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Plummeting August 20 Temperatures In The US

On this date in 1955, the average maximum temperature around the US was 92 degrees. That was 8 degrees warmer than last year, which was the official hottest year ever. On August 20, 1936, twenty percent of the US was … Continue reading

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August 20, 1886 – Indianola, Texas Wiped Off The Map

On August 20, 1886 the city of Indianola, Texas was wiped off the map by a hurricane. That year was the most active hurricane season in US history, with seven hurricanes making landfall. 26 Aug 1886, Page 1 – The … Continue reading

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More Bad News For Climate Alarmists

Climate scientists have a terrible reputation and forecast record, so they try to piggy back off of the good work of actual scientists. You can’t fake an eclipse, but you can fake temperature graphs. The hits just keep coming!  Nothing … Continue reading

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Eclipse Dry Runs

Don’t try this without eclipse glasses! Looks like I can get about three minutes of good video before I have to move the tripod azimuths. I unfortunately have to be very zoomed in to get the electronic focus to work, … Continue reading

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NOAA IS Very Consistent With Their Data Tampering

The graph below shows raw (blue) and adjusted (red) temperature trends for each USHCN station, sorted by state. NOAA adjusts tampers with the century long temperature trend at the vast majority of US stations, and turns most of the from negative … Continue reading

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Twenty Five Years Since A Category Five Hurricane Hit The US

This week in 1992, Hurricane Andrew hit Florida with 146 MPH winds. It was the last category 5 hurricane to hit the US. Andrew’s Path CO2 was just over 350 PPM at the time. If this happened now, experts would … Continue reading

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