Southwest Permanent Drought

Colorado and New Mexico are getting slammed with very heavy rain and snow. Joe Romm calls this permanent drought.

Wolf Creek, Colorado

Taos, New Mexico.

On this date in 1953, Colorado reached 96 degrees and New Mexico reached 98 degrees.

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8 Responses to Southwest Permanent Drought

  1. gator69 says:

    Joe Romm’s permanent BS.

  2. Buck Turgidson says:

    There it is, “The End of Snow.” To quote the NYT article from years ago.

    Defenders told me that I was just really stupid b/c even though the title said that, the article didn’t say that, and why was I being so careless. Seriously. When you are at the NYT who cares if an article title reflects its content.

    All the crap that’s fit to print or lie about, and to wrap fish guts.

  3. Buck Turgidson says:

    PS — got the cart > horse, sorry. I trashed that stupid NYT article in a comments section and some SJWs ganged up and shot spitwads at me.

  4. Buck Turgidson says:

    It was a question! Not a statement. and how could I be so obtuse as to not understand that. Read the article yourself, it’s entirely gloom and doom end-of-the-world BS that has been proven false — but never does that slow them down.

  5. Traveler says:

    Snowing in southern Greenland as well. 24 September in the vicinity of N 61 30 W 45.

    Fresh snow on the hills next to the glacier

  6. Arn says:

    I’m pretty sure thid snow is very dry=proof of global warming.

  7. RAH says:

    Looks like it’s going to be another great year for the ski resorts in both the US and Europe.

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