Three Extreme September 29’s

On September 29, 1927 the south was hot and humid, and the north was cold. The cold front brought a huge tornado outbreak to the midwest.

The Pittsburgh Press – Google News Archive Search

September 29, 1953 brought 100 degree temperatures to much of the Midwest. Imagine the hysteria if this happened now.

September 29, 1984 brought cold weather to almost the entire country.

There is no correlation between heatwaves and CO2, or extreme weather and CO2. People who claim there is are fraudsters, not scientists.

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9 Responses to Three Extreme September 29’s

  1. Andy DC says:

    Sorry to be off topic, but could not help noticing the article about the “Bucs” (Pittsburgh Pirates) clinching the National League (baseball) pennant. That news was not all good for Pirate fans, because in the World Series they were lambs lead to slaughter and swept by the 1927 Yankees, perhaps with best team of all time.

    The Pirates were actually a decent team in 1927, led by two brothers, both in the Hall of Fame, named Paul and Lloyd Waner, from Oklahoma. Perhaps two of the earliest Dust Bowl refugees, as they left the Dust Bowl before it even started.

    • pseudo-intellectual says:

      For all their might the 1927 Yanks won the Series by fairly pedestrian scores.

      2 of the games were one-run affairs.

      The only blow-out, Game 3, was helped by a 6-run inning.

  2. Brian D says:

    Since it’s now late September, I have looked at the cold records for the month. They generally happen this time of year as average temps are decreasing across the nation.
    I was rather surprised at the number of records set in the 80’s and 90’s. One might think, based on the propaganda, that the early record was the little ice age and no record cold happened in recent decades.

    Record low max temps:

  3. Rah says:

    This one was an extremely frustrating day for me. Difficult driving all day. Traffic, construction, idiots. I’m parked 278 miles from home. Wasn’t going to make it home with the hours I had left to drive anyway. So pulled in early to take my break and will take off at 02:00 in the morning when most of the morons are in bed. Thanks for the reminder to help me keep it all in perspective.

  4. pseudo-intellectual says:

    Claim: palm trees in L.A. are dying because of global warming (oh yes, also of old age):

    I was in L.A. 30 years ago (early October) when it set a record of, I believe, 108 degrees. This was the famous “Shake and Bake”, following the Whittier-Narrows earthquake.

    Today the projected high is 83.

  5. Steven Fraser says:

    On that cool day, apparently somebody had an anomalous high reading in Southern Kansas. It was the only place that hot in the midcountry.

  6. rw says:

    September 29, 1953 brought 100 degree temperatures to much of the Midwest. Imagine the hysteria if this happened now.

    Yes, thank God it’s cooling! Otherwise they’d have the world covered with wind turbines before this thing could be pushed back.

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