Government Climate Science Is Based On Fraud And Data Tampering

“The person responsible for this overestimate of global warming is Jim Hansen. He consistently exaggerates all the dangers.”

– Freeman Dyson

In 1986, NASA’s James Hansen said the US had warmed 1-2 degrees since 1958, and would warm another 3-4 degrees by 2020.

The Press-Courier – Google News Archive Search

His own 1999 graph showed no warming from 1958 to 1986. He was simply making that number up in the 1986 article.


A 1989 paper from NOAA showed no US warming from 1895-1988.

U.S. Data Since 1895 Fail To Show Warming Trend –

Hansen wrote in 1999 that the US was cooling, as greenhouse gases increased.

in the U.S. there has been little temperature change in the past 50 years, the time of rapidly increasing greenhouse gases — in fact, there was a slight cooling throughout much of the country

Measured US temperatures still show no warming over the past century.

None of the facts suit NASA’s global warming agenda, so Gavin Schmidt (Hansen’s successor) simply altered the data.

1999 Version       2017 Version

But even Gavin’s fraudulent temperature data doesn’t come close to the 4-6 degrees warming Hansen predicted by 2020.

Government climate scientists report fake past warming, make fake predictions about future warming, and then tamper with data when their predictions fail. It is a small, tight group of fraudsters who act as head coach, team, cheerleader, referee, score keeper and broadcaster. No one in the press will challenge these criminals, and the press refuses to talk to anyone who does challenge them.

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16 Responses to Government Climate Science Is Based On Fraud And Data Tampering

  1. Eliza says:

    You are 100% correct and always have been. Over time you will be remembered as the one person who broke the back of the greatest scientific scam in history.

  2. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    If memory serves, Hansen’s data came from a high altitude observatory in Hawaii, yet it seems to closely match the pattern for the average of the daily mean for the U.S. data from your “Unhiding the Decline.” Interesting how the non-contiguous 48 state record resembles the change in the tropical islands. Hansen’s shows deviation from an arbitrary norm, where yours shows actual mean temps all around 53F — which is probably why he chose it, since no one could really be afraid of such a low temp, nor of an apparent mean rise over the whole data field of only about 0.5F. And hardly anyone would object to slightly warmer nights, but they would get in the way of greenhouse effect warming. Obfuscation from the beginning.

    • arn says:

      i would not be surprised to find out that this observatory in Hawaii is close to a ‘retired’ still co2 emmitting volcano which drives the co2 numbers
      in sorrounding areas higher than they usually are on this planet.

  3. Norilsk says:

    This video has only recently become available, a real global warmer buster. Where’s Griff. Tell her to get her snout down here to see this. There are some gruesome scenes and testimonies.
    The Cat 5 Labor Day Hurricane of 1935

  4. Anon says:

    What you say about Gavin Schmidt is on the mark:

    How Government Twists Climate Statistics

    Former Energy Department Undersecretary Steven Koonin (of Obama’s 1st term) on how bureaucrats spin scientific data.

    Koonin says Gavin Schmidt has no problem with tampering with or misrepresenting the data to serve an ulterior agenda.

  5. Norilsk says:

    Why? Why do these public servants have to lie about things? Is there theory just that shaky? It is the same everywhere with everything.

    I’ve been dealing with some local things of late. Local politicians make a decison on a library and museum that vitually everybody disagrees with and they just lie and spin when they’re challenged.

    • Adamant de-Nye-er says:

      Money — short answer.
      Longer than there have been scientists, there have been charlatans interested only in furthering their own continued patronage. Once they were alchemists and astrologers. Modern government agency heads and often tenured university professors are politicians first, salesmen second, and sometimes scientists as high as third. Ego, reputation, and public acclaim are part of the priority system, and if one of them can be remotely be seen as a performer — that serves political and sales needs first. Rather than fact and accuracy, they look to where the next grant is coming from, and toward their next stage appearance.

    • arn says:

      No climate change= no need for public servants in this special field= jobless instead of a high paid job.

      330 mio people living in the USA
      100 mio+ working age americans do not work
      official unemployment number >5%.

      When you can get away with such absurd statistics though everything
      is overwhelmingly prooving that this is total BS
      than you can get away with anything.

      • richard verney says:

        Please will you expand on your figures.

        As per wikipedia, there are some 323 million 92016 figures), and as at 2014 there were some 126 million adults.

        You suggest that some 100 million adults are not working, so that suggests that there are only 26 million adults actually working.

        I do not doubt that the government statistics are heavily manipulated, but where is the data that suggests that there are only about 26 million adults actually employed and working (when I say employed, I include those who are self employed)?

    • Anon says:

      Norilsk Here is the reason for the lies. As you can see the leaders of the AGW movement don’t care what the science says, it is just a useful tool:

      How Climate Alarmism Advances International Political Agendas:

      It goes on to this day. Here is what Angela Merkel said about Trump pulling out of the Paris Accord:

      Merkel, at her press conference, said, “This Paris climate accord is not just some accord or the other. It is a central accord in defining the contours of globalization.”

      That is a VERY WEIRD thing to say. She ought to have said: “It is the central accord needed to stop a human created worldwide catastrophe.”

      She just confirmed Trump’s position, that the Paris Treaty is not about science but about globalization, of which his voters want no part.

  6. Jackson says:

    I love it when you put out the time line like this.

  7. GW Smith says:

    Great one, Tony! Keep it up!

  8. arn says:

    One need lots of phantasie to assume he is right,but let’s pretend that he is:

    According to Hansen temperatures rose 4-6 degrees since 1958 until now(2020)
    -and though they have been rising so much nothing has really changed.

    The sea level rise did not change((as every AGW jihadist who lives near the coast for some decades can see))

    Nothing was flooded

    the number of hurricanes went down significantly((but people are more afraid of hurricanes then ever because tv told them so))

    the corn production almost doubled since 1990(i wonder how that could happen in superhot dry areas:)

    Ice bear population has icreased since then from an estimated 8-10k to 25-30k
    (but people are more worried than ever before about icebears going extinct though their population is on a record high-because TV told them so)
    The arctic ice=still there protecting the north pole from AGWt tourists in Kayaks and ships.

    So-when such a sharp increases in tempetatures have no or even opposite effects of what he is predicting.
    (more crops ,more ice bears,no change in sea level rise)
    What the hell is this guy warning about?

  9. Rob says:

    I look forward to the next chart in 5-10 years that will have tampered with the data even more. Won’t be long before that peak in the 30s is turned into a negative and that 99/00 figure become even higher.

    Blows my mind how some can see these charts that show the tampering (no doubt many who slam Tony have been to this site and seen the charts) as well as the other stuff like the arctic ice gibberish and still believe in this scam. The brainwashing is strong with them.

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