So the solution to Global Warming is to kill the whales.


  14. Global Wrench says:

    No worries, spraying 20 million tons of Geoengineering aerosols annually provides a safety blanket.

  15. Jim Staudt says:

    The ego and naivete of humans who actually believe that they can change God’s climate never ceases to amaze me. I put them in the same category as the poor misguided souls who built the Tower of Babel. (And we all know how THAT turned out.)

    • GW says:

      Have you ever heard of the Dust Bowl? Also, we don’t all know how that turned out?

      • nothks says:

        The dust bowl was the result of a major multi-region drought in our primary farm land. We didn’t effect the environment, but our actions made a significant environmental event worse on us.

      • PALiberty says:

        Oh yes the dust bowl and that part of the US is still uninhabitable and the US must import all of its food.

        No. Nature fixed itself

      • Squidly says:

        Holy crap .. really? … You believe humans caused the dust bowl? … oh my .. I don’t even know how to respond. I hope you didn’t actually spend money on that education.

  16. Dell Hanks says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” — HL Mencken
    Climate Change, Global Warming, Ozone holes, et al. have nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.

    • Centurion says:


    • Mitch Rapp says:

      Actually it has nothing to do with science and everything to do with MONEY!

    • Jackth3stripper says:

      Actually there’s science involved, when the winter pole receives no sunlight, an ozone “hole” is created. No sunlight, no O3 creation. at the end of winter, all the previous summer’s o3 has circulated away from the pole and since none is created in winter there is the appearance of a hole. Anthropogenic Pollution is real, but anthropogenic climate change is just a thiefs tool used to justify theft, like most taxes and fines

  17. Bob Hoye says:

    Concerns about ozone were displaced by concerns about global warming.
    Not because the ozone “problem” was solved, it was because the mob can handle only one issue at a time. CAGW has been the most motivating one so far. Fund raising is proportionate to motivation.
    In the early 1990s, my argument was that ozone is created by interactions with UV light. In the the polar regions where for half of the year there is no daylight all night long, there is no UV to ionize O2 to O3. Therefore the “Ozone Hole”. Let’s just call it being in the shade.
    Hopefully, there will soon be another “concern” that the liberal mob can become focused upon. Perhaps one that is not as costly to the taxpayer. But then the “issues” are always about extorting taxpayers’ money.
    Bob Hoye

    • Waltc says:

      The current “concern” seems to be Trump in the White House and how to make money from the hysteria.

    • nothks says:

      There is excellent information in the Electric Universe perspective on the ozone hole. That it corresponds directly to the electrical output of the sun (solar wind) which varies over time as well. The prediction that the ozone hole is a climatological response to electrical stress in our atmosphere.

    • joel says:

      Let’s bring back the IQ gap from the 1960’s.

    • Ken in Camarillo says:

      The “Concern” topic is always chosen to give greatest leverage. With CO2 being so important to life and energy processes, I just don’t see anything else that can compete as far as giving the “Concerned” larger leverage.

    • Mister Sparky says:

      Money, money, money. The first ten pages of paris agreement was exclusively about money. About half of the other twenty some pages was about money. If climate change is the most dangerous thing we face right now why is it thirteenth in list of priorities for the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

  18. Ralph says:

    In 2006 a maximum was reached in hole size even though cfc’s were banned years earlier. The experts had to blame something else so they threw the global warming people under the bus and said it was the record cold that occurred over antarctica that year.

    • joel says:

      Don’t worry. Visit the NASA ozone page. It is shrinking in 2017 after enlarging in the last couple of years. They say they think it is finally healing.
      No. I am not making this up. You can’t make this up.

  19. Choir Loft says:

    Another liberal eco-disaster is the accumulation of methane in the atmosphere. I submit to the reader a humorous answer to that assertion.
    Old Thundergust was king of the Razzybean people….until he passed.
    Here’s his story, lacking class.

    Old King Thundergust was a hungry male,
    who ate baked beans from a rusty pail.
    They told him not to eat it so,
    ignoring urges that he should go.

    It befell him one day that he did sneeze,
    a mighty blast felled him to his knees.
    But he broke wind too I think,
    with a mighty and distressful stink.

    All did laugh and some did cry,
    Because it burned them in their eyes.

    Some birds choked and fell mid-flight,
    and many flowers died that night.
    But when his agony had mostly passed,
    Thundergust had pooped his pants.

    Silent or loud he musically howled,
    fragrant flows from his ancient bowel.
    Legends tell of his many passings,
    ’til Thundergust died from self-gassing.

  20. Tim Rohal says:

    The ban on DDT has killed millions and who stepped up to take the blame for that? We could be using DDT now to control the spread of disease by mosquitoes, but that door is shut and barred.

    • Paul Morton says:

      So true, malaria was down to countable number of cases when Rachel Carson wrote silent spring and took away DDT, malaria also became resistant to cloroquin and it came back stronger and now it kills millions of people every year. Thanks liberals, great job, but you never hear them willing to evaluate the impact, long and short term of their stupid ideas. Nope, they just move on to the next bad idea while they accuse conservatives of killing folks.

      • Squidly says:

        Your story just harkens me back to the good old liberal quote “… if it saves just one life …”

        Such glaring hypocrisy from those wanting your wallet.

  21. PMO1967 says:

    All you fear mongers and to the sheep that follow you – humans can not change the climate. Even if all the nuclear weapons exploded at the same time. The planet has a better chance of getting hit and exploding by a end all asteroid. NO ONE GETS ANYTHING

  22. Ruckweiler says:

    The climate hoaxers refrain is” That scare tactic didn’t work. Quick, find another.”

  23. Mr. Sunshine says:

    Funny, I don’t feel dead…I feel ALIVE!!!

  24. Richard Baker says:

    The climate hoaxers refrain is (That scare tactic didn’t work. Quick, find another).”

  25. J. Jacks says:

    The radiation released from Japan’s nuclear meltdowns, Fukushima, increased the size of the ozone hole.

    See ENENEWS to learn more about what Fukushima is doing to harm humans and the environment.

    • neal s says:

      Sarc on/

      And I am absolutely certain that there is no way that natural variability could have anything at all to do with changes to the size of the ozone hole.

      Sarc off/

    • Squidly says:

      @Jacks – Hahaha …. hahaha!! … OMG! .. that’s just priceless..

  26. rich says:

    Well the patent DuPont held was expiring and since it cost only $.25 per pound to manufacture they needed a way to demonize their own product since they had a brand new replacement waiting in the wings. A page from the DDT scare book sounded like a good plan, as long as nobody realized that Freon has a molecular weight 4 times that of the air we breathe. Which is why it was so popular in darkrooms blanketing chemicals from exposure to oxygen. Helium is 4 times lighter than air. Releasing the helium from that balloon might cause your lawn to die. Proper disposal recommended. I am sure the gummint has published guidelines instructing the sheep in detail.
    The sun is not strong enough to change the oxygen into ozone when attacking the atmosphere at such a steep angle. Also there is little danger from OD’ing on UV rays for the same reason.
    I used to run UV cure machines that generated tons of ozone. Their premise and proof is fallacy.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      DuPont backing the CFC ban is very similar to today’s efforts to create a “carbon tax” on fuel consumers backed by ExxonMobil, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total.

      General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi and Unilever also expressed support.

      These multi-national companies wouldn’t be really paying the tax. The consumers of their products would and the thinkers behind the tax scheme believe it would spread to other countries if the US adopts their plan. It’s an effort to establish an equalized and predictable global tax environment in which the multi-nationals can operate with greater ease.

      Getting your money is the oldest game on earth. You can follow the pea moving under the cup but remember they are professionals in the shell game and you are not.

      You will pay.

    • Pat Maguire says:

      Reminds me of AMTRAK’s history. A history major told me carpet baggers from the North got Southern states to pass segregation laws requiring southern railroads to double their passenger cars — white only and black only cars.

      Smaller railroads couldn’t afford to comply with the new segregation laws and went out of business. The railroad that bought up all those bankrupt southern railroads went on to become Amtrak.

    • Ncrdbl1 says:

      HCFC-22 patent had expired many years ago. Chlorodifluoromethane has been produced for decades by companies other than Dupont.

  27. ren says:

    This figure shows the progress of the size of the ozone hole in comparison to other years. For more information about this graph go to the ozone hole web page.
    Please pay attention to the geomagnetic activity in 2015 and the size of the ozone hole in 2015.

    • Chris says:

      Fascinating, I never looked in to the issue until today (other than what my government preached to me as a little tike) Never realized the hole sometimes closed up.

  28. David169 says:

    I have listened to this crap science for many years. The “hole in the ozone” has existed at the South Pole ever since the poles switched the last time. Ozone is a strongly polar (electricity and magnetism) molecule. A simple to replicate test can prove this. Take a long plastic tube and fill it with air that is high in ozone. Put an electrode on each end hooked to DC current. The ozone, which has a negative valence will concentrate at the positive terminal.
    The earth is a huge bar magnet. The ozone concentrates at the North pole and is rarefied at the South Pole. It is a matter of the polarity of the earth. Prior to everyone moving from their ancestral locations the farther north people lived the lighter their skin. An example would be the Norwegians who as a group have very white skin. They came from Africa and over a period of time those with lighter skin did better because the could make more vitamin D. The opposite is true in the southern hemisphere. The native population in Southern India, Southern Africa and Southern South America have dark to black skin which protected them from the high UV radiation.
    This process of evolution is reported to take in excess of 40,000 years. The human genome is vary narrow and to the best estimate of genetic science and geological science there was a massive super volcano eruption about 70,000 years ago which reduced the human population on earth to about 7,500 people. We all descend from them. As the population grew they migrated all over the world. Then they adapted to their new latitudes. This “hole in the ozone”is junk science just like carbon dioxide causes global warming.

  29. Logan Cummins says:

    A GREAT Podcast that talks about the CFC issue, and all the related lies can be heard here:

    then again, no one wants to hear a common-sense take on it anymore in the MSM, either.

  30. thx1138v2 says:

    UV light is one of the things needed to break down methane in the atmosphere. Methane is 25 to 35 times more potent than CO2 as a global warming agent. So a smaller ozone hole means less UV light which means less methane breakdown which means more global warming.

    Is this an exercise in “create a problem and then offer a costly solution”?

  31. Pepper says:

    Regarding the ozone “hole” – we have no knowledge of the history of it. The instrument that “saw” the “hole” was only in place about a year before the hysteria started. Science and logic tell us that:
    A. Ozone is made by solar rays. Antarctica gets little sun for six months and no sun for six months. Little to no ozone created over Antarctica any time in the year.
    B. CFCs are made of chlorine, fluorine and carbon. Chlorine breaks up ozone. The oceans release more chlorine than man ever could.
    C. Why did (and do) we have ozone “pollution” in cities if CFCs destroy ozone?
    D. How did the CFCs travel from the U.S. ( we were the only party responsible for CFCs) all the way to the south pole?
    Global cooling in the 70s, Ozone “hole” in the 80s, then Global warming in the 90s.
    It takes more faith to believe in man made global warming than it does to believe in God.
    What happened to science?

  32. SharpShtik says:

    Leftists commit nearly all crime. The only thing that changes when leftists enter government is they become organized criminals.

    The leftist modus operandi — fabricate a problem and “solve” it by larger organized crime government and fewer individual rights until the country looks like the USSR, NK or Venezuela.

    According to leftists, socialism and communism solve everything, which they prove by pointing to hundreds of millions of people leftists killed in the past century.

  33. Bill Moore says:

    They are already trying to do away with 134a with a new coolant 1234yf, the cost is only 1500$ for 10 pounds and it takes 2 hours to fill a car, the dealers are charging 500$ to refill a dodge pickup. Mercedes says this new coolant is not safe and are going to develop their own system using co2. This all happens at the time the patent is running out on 143a.

  34. Chris says:

    Tony, usually your numbers and charts are impeccable, which is why I love your blog. However, I fail to understand why you cut off the 1979 – 1990 growth in the ozone layer however as per the txt file you reference. I don’t pretend to know whether or not cfc’s caused it or not, I always wondered if it wasn’t a natural phenomenon, however the rapid growth and sudden halt seems suspicious??

  35. G S Linger says:

    Ironic that all the Laser printers and digital photocopiers CREATE ozone with every page these liberal alarmists print from their pc’s and Mac’s.

  36. Dave (in MA) says:

    Now that we’re all dead, can I get my good asthma inhaler back?

  37. fred says:

    So. Banning CFCs stopped the growth of the hole. Sounds like good policy.

  38. Chicken Little's Big Brother says:

    Long trend in environmental alarmists, and like all good disinformation enough random facts are scattered within in to make you absorb it, then the added fiction seems more real. Godzilla, big insects, and nuclear mutants from the sci-fi films of the 40’s-80’s. Duck and cover. Nuke bombs are bad so nuke power plants must be bad too. Old growth forests must be saved even if it means maiming loggers or burning down ski resorts. Everything is dangerous: San Andreas Fault, Killer Bee’s, Alien Abductions, Satanists running daycare centers, serial killers everywhere, poison in your Tylenol, Masons/Illuminati/New World Order, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, etc. etc. etc. Oil or coal = hydrocarbons = greenhouse effect = not really sure if it means an ice age or sea level rising, but it’s bad. Overpopulation = no food = war and famine; therefore DDT is bad because by saving a few birds at the costs of millions of 3rd world children this helps solve the overpopulation issue. Fracking was good when it was an idea that required Gov’t research grants to prove that oil could be recovered from shale and sand, but now it’s bad because it really works and we no longer have the same dependence on foreign oil and that worries the multinational bankers. Therefore Fracking now poisons our water, causes earthquakes, and destabilizes OPEC nations to the point of war/civil war/regime change. And yet now in the age of identity theft, malware, and ransomware we are all supposed to believe that Google, Uber, or Tesla can remotely pilot our hybrid cars safely back home for us.

  39. Don says:

    Why is Algore still free, this corrupt fraud belongs in jail for life!

  40. Thom says:

    When will these climate alarmist “take one for the team” and simply Jonestown-it! At least they can be martyrs that “saved” mother earth!

    But your money where your mouth is!

  41. mort says:

    Soa graph that shows a smaller size ozone hole over time is considered proof that banning CFCs was a hoax? Most here appear to have not heeded the warnings from scientists that reading this website will stunt brain development.

    Science doesn’t matter to these remarkably brillliant commentors on this page since they are much smarter than these science guys because they finished grade school gym class:

    What. Do you think think changes occur magically in a matter of seconds or a couple years? Like trump saying he was going to soooo much on day one. Like that magic? What do your Ouija Boards tell you the future holds? Huddle round and open the gates to the universe!

    My God, man! Why doesn’t this braintrust here get on their rocket ships and go investigate children who were kidnapped and sent to Mars! Maybe there you will find like minds……

    • sunsettommy says:


      Tony wrote:

      “There never was a Northern Hemisphere Ozone Hole, and the one over Antarctica has not changed in size since the CFC ban was implemented.”

      How did you miss this?

  42. This ‘crisis’ began with NASA’s Ozone Trend Panel (OTP) proclaiming an ozone depletion trend of about 4% within the time frame between 1969 and 1986. Had the OTP used the time frame between 1962 and 1979, an ozone INCREASE of 4% would have been the result. However, cherry-picking data is important in order to generate a crisis. So, the OTP time frame of 1969 and 1986 is the official ozone depletion trend and the entire basis used by ozone hole alarmists.

    Fact: For each atom of chlorine put into the atmosphere by man, 22,779 atoms are contributed by nature .

    Rowland and Molina were given the Nobel Prize not for any work regarding the ozne hole, or the Nobel’s basic conditions for awarding the prize (ie: “for outstanding achievements in science that leads to industrial progress and the benefit of mankind”). They were awarded the Nobel Prize for the “political implications that saved mankind from an impending catastrophe”. So there you have it. The Nobel Prize is for political implications, and has nothing to do with science. This, from the same people that awarded Yasar Arafat and Adolph Hitler the Peace Prize.

    Ozone, for all practical purposes, is created by the Sun. Is it any wonder then, that the ban on CFCs has done nothing?

  43. Will says:

    Yes, all the hairspray from the 1980’s caused a hole.
    What BS. Every generation the Left uses some far out warning to scare kids into becoming activists. Rain forest. Polar Bears. Condors. Ozone Layer. Global climate man made change or something like that.
    Kittens will die if we do not DO something!!
    What is that something?
    Its always more taxes, more regulation of raw materials and production.

  44. Toppinopolis says:

    The CFC ban did away with the best life saving rescue inhalers available. The new substitutes couldn’t deliver the drugs as fast, which is fine for adults, but for young children it’s deadly. You’d think killing children would be enough to shed some light on the farce but no, the almighty narrative is more important. I mean who cares about a few thousand dead kids anyway? Certainly not progressives.

  45. Robofrog says:

    Yeah, an right behind the Democrats are the Republicans. We’re the biggest idiots in history.

  46. Mikey-Da-P says:

    Here is how it was explained to me: What makes ozone, which is a gas? Sunlight. Okay, so there’s a hole in it right? And it’s dark there some half of the year, right? No sunlight therefore no ozone. It’s been happening for millions of years. Amirite?

  47. MarkinTX says:

    I was at the South Pole during the winter of 1992-1993. Scientists were in a panic because the ozone “hole” was closing, not widening. It seems that in modern scientific method, when the data does not support the political narrative, scientific panic ensues. After all, millions in government grants are at stake, right? Science is dead…

  48. Mikey-Da-P says:

    Here is how it was explained to me: What creates ozone? Sunlight. Now where is the hole in the ozone layer? Where there is no sunlight about half of the year.

    It’s been there for millions of years.

  49. C-dub says:

    I understand how the hysteria is totally false, but we’re falling into a trap on this one a bit.

    The ozone hole problems were fixed by a government BAN on CFCs. In other words, there was an environmental hysteria jimmied up and a government ban was implemented. Then the problem went away. See the trap?

    “If we reduce our carbon emissions, we’ll solve the global warming crisis. It worked for the ozone hole”.

  50. Larry says:

    The critters, penguins ,etc. are protected by their feathers and fur,from high UV at the south pole.This protection was gained through natural selection over many generations-the ozone hole has been over the south pole for a long time-long before cfc’s.

  51. Flingflang says:

    You forgot about acid rain . As a kid in the 80’s that one really freaked me out .

  52. Lee from Charlotte says:

    The way it was taught to me from elementary school on up to college, the earth is a gigantic recycling machine. It knows how to repair itself, and thus, does not need algore to help it.

  53. Dennis Smith says:

    The reason that the hole in the ozone didn’t kill us is because we were already dead from the Killer Bees that came up from Mexico and stung us all to death.

  54. yarpos says:

    Wouldnt they see that graph as a great success?

    The data behind the graph indicates the size of the hole went from 1 to low 20s from 1970 to 1990. They introduce the ban in the 90s and its stabilised! operation big success ! we are saved !

  55. Sam Spear says:

    C’mon man.

    Primatene Mist was a .5 oz inhaler for temporary relieve of asthma symptoms. I used it for years because I liked it and it worked for me. CFC was used in this tiny .5 oz inhaler…so the forced the product off the market in 2011.

    Who would worry about the affect from this itty bitty product, when there were no doubt billions of cans of aerosol hair spray with CFCs being sold in Brazil, in Hong Kong, and in Latvia?

    From the FDA, some putz is quoted:

    “There are many other safe and effective medications to treat the symptoms of asthma,” says Badrul Chowdhury, M.D., Ph.D., director of FDA’s Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, and Rheumatology Products. But you need to find out if you really have asthma—not just pick another over-the-counter medicine, adds Chowdhury. “If you have breathing problems but have not been diagnosed by a health care professional, it’s important to see one. Not all breathing problems are asthma, so you need to get an accurate diagnosis and the proper medicine.”

    It was small, yet inconvenient, loss for me; a bigger loss for the consumers; a biggest loss for the brand they put out of business. All for a non-problem that was ‘settled science’ at the time.

  56. Rexie says:

    That first item from the Detroit Free Press is only a letter to the editor. One the paper opted to print, granted, but still only a letter to the editor.

  57. Bill says:

    This hole in the ozone is just one of many potential global catastrophes (remember global cooling, acid rain, nuclear annihilation, destruction of the rain forest, over population, global warming, that Lying, Liberal, Leftist democRATs have used to limit our freedom and separate us from our money. I’m still waiting……

  58. James Sirikiet says:

    The Inconvenient Science is that Ozone depletion was a hoax. Sorry if this is complex but … the ozone loss was trivial and made colorful using imaging software: the minor loss occurred in winter at the poles only and was photoshopped. There never was a chance the problem could effect UV where people lived. My PhD was in chemical physics, btw.

    The GOREy detail is that the ozone loss needs a three body reaction: a precise coming together of three molecules. This very improbable instance is more likely at very cold temperatures when three molecules slow down, collide and may react. Imagine three billiard balls colliding precisely on a pool table: more possible if they are moving slowly.

    So the satellite images were taken in the cold winter and the tiny decrease in ozone was photoshopped. There is no sunlight .. no ultraviolet … dark at the winter poles.

    BUT duPont was being scooped by Indian, Russsian, and Chinese makers of now off patent Freon. duPont happily cooperated with replacing Freon with HCFC which is vastly more difficult to make, requires new factories, and commands higher profit margins.

    BTW Al Gore as Senator legally got insider information on comapnies that had key advantage when laws passed. He is worth over a $Billion. I worked at one comeany he got the inside track on and made over $100 million.

    Inconvenient Wealth … Al now lives a life post-Tipper in lovely Santa Barbara with a beautiful young woman in a beachfront estate.

  59. Shannon Funkhouser says:

    While the science of “Climate Change” has yet to be proved true in any rational mind, this simply is the other hand waving. The greatest and saddest event has been going on since the the 1980’s when E.O. Wilson announced we (humans) are causing the greatest extinction and the quickest ever known. Climate shriller s want to make you believe the decimation of reefs are due to weather, when in fact it’s the lack of knowledge on how to handle human waste. This is the killer of coral reefs, sis the lack of thinking by farmers using pesticides, need for farmers in S.A. destroying rain forests and cloud forests. There is no logical line to walk with Climate change, except that it keeps one away from learning that we are destroying species approximately one every 23 seconds or so. Shame on people for not doing real homework, and listening to ignorant people.

  60. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Can we please strap that Bloated Hypocrite and Global Warming Scam Artist Al Gore to a Rocket and send him through the hole in the Ozone wherever it has moved to!

    • Cassandra (of Troy) says:


      Re: Dealing w/ Foul Bore

      A method that’s much easier & far more eco-firendly would be to strip him of ALL of his substantial assets then convert the remaining proceeds (minus the requisite shipping & handling fees) into regionally appropriate food/clothing & ship them & Good Ol’ DEEPLY CONCERNED (& stylishly hair shirted) Foul to say, Somalia/North Sudan, where he can rhapsodise at length to the likely QUITE appreciative locals about the eeeeeeevilllllllllllz of not only climate change but also Greedy/Fascist/Colonialist/Racist/Islamophobic America while doling out stuff to the ‘simple people living in harmony w/ the land’ that the ecofreaks say they SO admire.

      He ‘benefits’ & we benefit, the only snag is that those he’s been foisted on well might consider such ‘benevolence’ to be equivalent to an act of war & use it as just cause for jihadist acts against us. TANSTAAFL!

  61. Jorge says:

    I believe in global farting.

  62. bullnuke says:

    It was odd timing that DuPont’s patent on R-12 (Freon 12) was about to expire about the time that the ozone madness took off. Also odd was DuPont’s support of the ban in various governments legislation efforts toward banning this product. Also DuPont’s patent on R-22 (Freon 22, used in central air conditioning systems) was about to expire about 10 years after the expiration of the R-12 patent. Of course, there was a 10-year window allowing R-22 use until it was banned…about the time of the expiration of DuPont’s R-22 patent.

  63. mondoredondo says:

    No one ever bothered talking to the Vulcanologists. Mount Erebus, an active volcano in Antarctica, pumps tons of CFC’s into the atmosphere 24/7, and they are trapped by the cyclonic weather patterns. The smartest environmentalists in the world would rather believe CFC’s magically travel into the northern hemisphere stratosphere and somehow traveled across prevailing jet stream flows all the way down to Antarctica.

  64. Cassandra (of Troy) says:

    I wish the Left would decide which crisis “is the most important (one) of our time!” as I’ve been under the distinct (media ‘inspired’) impression that either racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or ‘gun violence’ was & as such should be given the most attn. Then again, as w/ the last item, it doesn’t really matter to cultists how much/often authoritative evidence refuting their position one presents to them as they’ll either ignore/dismiss it, squawk Uh UH! & repeat their lie even louder, or use an emotional attack on the presenter of said ‘inconvenient’ facts.

  65. bucksnort says:

    If you want to figure out the source of the next environmental scam just study who would profit most from it. Basic follow the money 101.

  66. Mememine69 says:

    ISIS is offering to provide us with a nuclear winter to help reverse the effects of unstoppable warming of the planet Earth.

    What do you call 34 years of climate blame “belief”? You call it 34 years of climate action failure, debate, delay, denial and global disbelief.

    Science now says climate blame will only kill conservatives and their families. Peace, love…..

    Climate Change Love is never having to say; “proven”.

    Scientists now say that millions of wind turbines could send the planet out of orbit.

    So science NEVER has to say; ‘PROVEN’ for a CO2 ARMAGEDDON? Oh so is that why it’s called “belief” and called; 34 years of climate action failure, debate, delay, denial and unstoppable global disbelief?

    Wind Breaking News;
    “Liberal Climate Blame “BELIEVER” Refuses to Issue Driver’s License to Conservative Climate Blame Denier.”
    Film at eleven.

    How many climate blame scientists does it take to change a light bulb? None, but they do have full consensus that it “could” change.

    What’s another word for “climate change denier”? Evolved.

    Explaining how vague and inconclusive and uncertain climate science is to an eager and determined conservative hating climate blame “believer” is like explaining water to a fish.

    Why did the climate blame “believer” cross the road? Because everyone else was.

    We must please the angry weather gods by sacrificing our fires?

    What do you call a Liberal Election Promise?;
    Promising to make the weather nicer but colder by taxing the air we breathe with bankster funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by trust worthy liberal politicians.

  67. Ecological National Socialists never mention that only one ninth (1/9) of the world population lives in the Southern Hemisphere. So ozone holes form where people aren’t?

  68. George Moshe Murray says:

    This is the wrong place to paste this but… I have asked and asked and asked all the Climate Changers and they got nuthin’… So –
    Meanwhile… Climate Change science?

    I have been questioning the Science of Global Warming for many years now in some variation of the following questions and answers.
    I would sincerely love to hear from a sincere scientific advocate who believes that man-made Global Warming is going to result in catastrophic weather changes and is going make the oceans rise resulting in disastrous consequences for the billions of human beings living in coastal regions.
    Please refute or correct the following:

    What is the scientific answer on how to solve Global Warming?
    What steps do scientists believe mankind must initiate to reverse Climate Change?
    How long will reversing Climate Change take?
    What effects will whatever actions that Scientists insist must happen to reverse catastrophic Climate Change have upon the health and welfare of mankind?

    What I have read from scientific studies regarding reversing the effects of Climate Change is the postulate that if carbon emissions were drastically reduced, at the very least by 80%, immediately, that the rise in global temperatures will not stabilize until 50 years from now, at which point it will be at a higher average temperature than exists today due to climate change.
    Is this data correct?

    I have also read, from these same Climate Change scientists who do claim that humans are causing Global Warming, and that this is causing, and will continue to cause, catastrophic changes in sea levels and weather patterns.
    These scientists estimate that it will take 1,000 years to reverse Global Warming if mankind immediately stopped using fossil fuels and ceased creating excess CO2.
    I have also read that if mankind does not stop immediately creating excess CO2, but continues producing large amounts over the coming century, even while reducing the use of fossil fuels and excess CO2 by as much as 50%, that this will continue to make the problem Global Warming and catastrophic Climate Change even worse.
    Is this data correct?

    If this data is correct, the results of reducing or eliminating fossil fuels and reducing or eliminating CO2 emissions, will have absolutely no effect on stopping the catastrophic results of manmade Global Warming for the next 1,000 years.
    If one were to examine human history from the perspective of 1,000 years ago, today’s future would be 1000% unimaginable.
    As a peruser of science fiction, I can write with certainty that today’s world was unimaginable to those writers and scientists of only 60 plus years ago.

    Can someone please explain to me this science of speculation that advocates the elimination of fossil fuels and the total reduction of excess CO2 emissions due to the belief that new weather patterns and oceans rising are going to result from this Global Warming when, in fact, according to these same scientists, catastrophic weather changes and oceans inundating coastal cities are going to happen no matter what is done regarding CO2 and fossil fuels?

    If there is nothing that mankind can do to reverse the effects of manmade Global Warming for the next 1,000 years – why are politicians and others advocating so strongly that mankind spend trillions of dollars to try and “stop Global Warming” instead of focusing their attentions on solving what they believe are the absolute, immutable results of Climate Change?

    All answers are welcome.
    Thank you.

    • gator69 says:

      If there is nothing that mankind can do to reverse the effects of manmade Global Warming for the next 1,000 years – why are politicians and others advocating so strongly that mankind spend trillions of dollars to try and “stop Global Warming” instead of focusing their attentions on solving what they believe are the absolute, immutable results of Climate Change?

      Because their real agenda has nothing to do with climate change.

      Could there be any other answer?


  69. fisht says:

    I demand a Divorce from the ctrl-left.

    Playing out the movie War of the Roses is inevitable unless we are given a divorce.

  70. Countermeasures Dispenser says:

    Remember the idiotic “Ozone Hole over Kennebunkport” line that was used by the 1992 Clinton campaign?

  71. Bobbyjoeyoung says:

    Still waiting on the Ice age promised in the 1970’s and financial data on saving the rain forest,saving the whales, saving the polar bear. And just for good measure exposure of PETA for their financial crimes raising millions of dollars but number of animals rescue results negligible to non existent .

  72. Bobbyjoeyoung says:

    Still waiting on the Ice age promised in the 1970’s and financial data on saving the rain forest,saving the whales, saving the polar bear. And just for good measure exposure of PETA for their financial crimes raising millions of dollars but number of animals rescue results negligible to non existent .

  73. face mask says:

    Quite relatable, if a bit apologetic. How come?

  74. n95 mask says:

    I think I know what you’re saying, but I want some detail. Could I PM you?

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