Little Change In Arctic Sea Ice Since 1971

Arctic sea ice extent is well above the ten year mean.

sea_ice_only.jpg (1101×801)

National Geographic published this map of the Arctic multi-year sea ice edge in 1971


Here is the current map for Arctic sea ice – all of this ice is by definition multi-year ice, because it has all survived the summer.

N_20170920_extn_v2.1.png (420×500)

The next image overlays the two. Green is 2017 and red is 1971. There is a little bit less ice thank 1971. Also note that the 1971 ice edge was inside of the NSIDC pink median line.

Government agencies like NOAA, NASA and NSIDC start their sea ice graphs in 1979, in order to make it look like there is a linear decline in sea ice.

NOAA claims they don’t have satellite data before 1979, but they are lying. The 1990 IPCC report showed NOAA satellite data back to 1973, which was much lower than 1979.

1990 IPCC Report

In fact, there is good ice data going back to the 1920’s, which shows that ice extent was very low in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Projecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide (Technical Report) | SciTech Connect

This agrees with historical accounts at the time.

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

I combined the DOE and IPCC graphs, to show what government agencies are up to. They start their linear graphs at the century maximum sea ice extent.

Then fraudsters like John Cook release completely fake graphs like this, so that they can blame it on “human activity”

Human activity is driving retreat of Arctic sea ice

Arctic warmth and melting is cyclical. In 1922 the Arctic was melting rapidly.

2 Nov 1922, Page 1 – Great Bend Tribune at

Instead of trying to understand past warmth, government climate scientists simply try to bury it with fake data.

Data.GISS: GISS Surface Temperature Analysis: Analysis Graphs and Plots

Like all of the other climate scams, the Arctic melting scam is based on junk science, hidden data, fake data and corrupt scientists.

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