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First Texas Hurricane For Nine Years

In 1886, Texas was hit by four hurricanes, including two major hurricanes. Harvey will be the first Texas hurricane since Ike in 2008, and will of course be blamed on “climate change.”

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Plummeting August 24 Temperatures In The US

On this date in 1936, the US had 100 degree temperatures from California to Virginia, and much of the Midwest was over 110 degrees. The average maximum temperature across the US was 92F.  August 24 temperatures have been declining since … Continue reading

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Another Smoking Gun Of NOAA Fraud

Fort Valley, Arizona had daily temperatures recorded every day during summer 1990. NOAA declared the data to be missing, and bumped the temperature up by 0.64C (1.16F) The USHCN adjusted monthly data shows summer 1990 as missing and 27.06C USH0002316011990 … Continue reading

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Visualizing Government Climate Action

CO2 has little or nothing to do with climate, and government climate action has nothing to do with CO2 or climate. It is all about the money and power.

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Global Warming Fraud Washes Away The Integrity Of Science

In 1985, the EPA said global warming would wipe out the beach at Ocean City, Maryland by 2025. 273 feet of shore could wash away in the next 40 years. 06 Nov 1985, Page 8 – The Star-Democrat at Newspapers.com … Continue reading

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Climate Community Responds To My Charges Of Fraud

I uncover rock solid proof of fraud, so the climate community responds on Breitbart with their predictable anonymous non-sequitur ad hom attack. I’ve never taken any money from Heartland. I am spent several thousand dollars of my own money for … Continue reading

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Smoking Gun Of Fraud At NOAA

It took about one second with my new software to identify fraud in the handling of the US temperature record. The very first record I looked at showed it.. In NOAA’s adjusted USHCN data set, they mark months which they … Continue reading

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