Hurricane Superstition Reaches Record Levels

The fake news press is 100% certain that US hurricanes are getting worse and more common due to global warming.

Not long ago, they were blaming the record low number of hurricanes on global warming.

The reality is that hurricane season temperatures have plummeted at all US Atlantic and Gulf Coast states.


The last really hot hurricane season was in 1954, which was also one of the worst hurricane seasons on record. In 1954, New England was hit by two major hurricanes within ten days. They were the last major hurricanes to hit New England

11 Sep 1954, Page 1 – The Edwardsville Intelligencer

The Senator Joe McCarthy hearings were going on during those hurricane strikes. Senator McCarthy was  despised by Democrats because they felt he was prosecuting people based on their beliefs – which is now the standard practice of the Democratic Party.

01 Sep 1954, Page 1 – The Evening Independent

A few weeks later, the most powerful hurricane of the summer, Hazel, also damaged New England. It was Canada’s deadliest hurricane on record.

16 Oct 1954, Page 1 – The Burlington Free Press

The frequency of hurricanes and major hurricanes has declined in the US over the past 150 years.

HURDAT Re-analysis

Climate scientists have been making the same idiotic forecasts about hurricanes for at least 30 years.

Ellensburg Daily Record – Google News Archive Search

As with everything else in climate science, it is all based on junk science, superstition about a trace gas, and fraud.

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41 Responses to Hurricane Superstition Reaches Record Levels

  1. RAH says:

    Levi now has his latest update video up. S. Florida already in the wind bands of the northern part of the storm and seeing TS storm winds up to 60 mph.

  2. RAH says:

    Down to 125 mph winds. Cuban mountains knocking it down. But it could bounce back quickly if and when it turns north.

  3. Kris Johanson says:

    Mother is angry, and can you blame her?

    Typical NYT…”By far, the most important has been that Mother Earth is fuming. Hurricanes have drowned two American cities in recent years. Mammoth wildfires have raced across the American West. Toxic algae contaminate drinking water drawn from warmer and more polluted rivers and lakes all over the world. In June 2013, a flood that scientists linked to climate change killed thousands of people in Uttarakhand, India, and wrecked that Himalayan state’s hydropower sector.

    • Rob says:

      I guess mother earth has been fuming since its existence given the extreme weather events that have happened. The idiocy of these pieces of garbage in the media.

      I love how these morons can equate EVERYTHING to their fraud. Droughts are global warming and heavy rain is global warming. Bloody brilliant. Part of me would actually love to see them get their wish and then see what they blame for natural weather events happening like they have for billions of years.

      Damn the sheeple who believe in this crap rather than demanding this farce end.

      • RAH says:

        They couch their religion in what sounds like science terminology when it has nothing to do with science and is in fact the very opposite of what science is.

    • RAH says:

      The superstitious BS from the legacy media never ends:

    • rw says:

      Mind you, these are the scions of The Enlightenment telling us that “Mother Earth is fuming”. How far we’ve come from our Cro-Magnon ancestors … (or is it those Neanderthal genes?)

  4. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    The warmist theology really breaks down when the real sea surface temperature difference between the tropics and the poles is smaller, under their own narrative, than during any time in the last several decades. Melting caps from the underneath should also mean fewer hurricanes, by their logic. Also when we get a lot of activity on the West Coast. Why does everyone forget the Pacific, where we went through almost the entire storm name alphabet in each of the last two years? A lot of our recent Baja and Arizona greening has come from the tropical storms and hurricanes forming off Central America running up the West Coast of Mexico or out toward Hawaii.

  5. oars says:

    New here but since everyone seems to be an expert on tropical cyclonegenesis I’ll play along. Not sure why it’s considered unusual to have a severe hurricane during the chronological peak of the hurricane season? In my mind, if “climate change” (i.e., the earth is getting warmer thus our oceans are as well) were truly a factor and climate change advocates are hanging their collective hats on warmer water as the prime reason, then shouldn’t we see hurricanes developing further north since these warmer – suitable to hurricane development – waters are now more widespread (and north)? Also, shouldn’t we see hurricane formation occurring outside the typical season (i.e., more April/May and Dec/Jan)?

    By the way, is there a reliable (high integrity) source for worldwide water temps over the past 100 years? I’d like to compare those just for kicks.

    • gator69 says:

      By the way, is there a reliable (high integrity) source for worldwide water temps over the past 100 years?

      Second funniest thing I have heard today!

      • oars says:

        I’m guessing that’s a no?

        • AndyG55 says:

          Correct, the answer is a most definite NO.

          Look at this chart which shows the ocean coverage over time.
          You will see that even in the 1990’s and after there was barely 20% coverage in the NH

          Only since 2003 , with Argo is there anything except extremely sparse data

          • AndyG55 says:

            It should also be noted that the data that would have been available would be mostly from the shipping routes, especially the North Atlantic, which is HIGHLY affected by multi-decadal oscillations.

            So any so-called ocean warming, since say 1970 would be based strongly on that data, as the AMO was in the positive part of its cycle.

            Ship based sea temperature data is IFFY to say the least, no standard methods, different depths etc (which , as Tom Karl knows, gives plenty of scope for “data interpretation” ) ;-)

        • RAH says:

          Yea it is a no. You asked for information on “water temperatures” and that means taking temperatures of the water at different depths. Now if you asked about just sea surface temperatures (SSTs) that would be a different matter but still the answer would be a resounding no! There was neither to technology or coverage to compile sue a record.

          There is no reliable source for either Global SSTs or temperatures down through the water column for the last 100 years. All we can do is get and idea by proxy data in some places.

          That is unless you think sailors pulling up buckets of water on their ship every once in awhile and taking it’s temperature in a very limited number of places is good data. Then later there were the temps taken more regularly at the engine inlets of ships which skewed the temps warmer than they actually were.

          The Argo system

          can give some good data starting in 1999 but even today it lacks total coverage. And then there are the satellite measurements we have today also for SSTs.

        • gator69 says:

          Methods of measuring ocean temperatures have varied widely, and you must remember any in situ measurement of ocean temperatures is a crap shoot. They are tiny and widely spread measurements meant to represent 70% of the Earth’s surface, and below. Anyone who claims to know the temperature of the oceans past or present is a liar.

          This charts shows the distribution of SST measurement methods from 1970 to 2000…

          Settled science my ass.

  6. RAH says:

    Footage from Islamorada, Florida this morning as squalls from the outer bands of Irma come in. Remember the eye of this storm is still tracking along coast of Cuba. Islamorada is more or less in the middle of the key south of Key Largo and north of Marathon.

  7. RAH says:

    Is there an anti-Trump effect at work here?

  8. Andy says:

    Totally agree, hurricanes are not getting worse. Been very quiet over recent years, certainly you cannot connect any sort of human activities making them stronger in such a short time scale.

    This is a good bit of trivia. Hurricanes with name begining with I are in the top 4 spots!

    How cool is that, and what are the odds? There is actually a link between naming and strength just down to how it works, but top 4 being all I makes me chuckle. Odds?


  9. Douglas Hoyt says:

    The panic-stricken pansies are trying to make political hay out of every hurricane. Hopefully other people will point out that hurricanes have been reported by Columbus in the 1490s and hurricanes have been occurring for centuries before that.

    A little off topic, but around 1880-90 a tree was found embedded in a coal mine in southern Ohio. The miners were able to follow the trunk of the tree for 1000 feet, implying that the living tree during the Carbonaceous period, 300+ million years ago, the tree stood 1000 feet or more tall. Today that is impossible because capillary action in an atmosphere with a pressure of 1000 mb will only allow trees to grow to about 400-450 feet tall. So for the Ohio tree to have grown as tall as it did, the atmospheric pressure at the time must have been 2000 mb or higher.

    A 2000 mb air pressure explains why this era was warm even with a fainter sun. It makes dragon flies that are 2 or 3 feet across possible as well.

    Anyway, I wonder what a hurricane in atmosphere twice as thick as nowadays would be like. More destructive than anything seen in modern times, I reckon.

  10. RAH says:

    Joe Bastardi at has come out with his Saturday update video and it is NOT good news. He is adamant that Irma will turn north and blow back up into the CAT V before it comes ashore. He believes it will come ashore right in the vicinity of Port Charlotte with gusts up to 150 mph.
    Our place is empty but the neighbors on each side are permanent residents and stayed put. I hope they will come out OK but MAN this looks very bad.
    For those that are not familiar click this link:
    Look to the right for the video titled “Saturday Summary” and click it.
    IMO Joe and his weatherbell team are as good as anyone in the business of forecasting the track and intensity of storms.

  11. arn says:

    Once again interessting to see the rhetorics of the AGW Mafia.

    Time: “5 ways climate change MAY be making hurricanes worse”
    WSLS:”DID climate change effect hurricanes?”
    Inside climate news:”6 questions about climate change,extreme storms…”
    PRI:”IS the 1-2 punch due to nature?”
    Chicago Tribune”WILL future storms be WORSE”

    They use strong words implying and indoctrinating that they are right,but always leave a huge backdoor open(so they can backpaddle when wrong and pretend to be objective)

    The only magazine with a straight statement is Newsweek:
    Not that the journalist is an iota better than his other liars,
    instead he is just quoting Al Gore statement:”Climate change made hurricane Irma worse”
    Of course he can not prove this and never will
    but this guy had been caught so many times with lying and wrong predictions
    (no ice free arctic,growing ice bear population,lack of hurricanes)
    that he simply doesn’t care.
    Considering that he wasn’t even a millionaire before he started the global warming scam and now owns an estimated 200 mio dollars (made with co2 certificates)
    he doesn’t care about lying as he got superrich that way and never was held accountable.

  12. John W. Garrett says:

    Priceless !!

  13. Jan says:

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    issues with your blog. It seems like some of the
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