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Top Pictures From This Morning

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GHCN Software Version 2.0

Some exciting news. I am about to release a brand new python based version of my GHCN software, which replaces the C++ code. The code size is very small, and is easy to understand and verify. It will be devastating … Continue reading

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“No Glaciers In Europe” – During The Recently Erased Medieval Warm Period


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August 6, 1918 – Hottest Day In Washington DC History

Over the past century, August 6 afternoon temperatures have plummeted in the US. On August 6, 1918 one third of the US was over 100F, about ten times the area of last year – the official “hottest year ever.” August … Continue reading

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For Climate Scientists, Permanent Drought And Flood Are The Same Thing

Six years ago, President Clinton’s climate adviser said Arizona was in permanent drought caused by global warming, and cited a dust storm as evidence. Dust Storm Marks Beginning of Southwest’s “Permanent Drought” | The Energy Collective Today, Climate Central says … Continue reading

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Alarmists Face Record Meltdown

After telling us all year that the Arctic is record hot and will be ice-free or at a record low this summer – climate alarmists face a record meltdown of their scam. Arctic sea ice extent is actually right at … Continue reading

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