More Stunning NOAA Fakery In South America

I’ve just discovered a spectacular new type of data fakery in the GHCN database.

NOAA only had about ten stations in South America with daily temperature data in 1950

In my previous post I showed how UHI from Buenos Aires is contaminating rural La Estanzuela.

Now we are going to look at a completely different type of data fakery in Argentina. Laboulaye Airport is about three hundred miles west of Buenos Aires, and showed cooling from 1950-2003. But then there was a sharp spike upwards after 2003.

So what happened after 2003? NOAA started losing daily temperatures. Until 2003, they have daily temperature data for almost every single day of the year. But after 2003, they started losing about half of their days.

The loss of data corresponds precisely to the spike in temperatures. And NOAA did exactly the same thing at Buenos Aires.

It could be just a million to one coincidence, but it looks very suspicious. And it is very similar to how NOAA manipulates post-1990 US temperatures, except with US data they manipulate monthly temperatures rather than daily temperatures.

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