Global Temperature Record Is Complete Garbage

Argentina looks like it is warming – fast.

No, Argentina looks like it is cooling fast.

Oh wait, only one station in Argentina before 1960. In Buenos, Aires – a massive Urban Heat Island.

Argentina is typical of the global temperature record – incoherent garbage. Yet magically, all of the players (NOAA/NASA/CRU/BEST)  come up with the same graph. It couldn’t possibly be due to fraud and collusion.

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4 Responses to Global Temperature Record Is Complete Garbage

  1. Rud Istvan says:

    One of your better simple posts. Suggest two things. 1. Argentina is a longish country, extending from proximity to Antarctica (Drake passage) to Brazil (Iguasou Falls and Itaipu dam. And from the seacoast (Buenos Aires) to the Andes (Mendoza ski resorts). Latitude and altitude matter with ‘absolute temps’ rather than local anomalies. A simple map showing how the national station complextion must have changed would be a powerful add. Been to Argentina many times, so these data are personal observations.
    2. Expand to another video adding the global infilled hot central Africa where there are no stations at all. IIRC, Paul Homewood did a workup on Paraguay showing pretty much the same thing. Then your point about making it up becomes globally irrefutable.

  2. Anon says:

    Hi Tony, just a clarification, as I am living in South America now, are you saying the AR record is corrupt, or that NASA, NOAA, etc just cherry picked the AR stations that reflected the trend they wanted to see?

  3. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    Australian records intentionally corrupted at the archive. Synopsis with links:

    So much for data integrity. Apparently how one reads thermometers depends on the results one wishes to achieve. Guess they didn’t know that in the 20’s.

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