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My New Video : Drowning The Fake News About Hurricane Harvey

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Alternating Drought And Flood Is Climate – Not Climate Change

Ten years ago, the government of Australia announced the permanent drought. This drought may never break – Environment – smh.com.au Two years later it was raining so much in Australia that sea level was falling. Australian floods of 2010 and … Continue reading

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Winter Comes Early To Greenland – They Gain 46% More Ice Than Normal

Winter has arrived several weeks early in Greenland, and they have gained a huge amount of excess ice. Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI Normally Greenland’s surface gains about 375 billion tons of ice per year, but this year … Continue reading

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Unfortunate And Disturbing That Scientists Continue To Lie About The Arctic

That Arctic sea ice has been seriously declining since around 2005 is a well-known fact As Arctic Sea Ice Shows Record Decline, Scientists Prepare to Go — Arctic Deeply The only well known fact about climate is that government climate … Continue reading

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Northwest Passage Fail

The Northwest Passage was open in 1904, but it isn’t this year. I saw (the Northwest Passage) open before my ship the first year of my voyage. Amundsen TimesMachine: March 9, 1907  According to NASA. that was the coldest year … Continue reading

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Six years Since Andrew Dessler Said Texas Would Be Hot And Dry For The Rest Of The Century

Texas is vulnerable to warming climate – Houston Chronicle

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