New Video : Latest Fake News About Sea Level

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  1. Latitude says:

    Tony, I know how to like these old pictures
    Here’s a picture of Fort Boyard taken in 1900…..

    …and here’s one taken now….no sea level rise at all

    • arn says:

      i’m really shocked to see that fort boyard ,just like all other old buildings in the see ,is a climate & see level rise denier.

      And i’d be more surprised to hear the official reason(and laugh a lot) why the see was rising so much 9000-3000 years ago but now is not.

      Seems no global warming 9000 years ago was much much warmer
      and melted so much ice away that it made sea level rise by many dozen yards
      while todays super hot apocalyptic real global warming can barely move sea level more than a milimeter a year.

      (and i”m still waiting for an explanation why nowadays climate is so fantastic that it had to be saved from changing by any means.
      Considering that scientists were so extremly afraid of global cooling in the 70ied one may think that they should be the biggest supporters of
      global warming.
      But somehow i think:
      No matter which way the climate is about be,
      there will always be 2 anwers.
      1)it’s manmade
      2)pay taxes

      As i know ,there is no perfect climate and
      world climate is anyways just a statistic trick made up by data as there are(everchanging) climate zones(tropics,subtropic) but not a unified world climate as the climate in the arctics will always be a different one than that at the equator.

      • Rob says:

        What happened is humans from the future used SUV based time machines and went back 9000 years ago and drove those gas guzzlers around to increase the temps. :)

        One thing that amazes me about the human species is how many seem to have some “guilt or shame gene” in their dna. Many religious folk feel ashamed of everything and think they do nothing but sin, liberal white people have white guilt for stuff they didn’t even take part in back in the 1800s, liberal males feel male guilt because they were born with penises, these climate change cultists feel guilty (not the democrats or climate “scientists” who only push this for money and control) thinking they are destroying the climate…truly amazing.

        Maybe this is why other species don’t have the same level of self awareness and intelligence as all that would do is make them feel guilty to be alive.

  2. Buck Turgidson says:

    Ask the alarmists if they can tell you the average global rate of sea level rise, and if the rate is increasing or decreasing. They have no idea. They just “know” (believe) that it’s rising and that Florida and NYC are going to be under water — as with all of these Chicken Little predictons, “any day now.”

    These are the smart science boys and girls. These folks are incredibly obtuse. Do they not notice that these predictions of inundation Armageddon keep not happening?

  3. RAH says:


    I know you have newspaper articles from the Galveston hurricane and think you should have used them.

  4. Kris Johanson says:

    Another very well done educational video. It should be shown in every private high school in America

  5. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    I can’t get over how much they still deemphasize scale. Even if rise was at 3mm/year (which no one could actually measure, even if it were true) it would be > 4300 years before you’d get four stories of sea level rise — a deliberately low estimate of what is shown in the thumbnail on that video. The street level of lower Manhattan seems to be at about 33 feet, which would make it over 3500 years before the residents would have to resort to New Orleans (or Dutch) style measures to keep the water off of the terrazzo at high tide. Its a shame really, since New York has been holding the rest of the U.S. back since it was an English colony — the sooner we rid ourselves of Manhattan’s influence, the better. But I sincerely promise to act as if I am upset when water washes over the 5th floor, in about 8000 years.

  6. Kris Johanson says:

    Makes you wonder… is there no one in the media-complex who understands Civil Engineering? You would NEVER HAVE a scene with Manhattan highrises 50′ under water, even if the oceans rose fairly rapidly. If the water table rose even just a few feet at the south end of Manhattan, structures would become uninhabitable and the impacts to the underground infrastructure would in essence shut the whole city down. You couldn’t just “move up to the 50th floor” and keep occupying the building. There are really big hydrostatic forces – both lateral and uplift forces – associated with water table levels; and deep foundations (One World Trade Ctr. below) are specifically designed & calculated to handle these: buildings would ‘list’ and smaller buildings would float and break apart probably before you even “saw” any water. Deep foundations would fail INWARD and buildings would come down. Foundation dewatering pumps would not keep up. Sewers and storm drains would back up. Long before you noticed any surface water, buildings and all kinds of infrastructure would have to be removed for a whole host of reasons, and the city would have to be redesigned, pure and simple. The larger point is, if the Insurance industry even remotely believed the sea level hype, all Insurance Flood Maps would be immediately revised, all existing policies cancelled and recalculated, all new construction and planning activities shut down immediately, and there would be CRAZY levels of real estate speculation and property changing hands and developers backing out of deals

    • Adamant de-Nye-er says:

      An honest estimate of mean life span for any construction is going to be around 60 years, with a steep bell curve on either side of that graph. More than that requires expensive maintenance and very good luck. Granted, there are examples that are much older, but an awful lot of buildings are torn down and replaced, victim of accident or weather event, or are rebuilt in place long before they reach that age. One of my childhood home sports team has had three stadiums in my lifetime, and many shiny new 1970s public buildings in another childhood home town, as well as all of the first five place where I worked as a teenager and young adult, are up for replacement. 100 feet of water in Manhattan? No problem: the New York boat people of the year 10,000 A.D. will be doing just fine.

  7. Adamant de-Nye-er says:

    I think you’re blocked on YouTube — can’t load this video (~ 2100 GMT, 2 Sep 17) someone is whining, maybe?

  8. richard verney says:

    Whilst this does not have a bearing on sea level rise, the claimed lost city dating back some 9000 years ago, might not be all that it was claimed to be.

    There is considerable doubt whether there is any man made artifacts, still less manmade structures evidencing that there was truly a lost city dating back some 9,000 years. See Wikipedia

    PS. the Gulf of Cambay is now known as the Gulf of Khambhat.

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