The Incredible Heat Of August 14, 1936

August 14 temperatures peaked in the US in 1936, then plummeted to a record low in 2004.

The heatwave of August 14, 1936 killed many people and brought temperatures up to 120 degrees.

14 Aug 1936, 3 – Salt Lake Telegram

The entire central portion of the US was over 100 degrees, with Kansas at 115 degrees..

If this happened now climate scientists would say they were 100% certain it was your fault, and demand immediate world communism to solve the problem.

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One Response to The Incredible Heat Of August 14, 1936

  1. Eric Simpson says:

    Tony, I saw your earlier tweet:

    Steve Goddard‏ @SteveSGoddard 15h15 hours ago
    Missouri summer maximum temperatures have dropped an incredible 10 degrees over the last 80 years. Stop HIDING THE DECLINE @NASA and @NOAA


    CAN[ada] Climate Guy‏ @can_climate_guy
    Replying to @SteveSGoddard
    All you climate & weather experts responding with stupid questions & ignorant statements, its cooling in Canada too.

    And then this takes the cake:

    Matthew Stockford‏ @MsStockford 14h14 hours ago
    Replying to @can_climate_guy @SteveSGoddard
    Funny how in all regions where there is data, the temperature is falling, it’s the areas where they estimate the temperatures that it is rising!!

    Here’s ithe mage the unhidden decline in Canada:

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