Last Year’s DNC – Permanent Drought In Texas

Democrats say that global warming causes too much rain in Texas, because it increases the amount of moisture in the air. One year ago they said that global warming causes too little rain in Texas.

Democrats depend on the fact that 97% of their voters are complete morons.

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22 Responses to Last Year’s DNC – Permanent Drought In Texas

  1. AndyG55 says:

    Yep Sigourney, we know Houston is in permanent drought

    FFS , go and make another “Alien” movie……

    …. or actually be productive for once in your life, rather than just an amusement for the brain-dead.

    • arn says:

      Don’t blame her.
      Blame the alien for failing to get her in at least 3 movies.

      The good thing we know about actors is:when they it is all about fiction.
      They just repeat texts in front of a cam written by others they don”t understand.
      As they are very lousy in doing so they need a director to direct them,
      and the director of alien has started his carreer in making commercials.
      So in the end this talk is just advertising.

      btw-i like those hollywood guys as so many of them are such arrogant pricks that they really believe that they are climate experts
      ((strange somehow that for a hundred years there haven’t been a single one but now there are 100s of them=hollywood make the best lousy scripts and the follow)
      That makes guys like me(and 99% of human population) also experts –

      But the most funny thing about “actors meet climate” is:
      When you ask the smartest guy in the room and not some casting couch actors who are 5 times a day on their knees in the producers room(to pray towards mekka i suppose):
      Actor James Woods who is said to have an IQ of 180 – he says:
      “Federal scientists cooked climate change books”

      • Rob says:

        Celebrities and athletes are great with how they actually think their opinions are truly important as well as how they are in touch with the common folk. Guess this is what you get when you have had decades of celebrity worship.

      • Colorado Wellington says:

        Blame the alien for failing to get her …

        Aliens are no good. I’ve been telling people for decades.

        • arn says:

          That’s so Alienophob :)
          Seems noone told you that most Aliens are peacefull
          beings as proven in Coccoon,Mars Attacks and Body Snatchers.

  2. Norilsk says:

    Great theatrics, but shear BS. But then that is what acting is all about.

  3. frederik wisse says:

    Houston , you have a problem .

  4. wert says:

    It is an endless source of entertainment that people within the entertainment industry live in a bubble and think it is the reality. Take the red pill, ms Weaver.

  5. gator69 says:

    In 1969, Sigourney enrolled in Stanford University, majoring in English Literature. She also participated in school plays, especially Japanese Noh plays. By that time, she was living in a tree house, alongside a male friend, dressed in elf-like clothes!

    Reality ain’t really her thang.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      Elves have always been the foot soldiers in the war on bad weather. After Canada’s betrayal, Santa will be relocating the last surviving pairs to the Chilean breeding stations in Antarctica. They are not giving up the fight. We must take Grandpa Gleick’s word for it. Sigourney is expected to join the detachment.
      Santa Claus and Climate Change: A Letter to My Grandkids

      By Grandpa Gleick

      December 2020

      Dear Grandchildren,

      Once upon a time, a jolly old man named St. Nick, or Santa Claus, lived at the North Pole. Every year, at Christmas, he bundled up toys made by his magic elves and flew around the world in a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer, including his most famous one, Rudolph. Santa brought these presents to all the good little boys and girls in return for nothing more than cookies, milk, and unquestioned love. But he also kept a list of bad little boys and girls, who got a lump of coal in their stockings as a reminder to be better next year.

      I’m sorry to have to tell you there will be no presents from Santa this year.

      It’s not that you’ve been bad. Rather the world’s governments (sometimes run by bad boys and girls now grown up) have failed to address the long-worsening problem of climate change. Santa is the latest climate victim. As the last of the summer ice at the North Pole finally disappeared, Santa’s workshop sank to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. When the insurance companies cancelled most flood insurance policies, and Canada claimed the North Pole, Santa lost everything and became the latest climate refugee.

      But be of good cheer. There are rumors that Santa and Mrs. Claus are trying to relocate to Antarctica with the surviving elves, for as long as the ice there persists. There are no reindeer in Antarctica, but if Santa could make reindeer fly, perhaps he can do something similar with penguins. Some say Santa’s list of bad boys and girls has gotten longer and so his job will be easier. There is also a rumor that Santa and Superman (who also recently had to relocate to Antarctica), will share space until Santa and Mrs. Claus can find a new workshop.

      In the meantime, come on over to the house on Christmas anyway. We’ll crank up the air conditioner and celebrate with family. And there will plenty of extra milk and cookies.

      Love, Grandpa

      [Dr. Peter Gleick is President of the Pacific Institute, Oakland, California, a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and a hydroclimatologist.]

  6. Anon says:

    Interesting comment:

    Democrats depend on the fact that 97% of their voters are complete morons.

    Johnathan Gruber, an architect of the federal healthcare law said last year that a “lack of transparency” and the “stupidity of the American voter” helped Congress approve ObamaCare.

    They always rely on the same game plan.

    I think there is a general meme here. Democrat politicians tell their votes how to think, whereas the Republican politicians have a constituency that thinks independently. I always wondered how Obama would (naively) blame the Republicans on Capitol Hill for obstructing him and never that it was the people that those Republicans represent that were obstructing him. In the Democrat’s world, the voters are just mindless controllable tools that will do whatever their politicians tell them and will never venture beyond the world created by the MSM. I think Obama never grasped, that on the other side of the aisle, the political world is very different.

  7. sunsettommy says:

    Leftist ignorance in living color.

  8. gator69 says:

    Holyweird is full of rich lunatic domers, who love to share their sick fantasies…

    It’s no surprise that Paul Schrader, a filmmaker associated with such dark classics as “Taxi Driver” and “American Gigolo,” has a pessimistic streak. But it’s still bracing to hear him argue that humanity, as we know it, is unlikely to last through the next century.

    In an interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Schrader said he believes that global warming is accelerating at such a rate that there’s little that can be done to arrest the ecological changes. His Cassandra-like streak informs “First Reformed,” his new drama that’s been screening to strong reviews at the fall festivals. The film grapples with issues of faith while also sounding a warning about the destruction of the natural world. It follows Ethan Hawke as a small-town priest who toys with becoming a suicide bomber in the service of a radical form of environmentalism.

    Great! Another didactic film by a lefty zealot, based upon two subjects about which he is worse than ignorant.

  9. Robertv says:

    That was last year. This year Climate Change will drown your cows and flood your crops.

  10. Rah says:

    You guys are just deniers. Don’t you understand that if the ice melts the Aliens and the predators that have been fighting each other under the ice will be released upon the surface and come kill us all!

    You people are a menace and need to be locked up for denying something tgat is so obviously a clear and present danger to all mankind.

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