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What Kind Of Moron Listens To Government Propaganda?

You really can’t make up the level of stupid at NPR. Sailing To The North Pole, Thanks To Global Warming : NPR https://go.nasa.gov/2x0nXfC

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Just How Hot Was It?

During the two weeks from August 12-August 26, 1936  Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma afternoon temperatures averaged 105F, and 93 percent of days were over 100F. Nine percent of days were over 110F.

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I’ve added some important new command line options to UNHIDING The DECLINE The command line below will calculate temperatures from August 12-26 in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas and Indiana ghcn.exe US.txt range=0812:0826 states=MOILIAARIN On a linux or Mac system, the … Continue reading

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New Video : Summer Temperatures Plummet – As Climate Scientists Ramp Up Their Lies

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The Incomprehensible Heat And Drought Of August, 1936

The heatwave of August, 1936 was beyond the comprehension of any American under the age of 80 years old. 20 Aug 1936, Page 32 – The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune The Kansas City area finished the year with 59 days over 100°F, … Continue reading

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Current Ice-Free Arctic Forecast

If current trends continue, the Arctic will be ice-free at 12;39 PM on December 14 – with temperatures of -30C. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Remember last week, when Arctic experts were certain that winter-like storms would … Continue reading

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The Incredible Heatwave Of August 12 To August 26, 1936

25 Aug 1936, Page 1 – The Republic The two weeks from August 12-26, 1936 brought an unbelievable heatwave to the US. The average maximum temperature across the US for that two week period was 91 degrees, compared to 83 … Continue reading

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