Florida Hurricane Frequency Down 50% Over the Past 150 Years

Florida used to average one hurricane per year, but now they average one hurricane every other year.


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34 Responses to Florida Hurricane Frequency Down 50% Over the Past 150 Years

  1. Squidly says:

    Hey Tony, I keep reading “strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded” in the media. Is this really true? .. or is this just more bullshit and hype from the propaganda media?

    • arn says:

      Everything that can be related to climate these days is the strongest/hottest/most extreme ever-
      as superlatives are the only way to sell the normal as apocalypse-
      at least until someone does some research.

      • Squidly says:

        Agreed .. I am certainly not a hurricane expert, but it seems to me that Irma is not the strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. It seems like more bullshit to me. I would like some proof for this claim, as I have seen none but all the media is proclaiming it, without showing a shred of evidence (data) to support such claim.

        • arn says:

          The previous hurricane(again forgott the name) was supposed to be the worst/strongest whatever,
          and when it hit the USA nothing happened((as i predicted))

          And i bet these philantropic looneys are secretely praying for a devestating storm so that they finally get the hurricane they are predicting for 3 decades to restart the “doom&gloom-i-said-so” machine.
          (while forgetting to mention that all of their predictions until know have been wrong)

          From now on you can be sure:
          As long as some oil rig worker farts into the westwind and this reaches the US coast it will be considered the worst ever hurricane.

          The reason by the way is simple:
          by (falsly) and on purpose declaring several hurricanes in a row “the worst ever” they create
          the fundament to start screaming in 2019- we had 3 of the four worst hurricanes in history in the past 2 yeary=proof for global warming.
          And i bet they allready have written the articles which will be released in 2019 as proof for global warming.

        • Andy DC says:

          It is absolute bullshit. The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane was the strongest Atlantic hurricane on record by a long shot. It hit the Keys coming in from the east, so it definitely was an Atlantic hurricane. Its pressure measured on land was 892 mb, or 26.35 inches. Not only was its central pressure much lower than Irma’s, it was also a much smaller storm, thus the pressure gradient was over a very short distance.

          But of course, the alarmists will claim that their records only go back to 1979 or whatever.

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately, you need to read the hidden “fine print”. Strongest hurricane in the “Atlantic” – ie “the Atlantic Basin”, not the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, etc. You now need to determine the borders of the “Atlantic Basin”. I won’t waste my time, but will leave you with this, from a former NASA employee:


    • Garyh845 says:

      Well, Klotzbach just Twittered, “#Irma has now had max winds of 180+ mph for past 24 hrs – an Atlantic hurricane record. Old record was Allen w/ 18 hours of 180+ mph winds.” [in 1980].

      . . while still in the Atlantic – not the Caribbean or Gulf.

      • Squidly says:

        The problem I have with this is that they record “max winds” differently now than they used to, from different altitudes. I’m still not convinced that this is the “strongest evah”…

      • Anon says:

        Right, and what normal everyday American is going to think that the “Atlantic” is anything different than what they learned in High School geography:

        Atlantic Ocean: an ocean bounded by North America and South America in the Western Hemisphere and by Europe and Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere.

        No normal American has a clue that they are using some kind of scientific or meteorologic definition.

  2. Garyh845 says:

    Hey Tony – Mr. Chart-Maker Extraordinaire – how would you chart the attached, such that the lack of a positive trend is shown?

    Also, since the ‘consensus,’ of them dere climate warmist’s folks is that there really is no potentially observable human footprint on GW, until after the 1950’s (w/ many saying the 1970’s) I’m seeing that almost all of the worst of the lot occur before any such AGW footprint would have been adding energy to the show. Thanks.

    • Brad says:

      I notice a nice correlation between pressure and wind speed in your chart. I find it odd that they keep saying 185+ mph winds with a system that is around 920 mb. That should make the wind speed around 140-150. I think their wind measurements are all hype. Just yellow journalism sensationalism.

      • Brad says:

        I see that is it knots, not mph. So winds should be around 160-170 mph.

      • Garyh845 says:

        It’s not my chart, FTR. Copied it from somewhere around these parts a few days back.

      • Latitude says:

        Brad, that’s because it has an extremely small eye….Masters says hurricane force winds are only out 35 miles from the center.
        ….small eye spins faster

        • Brad says:

          Not really, it has a 30 mile wide eye. Given typical eyes are 20-40 miles, it is exactly average. The a very large eyed hurricane was Isabel which had an eye between 40-50 miles for several days while the eye of Wilma, THE MOST POWERFUL HURRICANE EVER, was only about 2 miles (which would be an extremely small eye).

    • arn says:

      So- in the past 55 years only 5 major hurricanes hit the usa out of the 25 biggest hurricanes of the past 165 years.
      When you have less than 20% of all superstrong hurricanes in
      33% of a timeframe thats so much below average.

      Interessting to see btw that strong hurricanes seem to appear in “groups”= many years nothing,then several in a short timeframe
      (1926-35= 4)
      (1945-1967=9 hurricanes)

      out of 166 years 60% of all big hurricanes happened within a timeframe of just
      37 years(around 22%)

      • Garyh845 says:

        Well, here’s what I was angling for . .

        Assuming that AGW is not having any significant effect on GT’s, nor other forms of climate/weather, prior to 1970 (that is the consensus, correct?), then 21 of the Cat 4 & 5 hurricanes occur prior to 1970.

        That’s 84% before any potentially observable AGW.

  3. Psalmon says:

    Happens every “super storm”. Reports of 185 mph winds, but no damage and no measurements showing even hurricane force winds. Then we are fed garbage that oh that’s not the “measured wind” that matters. Who give a s*** what the jetstream winds are…it’s like temperature at the airport…NOBODY LIVES AT THE AIRPORT.

    During the 1938 Long Island Express the anemometer at Blue Hill broke at over 180mph. It actually MEASURED 180 mph+ winds ON LAND. That was real and mattered. Winds up at 5000 ft mean nothing to anyone who has a house on the beach.

    Here is the buoy between St Thomas and PR. As usual it craps out when it matters (or someone turns it off). But there is not one windspeed higher than 75mph.

    Also on the Wunderground Wundermap..not one wind speed over 50mph. Not one in the area. What the hell are they measuring and why does it matter?

    Last year Hurricane Matthew went straight over a US NOAA buoy between Haiti and Cuba. The pressure track and windspeed show the eye passed DIRECTLY over the buoy, yet the buoy never recorded > 80mph windspeed for a “CAT 5” storm. I asked NOAA and they gave some windspeed distortion on rough seas, average windspeed over an hour, BS excuse. See pic below.

    If hurricane force winds don’t last long enough to average out to hurricane force winds over an hour, or a sustained period to have an impact, who cares? This is all terribly fishy to me and every year there’s a major hurricane gets fishier. Look at 1900 Galvaston or 1935 Miami. These places were piles of sticks, like an atom bomb went off. BVI after Irma looks barely touched. There’s a pic of post-Irma that shows awnings left out in the storm survived. Ever see awnings on an airplane going 185mph? More FakeNews?

    Last year the sup

  4. Psalmon says:

    Here’s a pic of CAT 5 SuperStorm Catastrophe Irma from Tortola on the British Virgin Islands…CAT 5 Strongest-Hurricane-In-The-History-Of- EARTH went directly over BVI and Tortola.

    Notice that someone either left the awnings out or they got pulled out during the storm and somehow in the total destruction of the eyewall at 185mph, these awnings look pretty good. The one on the right looks completely unharmed.

    This is NOTHING like the devastation we’ve seen from Galvaston, Camile, 1935, 1938 LI Express. The 1938 storm killed 600 people and utterly destroyed New England. Some sand spits with homes were wiped clean by the LI Express. Whole new inlets on Long Island were created by the LI Express. We don’t see any of that here.

    We see established trees standing. Roofs in tact. Virtually no structural damage. No flooding. Some newly planted palms merely knocked down.

    185mph winds? This place took a direct hit. WHERE is any evidence of this hype?

    • Latitude says:

      …that was definitely not 185 mph winds

    • Andy DC says:

      I’ve seen summer thunderstorms that have looked worse that that!

    • Skeptic says:

      Getting to the truth is getting Jared and harder. There is a virtual monopoly on information and the storms tend to be hyped beyond belief. I remember the storm that was going to hit Mexico a few years ago was the strongest ever too. Then it hit and knocked over a chicken coop. Nothing more was said about the hype or bad forecast.

  5. Psalmon says:

    Here’s a picture of a building destroyed in Worchester MA during the 1938 hurricane.

    Worchester is 120 miles inland from where the 1938 LI Express made landfall.

    So before you say these BVI buildings are made of brick and steel…consider what the 1938 storm’s winds did FOR REAL, 120 miles inland from where it first hit the coast.

    And remember that BVI took a direct hit from “185mph winds” and there’s hardly any damage. It defies common sense.

  6. Psalmon says:

    Here is the available data from Barbuda. The anemometer failed after a 135mph gust and just before the eye directly went over the island. Max sustained recorded winds were 103mph.


    Pictures of damage show nothing near Cat 5, mostly roof shingles/coverings and few wall collapses, despite what looks like extensive flooding and likely storm surge. Most damage looks like Cat 3 damage.


    There is a reason for all the hype however. First the Prime Minister released the statement below. Then he reversed that and stated 90% of buildings were destroyed and there were even reports then released suggesting 1,000 people/1,600 residents were killed, so from bragging about preparedness to everyone’s dead. Wow.

    At 9pm EDT TMZ released a story that Robert DeNiro would personally step in and help Barbuda. So magnanimous, NOT. DeNiro has been working for years to develop Barbuda and now the PM and others will get free relief $$$ to make it happen, all hyped up by CNN. Interesting to see how it all works.


    But Raging Bull was on the ropes back last December:


  7. JPinBalt says:

    NOAA creates a new category 6 class, current forecast for Miami is 140 MPH winds Sunday morning, but could after the wrenching of tears be reduced to category 4 or 5 by time reaches FL, 12 year hurricane hiatus seems over, satellite pic explains it all which can only see since two X class flares just went off on sun …

    • arn says:

      My god-this is a category 10 hurricane.

      When Bo Derek was considered a perfect 10
      than hitlery is a devastating minus 10.

      Imagine what such a category 10 hurricane could do in one day and then imagine what it would have done to your country in 4 years as president.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Hurricanes are not angry, they just are. This one is pissed, simmering with rage and ready to blow.

      • JPinBalt says:

        I agree, but if measuring GDP and potential impacts, 1/4% less economic growth per 1% increase in government spending, a Hillarycaine hitting for 4-8 years would have been far worse damage than 1,000 category 5 hurricanes. A category 10 is a fair assessment, if not 100 comparing wind speed damage to total economic loss.

  8. Psalmon says:

    Weather Channel reported on video from Puerto Rico saying:n”San Juan was lashed with hurricane force winds last night.”

    NO it was not. Here is the weather station trace from SJNP4, inside the harbor, on land, at the USCG station. Not one gust over 75mph.

    The WC reported Irma passed 55 miles north of PR, but the eyewall passed 35miles away. This is getting ridiculous and reminds me of the Jurassic Park quote (modified):

    “Uh you would think with a hurricane of this size, at some point someone would measure actual hurricane force winds?”

    This has been going on since Sandy. Hurricanes without hurricane force winds.

  9. Psalmon says:

    For reference here is buoy 41053 outside the harbor of San Juan. Closer to Irma, but potentially affected by waves etc…

    Same story.

  10. Psalmon says:

    Sorry, here is 41053

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