More Bird Wars

Today, the Kestrel chased this guy out of the tree.

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5 Responses to More Bird Wars

  1. Latitude says:

    Flickers are wussies……

  2. RAH says:

    We don’t see many Northern Flickers around here in central Indiana. Just every great once in awhile I see on in my yard. But that looks like a Gilded Flicker. However this site:
    shows that the Gilded Flicker does not range into Colorado.

  3. KevinK says:

    Red Shafted Flicker. This refers to the coloring on the inside of the shafts of the tail feathers. Note the reddish hue on the inside (bottom) of the tail feathers in the second photo.

    Flickers in the Eastern US have tail feathers that are more yellow/orange aka golden or gilded.

    The bird nerds are still arguing if they are all the same species with localized color preferences, or different birds. I have not checked the status of the Flicker argument lately.

    Sometimes they split a bird into two species only to put them back into one species decades later.

  4. Mark M says:

    Presumed extinct, night parrot colony uncovered near Lake Eyre

    Turns out that emitting trace CO2 is a truly lousy way to kill night parrots.

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